KHSW Ch. 186

Translator: SJade, Editor: Dj22031 Advanced chapters available on Patreon. Also, a bonus chapter will be released, if you buy me a kofi. "Otherwise, what does Sister Ou thinks, could there be a transaction between me and Ling Xi?" Shen Bingqian asked rhetorically. Ou Mengxue smiled immediately, "It's nothing, I just asked casually." She knew that … Continue reading KHSW Ch. 186

CFCS Ch. 212.1: Road to Immortality (1)

Translator: Dj22031 Editor: Dj22031 Advance chapters available for patrons on Patreon. And a chapter can be sponsored by buying me a ko-fi Jing Yang didn't stay in the system space for long this time, and almost immediately after his soul arrived in the system space, he was sent to the next world. He hadn't even … Continue reading CFCS Ch. 212.1: Road to Immortality (1)