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Nuan Nuan’s thin and soft fingers grabbed a little bit of clothe on her brother’s shoulders, and her little butt sat on her brother’s strong arms, while the smile on her delicate face never fell.

“Hold tight.”

A low voice that seemed to have no emotion rang in Nuan Nuan’s ears. Anyone else might have thought it was because he didn’t like her, but his movements of hugging Nuan Nuan were so gentle and steady that she did not think so.

Nuan Nuan also knew that her big brother didn’t hate her, even though he looked cold.

The pretty little girl gave a milky oh, and looked helplessly at the big brother whose expression was still stern, then her little arms took the initiative to hug the young man’s neck as she moved closer.

The expression on Gu Nan’s face basically remained the same, but the cold and sharp eyes looking at the little person he was holding showed a rare and gentle look.

Of course, this kind of gentleness couldn’t be seen by outsiders since there were no obvious changes, but the people who often followed him were different.

Nan Feng, Gu Nan’s special assistant, was keenly aware of the changes in his boss. To be honest, he still hadn’t figured it out yet. Why did his boss just go to the bathroom and pick up a child while coming out! It’s against the law, sir!!

He hesitated to speak and thought while looking at the tall young man walking in front, how to stop this?

Gu Nan walked in front, carrying a strong sense of oppression for no reason, even holding a little girl in his arms still did not reduce the condensed and domineering aura surrounding his body, people who were in his path subconsciously gave way to his party.

They had only seen this powerful feeling on TV or short videos. It turned out… there really was such a mysterious thing in real life!

The people who watched Gu Nan and his group walk by were thinking in a daze.

“My God, that man’s aura is too powerful, I didn’t even dare to look at him, but his figure is definitely the best I’ve ever seen, and those legs are too long!”

“So handsome, it turns out that there are really men with such powerful aura in this world, and the domineering and ruthless president finally has a prototype.”

“Sister, did you see the child he was holding in his arms just now? She was as soft as a bunny, and the posture of that handsome guy holding the child was so handsome that my legs went soft, so cute!”

“Ahh…, I forgot to take a photo!”

“It’s probably impossible to take a photo, there are bodyguards around, this kind of person is not easy to mess with at first glance.”

Gu Nan, who had already walked away, didn’t know the discussion behind him, and while standing out from the crowd like that, they walked into the waiting hall. Gu Nan’s condensed temperament like a snow mountain turned his surroundings into a vacuum.

Of course, there were also many people who were watching them secretly.

Nuan Nuan sat in her brother’s arm, only to realize that her brother was so tall, that everyone around him was shorter than him.

Therefore, the sight of Nuan Nuan who was being hugged at this moment was also very high. So, the little girl was very happy. This kind of perspective was also seen when her father was holding her before, but now it was on her brother hehe…

They stood out from the crowd, so of course Gu Linmo, also saw them at a glance.

Nuan Nuan, who stood tall and could see far, also found her father was also out of place with his surroundings because of his extraordinary temperament, um… her brother inherited her father’s genes, so her father was also very tall.


Gu Linmo came over after being called Dad warmly and softly. The cheerful voice sounded louder than before, and the soft milky voice reached many people’s ears and attracted a lot of attention.

Listening to this little milky sound was a kind of enjoyment to anyone’s ears.

“Dad, Nuan Nuan has found her brother.”

The little girl didn’t notice the sights around her, and she smiled as softly as a little angel from the healing department, melting the hearts of many people.

When Nan Feng heard Nuan Nuan call Gu Linmo father, he almost choked on his own saliva.

Of course he knew his boss’s father, so… This girl was really his boss’s sister? Dear sister!

But… as chairman’s assistant and housekeeper, during the period when he was only an assistant, he had been by chairman’s side for more than six years, and often went in and out of Gu family house, and he could swear that he had never seen or heard about the Gu family’s daughter!

This was almost like a fantasy!


When Gu Linmo came over, Gu Nan just greeted him blankly and indifferently. It wasn’t because they had a bad relationship, but because he was just like this, as cold as a lump of ice.

Gu Linmo had already gotten used to it, so he patted his eldest son on the shoulder with a gentle smile and seemed harmless.

“It’s good that you’re back, I got you a lot of gifts.”

Gu Nan said nothing with a cold expression, he was sure that this gift must not be a good thing.

Speaking of presents, Nuan Nuan suddenly remembered what she had prepared for her elder brother, and she blinked her beautiful big eyes.

“Father, my gift, the gift from Nuan Nuan to my brother.”

The little milky voice was a little eager, and her big moist eyes melted people’s hearts.

Hearing that Nuan Nuan had prepared a gift for him, Gu Nan paused, and looked at the little girl in his arms with slightly gentle eyes.

The little girl took a small black rectangular gift box from her father, held it in both hands and presented it to her elder brother.

“Big brother, this is a gift that Nuan Nuan bought for big brother.”

The soft voice seemed to float over with a real milk fragrance, and a slender and well-knit palm took the box that the little girl was holding.

“Give me Nuan Nuan, and you can see for yourself what she bought for you.”

Father Gu was about to reach out to hug Nuan Nuan, but Gu Nan took a step back, moved sideways and accurately dodged, then he moved his hands naturally such that the gift box was handed out.

Nan Feng immediately stepped forward to catch it knowingly and opened it, revealing the pen lying quietly inside.

Father Gu, “…”

You are so filial to me!

Gu Nan didn’t seem to see his father’s eyes poking at him, his lowered eyes met the beautiful big eyes that a certain little girl was looking at him, like a little milk dog waiting for praise. Sobbing and swallowing, she waited with her little milk voice.

The well-defined fingers picked up the pen inside the gift box. The high-end black texture and golden luxurious fine lines did not have a complicated design, but it unexpectedly suited him well.

The little girl had good eyesight.

The corners of Gu Nan’s mouth, which had never been curved all the year round, raised slightly, and the slight curvature was almost imperceptible, but Nan Feng, who observed everything meticulously, noticed it.

Nan Feng, “…”

Even more expensive pens had never caused you to show the slightest smile on your face.

“I like it very much.”

He said succinctly, and the pen was put into the chest pocket of the black suit with a twist of his fingertips.

Although the big brother only said four words, but Nuan Nuan who gave the gift was very happy, her big black and white eyes curved, and a soft and sweet smile appeared on her delicate face.

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