KHSW Ch. 247

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Xu Yizhi immediately shook his head.

Ling Xi looked down at the golden dress she was wearing, could it be that her eyesight had deteriorated? Or do men and women see things differently?

She felt that this golden one must look particularly shiny under the light, but her husband didn’t think it looked good, so she had to take another one and continue to change it.

She tried almost all the dresses in the closet, but Xu Yizhi was not satisfied with any of them.

Ling Xi sighed softly, “Honey, do you think I don’t look good in anything?”

If none of them fit me, wouldn’t you have bought these dresses for nothing?

A certain man complained that it was because you look beautiful in whatever you wear, that’s why Xu Yizhi was only willing to give up when he saw the word “discouraged” written on the girl’s face.

“Then…this one!” In the end, he chose a pure white dress with a furry shawl.

“This one? Then I will wear this one tomorrow.”

As soon as Xu Yizhi finished the selection, he regretted it a little. When Ling Xi wore a white dress, she looked like a gentle and charming little princess, innocent and charming.

He was extremely decisive in doing things, but after meeting Ling Xi, he repeatedly made low-level mistakes making him “regret”.

As night fell, luxury cars drove up one after another outside the banquet hall of “Yi Ling”. The mysterious big boss would also be coming, so everyone puts all their effort into dressing up, hoping to be favoured by the big boss at the banquet tonight.

Its grand level was no less than the award ceremony of the actor and actress.

The media dug up the news from nowhere, and arrived there one after another.

In the banquet hall, the sound of melodious piano and violin ensemble had filled the entire venue, the lights were bright, and toasts were exchanged…

Ling Xi’s dress looked extremely conservative in comparison, but it looked like the white snow on the Tianshan Mountains, giving people a cold, noble and unapproachable perspective.

At the same time, she was indescribably agile and cute. Just sitting there quietly, she became a beautiful landscape, attracting all the men’s attention.

“Hi Ling Xi, are you here?”

Several female artists came forward to say hello. Ling Xi still remembered their voices. Last time, at the celebration banquet where she successfully won the female role of “Haihu Bay”, she had heard them introduce themselves, but there was not much interaction.

“Yanyan, Tina…”

Fortunately, Ling Xi did not recognize the wrong person this time.

“Ling Xi, I heard that you participated in the reality show “Idol Beside You” two days ago?”

Ling Xi nodded slightly, “Well, that’s right.”

“Then do you want to consider participating in the reality show “Blue Sky Dream” together? It’s very inspiring, but it’s a pity that no one signed up with me.” Bing Yanyan said discouragedly.

When Ling Xi heard that it was “Blue Sky Dream”, she quickly fluttered her eyelashes a few times. This was a military-themed variety show.

In her previous life, this reality show was her favourite, because it was too real, too exciting, and also extremely dangerous, but it still contained her dream of being a soldier.

She remembered at that time… Bing Yanyan was still disfigured because of this, but now that she had met and become friends with her, she felt it was necessary for her to remind her.

“How? Do you want to go? If you don’t go, I will have to give up.”


Just as she was talking, there was another commotion at the door, “Look, it’s Young Master Chi and his wife.”

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