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The Nirvana ceremony was scheduled for a week later.

And just at the beginning of this week… the familiar scene appeared again!

One after another, speeding cars entered the Bird King Palace, including those of the bear clan, snake clan, Three Meow Alliance, whale clan, butterfly clan, fox clan, and of course the wolf clan!

One after another, the presents were transported to Qiao Xi’s palace, all of which were luxurious, some things even the Bird King had never seen before, but he only dared to watch from afar and did not dare to get close.

The eldest prince and Qiao Lian became even more jealous – this scene was too big, but to them Qiao Xi was just a guy who was bullied by them a year ago and had no sense of existence!

Qiao Lian felt more uncomfortable than the eldest prince. No one knew that she had taken a fancy to Jing Yan at the beginning but let alone hoping that this man might look at her now, it would be nice if he didn’t bother her because of Qiao Xi!

Qiao Lian didn’t even have the courage to go up to him. She just felt that the man’s silver pupils were full of coldness that warned strangers from coming too close.

Qiao Xi was rather annoyed.

Princess Black Bear even sent him a bear, saying that he could watch the door for him, and that he would definitely be better at flirting than Jing Yan!

Qiao Xi felt that Princess Black Bear thought too highly of him, but Jing Yan didn’t know what Princess Black Bear had said. Seeing Qiao Xi’s embarrassed face, he patted his chest and confidently said that the matter of molesting would be left to him.

Thinking of Princess Black Bear’s complaints about Jing Yan’s flirtation, Qiao Xi finally decided to keep smiling.

Time soon came for the day of the Nirvana Ceremony.

The Nirvana palace was backed by a mountain, and that mountain was the place where the Bird clan royal family held Nirvana ceremonies in ancient times.

Early in the morning, many people gathered outside the Bird King Palace, and many of them came specially from other orc territories.

At the same time, countless orcs stood guard in front of their computers or mobile phones – Qiao Xi’s Nirvana Ceremony was not open to the public, but there was a live broadcast from outside the Bird King Palace, if they were lucky, they may be able to see a little bit of the scene.

Qiao Xi woke up early, and his friends arrived one after another, making his palace more and more lively.

When the guards in the Bird King Palace passed by, they only dared to take a look from a distance, and no one dared to come closer.

The tiger prince turned into his human form, while the snake prince was hanging around his neck to take a selfie.

Princess Black Bear was chatting with Hei Yu.

Chris was also in human form today, basking in the sun while lying in Ye He’s arms, rolling and acting like a baby, while Ed stared quietly at the two from the corner.

A Xue and Jiao Yue kept going in and out to help Qiao Xi, and Jing Yi followed behind them, adding to the confusion.

But Xing Luo was nowhere to be seen, probably because he had gone to the front to accompany his fourth brother.

It seemed that Lu Yin and Ruan Yue met Lin Chu and Ji Yang by chance when they arrived. Although they didn’t know each other before, because the latter two were always warm and outgoing, they seemed to have become familiar with each other after just a little time.

When they stepped into the palace, the four of them waved to Qiao Xi.

Looking at the scene in the palace, Qiao Xi felt an indescribable sense of satisfaction in his heart.

He never thought that he would have so many partners one day, never thought that he could meet so many people.

How did all this happen?

Was it misfortune or luck to be thrown into the wolf palace?

Qiao Xi became confused.

The next second, a hand grabbed him.

Qiao Xi looked to the side.

The handsome man looked at him with a smile and asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you in a daze?”

Qiao Xi apprised his appearance with his eyes.

After a while, Qiao Xi frowned and said, “It’s nothing.”

Maybe there was nothing to think about.

——He once fell into the abyss, which was undoubtedly unfortunate, but on the way, many hands caught him and pulled him up the cliff abruptly, which was undoubtedly a great fortune.

Fourth Brother, Jing Yan, and his many other friends were the sunshine that illuminated his world.

And his Nirvana, perhaps actually started long ago.

In the evening, the Nirvana ceremony officially began.

The sun was setting, and the sky was full of sunrays.

On the mountain, spectators arrived one after another.

Everyone was discussing in low voices, looking around, because they saw many people from other races.

“Hey, do you think Qiao Xi’s Nirvana is the real Nirvana?” Beside Yu Xiuran, his friend whispered, “Could it not be the Nirvana of the Bird Race more than two thousand years ago at all? How could there be someone who could suddenly become a phoenix?”

Yu Xiuran remained silent.

The two hadn’t seen each other for a few days. Seeing him like this for the first time, his friend thought about the past, and said embarrassingly: “Don’t be depressed, no one thought that there would be such a development…”

What he wanted to ask was: Do you regret that you gave up on Qiao Xi because of his animal shape?

Having said this, when he saw Grandpa Yu just now, the old man who never gave Qiao Xi a good look before, had a very solemn expression.

But who would have thought of it?

The person who was looked down on before, the person who was given up on even though you liked him because of some factors, would return after “Nirvana”-life was really too dramatic!

He sighed, then pondered again.

He didn’t know what Qiao Xi’s so-called “phoenix” looked like?

And at the scene, there were many people who had the same doubts as him.

After all, even Bird King and the others had never seen Qiao Xi turn into a phoenix so far.

“Maybe it’s not a phoenix at all, it’s just a weirder form.” The eldest prince whispered.

“Who knows.” Qiao Lian lowered her voice.

“If Qiao Xi can turn into a phoenix, then why should we…” The Bird King was confused.

Why didn’t they have Nirvana? Obviously he was his own child?

The Bird Queen could not tell why.

They didn’t understand what happened to Qiao Xi at all.

They didn’t understand it before, and they didn’t understand it now, and maybe they would continue to not understand it in the future.

And also close to the place where the Nirvana Ceremony was held— after Lin Chu and Ji Yang arrived here with the large army, they opened their eyes wide and looked around, and whispered, “Wow, it feels like a lot of important people!”

“Only us two civilians got in here, right?”

“It seems that many people are watching us?”

Jing Yi suddenly came in and said, “Nobles generally know each other, and it’s normal to look at strange faces a few times, so don’t be nervous!”

Chris looked around and asked: “When will Qiao Xi and Jing Yan come over?”

Ye He said: “When the official ceremony starts, Jing Yan and Qiao Yue should bring Qiao Xi over together.”

When Chris heard this, he turned around, his eyes sparkling as he said: “Wouldn’t it feel the same as handing the younger brother’s hand to the groom’s hand in the wedding ceremony?”

Ye He smiled, patted his head and said: “Don’t let Qiao Yue hear this sentence.”

Jiao Yue was asking Hei Yu: “After that student went back, how is he recovering from his injury?”

Hei Yu said: “It’s okay, but he was a little frightened, and I’m afraid it will take a while for him to recover mentally.”

A Xue said softly: “What happened this time was really serious. Sorry for the trouble.”

Hei Yu sighed: “As long as the wolf king is Jing Yan now, everything can be resolved.”

In the crowd, there was reminiscing about the past, as well as gossip, but for a moment, the whole scene fell silent.

——The main character had appeared.

They were on the top of the mountain, and in front of them was the main seat of the Nirvana Ceremony, and a path leading down from the main seat divided the scene into two halves.

At this moment, people on both sides looked towards the end of the trail— a young man in a simple white robe was walking over slowly accompanied by two men.

The young man had shoulder-length brown hair and a delicate and lovely face. When he saw the friends in front of him, his eyebrows and eyes immediately bent, and a ray of light was shattered in his eyes.

The man on his left was wearing a pure white dress, his face was expressionless, but he looked more serious than usual.

The man on his right was dressed in a custom-made suit, with broad shoulders and narrow waist. He was handsome, with a pair of silver pupils that kept watching the people around him, and his eyes were warm.

Qiao Xi looked at the chief seat of the Nirvana Ceremony in front of him, and walked slowly forward after passing by the people on both sides.

Yu Xiuran stared at him, clenching his hands into fists.

The bird king and the bird queen glanced at Qiao Xi, then at the black-haired man beside Qiao Xi, and swallowed.

Qiao Lian and the two elder brothers beside her looked tense and their eyes flickered.

Lin Chu and Ji Yang quietly waved at Qiao Xi, and after getting a small look from the other party, they secretly smiled and sighed in their hearts.

Chris desperately tugged at the corner of Ye He’s clothes and motioned him to take a quick look—it was clearly the scene of the wedding ceremony!

Jing Yi let out a “hiss”, could his brother turn his eyes to look at the road, really staring at Qiao Xi all the time, wasn’t he ashamed!

Hei Yu, Jiao Yue, A Xue, Xing Luo, Princess Black Bear, Ruan Yue, Lu Yin, and many other little friends all had blessings in their eyes.

He passed by those who had appeared in his life, approached him, and left.

He passed by those who should be closest to him, where blood was said to be thicker than water, but who had drifted away from him.

He passed through those people who didn’t know him at first, but who warmed him and changed him after they met —

Qiao Xi came to the main seat one step at a time.

Qiao Yue put his hand on his shoulder and said, “Sit down.”

Qiao Xi turned around and sat down obediently.

But when facing so many pairs of eyes below, he couldn’t help becoming nervous.

Jing Yan reached out to brush his hair back and mouth to him: “Don’t be nervous.”

Qiao Xi nodded desperately.

Jing Yan smiled.

An attendant came up with a gift plate, on which lay a bowl of water and two golden phoenix tree leaves.

Qiao Yue glanced at Jing Yan, hummed and said, “It’s cheap for you today, you can take one too.”

Jing Yan also said obediently: “Okay brother, thank you brother!”

Qiao Xi glanced at the two of them and smiled. There was a sound.

“Seriously!” Qiao Yue glared at him even more.

Qiao Xi immediately restrained his face and became serious.

Jing Yan carefully cast a disapproving look at Qiao Yue – don’t scare Qiao Xiaoxi.

Qiao Yue didn’t care, picked up the golden leaves and dipped them in water.

Under the various eyes of everyone below, Jing Yan followed suit.

It was obviously the Nirvana ceremony of the fifth prince of the bird clan, but the bird king and queen could only watch from below, while the fourth prince of the bird clan and the beast king of the wolf clan were on the stage.

They didn’t care what was going on in the minds of so many people watching all this quietly.

Most of the sun had set, and the afterglow was about to disappear completely.

Qiao Yue stared at the young man sitting in front of him.

This was the child he watched grow up.

He had protected him, and when he saw that the other party could live a more cheerful and sunny life after experiencing so many things, he obviously felt grateful and gratified for it, as he was his most important family member.

Qiao Yue opened his mouth and said in a hoarse voice: “Xiaoxi, it’s time to formally say goodbye to the past. Life is still very long. In the future, you must live happily, so that brother can feel at ease.”

Qiao Xi was startled, and his nose soured.

Jing Yan then spoke with a gentle voice: “Qiao Xiaoxi, as I said, with me, you can live however you want in the future. I will always be by your side and walk with you.”

Only Qiao Xi was reflected in the man’s silver pupils, and his eyes were shining brightly.

Qiao Yue was still a little inexplicably sad, but when he heard this, he sniffed, choked up and said speechlessly: “Wait, what do you think we are at a wedding ceremony?”

Jing Yan cleared his throat, feeling a little guilty.

There were blue veins on Qiao Yue’s forehead: “I haven’t agreed yet! You have to figure it out for me—”

“Brother, don’t quarrel!” Qiao Xi stretched out his hand in a panic.

There was a little commotion downstairs, and the onlookers were in shock. Was this going to quarrel on stage?

As for Xing Luo, he covered his forehead.

——How should I put it, it seems that such a scene is not surprising at all?

Fortunately, Qiao Yue calmed down quickly – he still remembered what occasion it was!

He snorted, took a gouged look at Jing Yan, and turned serious again, facing Qiao Xi.

The brothers looked at each other.

Qiao Yue slowly stretched out his hand, put the golden leaf with water droplets on Qiao Xi’s forehead, and touched it lightly.

Qiao Xi closed his eyes as the water drops fell on his forehead.

Jing Yan also stretched out his hand, and gently touched the leaf on Qiao Xi’s forehead.

Washing the past away and welcoming the future—

The next second, the two let go, and the golden leaves fell.

At the same time as the two retreated, the person sitting on the main seat was surrounded with circling flames, which instantly enveloped him!

There was an exclamation from below, and everyone’s eyes widened!

The flames burned everything up, and from among the flames, a bird cry pierced the sky!

The last gleam of afterglow disappeared from the sky.

In an instant, with the sound of the wind, the flames rushed high into the night sky, illuminating a piece of the sky!

At the same time – on the mountain, everyone looked up at all this.

Down the mountain, countless people who had been waiting for a whole day looked up and marveled.

The flames hovered in the night sky, and as the flames gradually faded, the blood golden feathers bird appeared in everyone’s eyes.

Nirvana rebirth was happening at this moment.

Say goodbye to the past.

Everything would move forward from this new starting point.

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