KHSW Ch. 248

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In addition to calling Chi Jiayang “Chi Zong”, people in the industry would also call him “Chi Shao”.

Chi Jiayang was wearing a white suit, while Ou Mengxue was wearing a black lace dress, and she walked in holding his arm. The combination of one white and one black also attracted everyone’s attention, “Young Master Chi, Mrs. Chi, happy wedding!”

“Thank you.” With a proud smile on her face, Ou Mengxue tried her best to maintain a proud posture, while Chi Jiayang only smiled lightly in order to protect her face.

Of course, only those who didn’t know would come forward to bless her, and those who attended their wedding knew that Ou Mengxue was a mistress, and they didn’t even bother to interact with her.

If it hadn’t been for the warning from the vice president of the Xu Group, the matter would have already spread.

Ou Mengxue saw Ling Xi from a distance, and there was a trace of treachery in her eyes…

“Sister Ru, look, isn’t that Ling Xi who stole your role before?”

A female artist beside Yao Ru pointed to a certain corner.

Yao Ru took advantage of the situation to look over, and pretended to be disdainful, “If I really wanted the role of ‘Haihu Bay’, it wouldn’t be in her hands now.”

“Sister Ru is right. Now this group of juniors really don’t understand the rules anymore. They want to test all the roles that Sister Ru likes.”

Although Yao Ru was mad with jealousy in her heart, she seemed to show nothing on her face, as if she really didn’t care at all.

“Hi, I’m Ou Mengxue.”

Yao Ru glanced lightly, and the alarm sounded in her heart, wasn’t this the little assistant who followed Ling Xi before? They met each other during the last “Haihu Bay” audition.

“It’s you?”

Seeing the hostility in Yao Ru’s eyes, Ou Mengxue understood her thoughts very well, “Please don’t get me wrong, can I talk to you alone?”

The female artist glanced at the hint in Yao Ru’s eyes, and left silently.

“Aren’t you Ling Xi’s assistant? You should go to her.”

“It can be seen that Miss Yao Ru doesn’t seem to be reconciled, don’t you want to find an opportunity to regain your role?”

“What do you mean?” Yao Ru’s eyes seemed to be careless, but they were already wary.

“Ling Xi, you haven’t answered my question just now. Do you want to participate in that variety show? If you agree, I will go and talk to the director now.”

Seeing Bing Yanyan’s persistence, Ling Xi thought to herself, even if she reminded Bing Yanyan, she might not believe it, “Okay then!”

Mortina on the side looked at her in surprise, “Ling Xi, why did you get fooled by Yanyan so easily? That variety show is the nightmare of many female artists… um…”

Bing Yanyan covered Mortina’s mouth jokingly, for fear that Ling Xi would go back on her word if she said too much.

Looking at the two people in front of her, Ling Xi smiled slightly. Although she had only met twice, she felt pretty good about them.

Mortina was like a gentle young lady who acted calmly and thought calmly. On the other hand, Bing Yanyan was a lively and mischievous little girl next door. They should be good friends.

“By the way, I heard that the most mysterious big boss in our headquarters will appear today, my little heart, you must hold on!” Bing Yanyan let go of her hand and said excitedly.

“I’m also curious about what he looks like, but it’s a pity that he never appears in public or attends banquets. Who knows whether the news that he will come here today is true or not.”

“Haven’t you all seen him?” Ling Xi wondered.

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