KHSW Ch. 245

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Ou Mengxue gathered around, asked her artists to borrow money, sold her car, and even sold out several apartments under her own name, and finally got together a tight 60 million yuan.

The money was all of her wealth. Ou Mengxue hated Ling Xi so much, but it was not a good time to touch her.

“Is it Miss Ou?”

Ou Mengxue turned around and saw a face she had met with only once. It was the little assistant who followed Ling Xi at yesterday’s wedding.

“Hello, I’m Miss Ling Xi’s assistant, Jiang Shu.” Then she extended her right hand politely.

Ou Mengxue just ignored it, “Why didn’t she come in person?”

This is 60 million. Does she trust her assistant so much?

“Miss Ling Xi has something to do temporarily, so she sent me to collect the money.”

“The money is in this card, and the password is her birthday. Should I give that recording?”

Jiang Shu took the bank card, entered a series of numbers, and asked the bodyguard to confirm the amount of money inside.

Immediately looking at her indifferently, she took out a recording pen, “Since this is Miss Ling Xi’s special recording pen, I can’t give it to you. I can only delete it in front of you.”

Then, she found the recording, “Sister Ou, when will you pay me back my money? The stock market in China has a good prospect, and it is safe to make money without losing money.”

It was just two simple sentences.

On the other hand, Ou Mengxue clenched her fists in anger. There was no such word as “sixty million” in it. If she insisted on listening to this recording yesterday, what was given to her today might not be the sky-high price of “sixty million”.

Damn Ling Xi, dare to tease her again and again now, she couldn’t wait to see Ling Xi’s tragic end.

In front of Ou Mengxue, Jiang Shu deleted this recording, “Miss Ou, it has been deleted, and we have confirmed the amount of money in this card, 60 million, if you have nothing else, we will leave first.”

“Wait a minute, why didn’t you delete the other audio?”

“Sorry, Sister Ling Xi didn’t give me authorization to delete other audio in this recorder.”

Ou Mengxue choked for a moment, her complexion became even more ugly, “What are you?”

Seeing Jiang Shu’s body pause, Ou Mengxue continued with her mouth, “You are at most a dog by Ling Xi’s side. I advise you, if you stay by Ling Xi’s side, you will not end well.”

Jiang Shu turned around slowly, with a hint of strangeness in her eyes, “Ms. Ou doesn’t need to worry about this, and I will also give Ms. Ou an advice, “When people are doing it, the sky is watching, if you don’t believe me, look up, you will see the sky.” Forgive me, Miss Ou, I’ll take my leave.”

When Ou Mengxue heard what she said, she was terrified for a moment. She remembered that someone had said this to her before…

“Hello? How’s it going?” Chi Jiayang called Yang Wei to ask about the progress.

Yang Wei frowned, but he remembered what Mrs. Xu said, and she wanted him to continue acting with him, “Mr. Chi, I’m really sorry, I didn’t expect Xu Yizhi’s computer to not only have SFW installed, but he has also set up an alarm tracking system. I couldn’t break through the line of defence at all, and almost got my IP address checked.”

Chi Jiayang was slightly displeased, “Well, it’s okay, you can find another opportunity.”

After hanging up the phone, Chi Jiayang collapsed on the seat as if his strength had been taken away from him. Now whenever he thought of Ou Mengxue at home, he would feel a headache…

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