Kiss Husband: Sweet Wife Is a Little Crisp (KHSW)


“Husband, your wife has lost, worth tens of billions, do you still want it?”

“Don’t want… didn’t you say that you will support me? So I transferred all the assets to your name.”

Before she was born again, she ‘a blind toss away’, and was killed by her praising agent; after rebirth, she deeply realized that the biggest advantage of being blind was: being able to tease the arrogant husband at any time and any place, plus a sign for Mengbao Express.

Monk baby havoc! ! !

In the past life, she loved others, was tempted, and wanted to have a divorce agreement with him.

This world… “Sorry, the national husband is mine, the money is mine, the monk baby is mine, you want us to divorce? Go ask my mother-in-law for the answer.”

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1-106

Chapter 107

Chapter 108: Warm Comfort

Chapter 109: Wants to Hug Her

Chapter 110: It is my honor

Chapter 111: Entertainment Reporter

Chapter 112: Embarrassing Her

Chapter 113: Meritorious Service

Chapter 114: Professional Standards

Chapter 115: Street Dancer Finals

Chapter 116: Is it the First?

Chapter 117

Chapter 118

Chapter 119: Her Condition

Chapter 120: Secret Determination

Chapter 121

Chapter 122: I Sent You

Chapter 123: If the Person is You

Chapter 124

Chapter 125: Because it’s not you!!!

Chapter 126: Brother-in-law

Chapter 127: I Hate You

Chapter 128: I’m Yours!!!

Chapter 129: It’s good for you to be by my side!!!

Chapter 130: Warning

Chapter 131: Infected

Chapter 132: Always Strong

Chapter 133: I can still endure

Chapter 134: Women under the mountain are tigers!!!

Chapter 135: Monks don’t lie!!!

Chapter 136: Are you sure you’re not my husband?

Chapter 137: We’re husband and wife!!!

Chapter 138: In heaven before Birth

Chapter 139: Happened to meet Her

Chapter 140

Chapter 141

Chapter 142

Chapter 143

Chapter 144

Chapter 145

Chapter 146

Chapter 147

Chapter 148

Chapter 149

Chapter 150

Chapter 151

Chapter 152

Chapter 153

Chapter 154

Chapter 155

Chapter 156

Chapter 157

Chapter 158

Chapter 159

Chapter 160

Chapter 161

Chapter 162

Chapter 163

Chapter 164

Chapter 165

Chapter 166

Chapter 167

Chapter 168

Chapter 169

Chapter 170