KHSW Ch. 246

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“Look at you, do you want to feed pigs with this meal? No, even for the pigs it is hard to swallow. Ou Mengxue, do you really think you are a wealthy daughter? Do you still keep your fingers from the sun?” Wang Suping’s face was clouded, with a sarcastic smirk on the corner of her mouth.

“Mom, what happened?”

As soon as Chi Jiayang came back, he saw his mother was angry, so he immediately stepped forward and asked worriedly.

When Ou Mengxue saw Chi Jiayang, she thought he would speak for her and her eyes gleamed with grievance, “Brother Jiayang.”

“Look at the good things your wife has done. I let her cook a meal, but she wasted all the dishes. Do you dare to eat something that even pigs won’t eat?”

Chi Jiayang glanced at the dark dishes on the plate, skipped over to look at Ou Mengxue’s expression, and comforted Wang Suping, “Mom, don’t be angry, I’ll take you out to eat later.”

Ou Mengxue thought that Jiayang was defending her, so while taking off her apron, she said: “Brother Jiayang, Mom, let’s go out to eat, you wait for me first, I’ll go change my clothes.”

After Ou Mengxue returned to her room, changed her clothes and went downstairs, she found that they had already left, “Hello? Brother Jiayang, didn’t I tell you to wait for me? Why did you leave first?”

Hearing Ou Mengxue’s words, Chi Jiayang took a deep breath and said mercilessly: “Mom hates wasting food the most. You’d better clean out those dishes on the plate before we go back…”

After finishing speaking, he hung up the phone neatly.

“Hello? Hello?” Ou Mengxue stared blankly at the hung up phone, and didn’t come back to her senses for a long time…

Time was like a heartless child, passing through the fingertips without stopping for anyone.

When Ling Xi saw several evening dresses inexplicably added to her closet, she was slightly taken aback, “Honey, did you buy these dresses for me?”

Xu Yizhi, who was lying on the bed reading a book, slowly turned his eyes away from the book, “‘Star Charm Entertainment’ has officially joined ‘Yi Ling’, and there will be a banquet tomorrow night.”

Without any further explanation from him, Ling Xi understood what he meant, that was to say, these dresses were all prepared for her for tomorrow!

Although she thought it was extravagant, she felt an irresistible sense of sweetness in her heart. She gently lingered between the dresses with her hands. It was getting colder now, so these dresses were warm and thick, and each one was beautiful. The texture was soft and warm, the style was trendy, and there is a faint elegance in its simplicity. Each piece was worth hundreds of thousands.

However, she didn’t find the color she wanted, “Husband, these dresses are available in all colours, why is wine red the only thing missing? Don’t you like this color?”

Xu Yizhi saw that she was so in love with wine red, the guilt in his eyes was fleeting, “These dresses were chosen by the shop assistant, don’t you like them?”

“No, I like them very much. How about I try them on for you now?”

She worried that once she said she liked wine red, Yizhi would buy it for her again.

Xu Yizhi nodded slowly.

But when Ling Xi came out of the dressing room wearing a golden dress, Xu Yizhi’s eyes darkened again. The reason why he didn’t choose the wine-red dress was because it looked more enchanting on her body, which was not at all beautiful to him. It was not suitable for a married woman like her. He didn’t expect that when she wore a golden dress, she would look like a noble goddess.

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