SLDH Ch. 37.2: Big Brother

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After Christmas was New Year’s Day, and the school was on holiday for three days. Mi Wan was hesitating whether to go out and buy a wardrobe of new clothes for herself or go to the library to prepare for the final exam. Then she got the bad news.

Mi Yan, the eldest son of the Mi family, had returned to China and told Mi Wan to go home.

“Miss, if the young master is willing to take the initiative to ask you to go back, it proves that he has forgiven you. From now on, you don’t need to live in the old house, you can go back to the main house.”

Standing at the gate of Mi’s main house, thinking about Butler Ye’s tears last night, Mi Wan scratched her hair in pain. The original owner’s emotions towards her family were too complicated, which affected Mi Wan as well. She just stood at the door and became a little upset.

“Little girl, you’ve been standing at the door for a long time, what’s the matter?” Seeing this strange beautiful girl standing motionless at the door of their courtyard, the security guard of Mi’s house couldn’t help but come over and ask.

“Please open the door, I want to go in.” Mi Wan sighed, whether she wanted to or not, she had to go in.

“Excuse me, who are you looking for?” the security guard asked.

“I’m looking for…” Who am I looking for, I’m going home, me.

Forget it, I blame myself for losing weight too successfully and becoming too beautiful.

“It was Mi Yan who asked me to come.” Mi Wan said.

“It’s our young master, what’s your name, I’ll let them know.” The security guard picked up the walkie-talkie.

“My name is Mi Wan.”

“…” The security guard looked at the girl in front of him speechlessly, and said, “Little girl, Mi Wan is the eldest lady of our family. She is recuperating in the old house in the eastern suburbs.”

Please, what should I do to prove that I am me? After losing 80 pounds, the photo of my ID card does not even match me.

“Hehehe…” Mi Wan laughed three times, gave up on proving herself, and took out her mobile phone to call Mi Shao. Without much nonsense, she ordered directly: “Come out and pick me up.”

“Why? You’re at the door, come in directly, and someone will let you in when you get home.” In the living room, Mi Shao was eating a bunch of grapes, and he was a little vague when answering the phone.

“The security guard doesn’t recognize me!” Mi Wan gritted her teeth.

“Pfft ha ha ha…” Mi Shao laughed and dropped the grapes in his hand and rolled around on the sofa in the living room, causing the other two people in the living room to look over curiously.

“Xiao Shao, why are you so happy?” A woman about twenty years old, with long hair and a good face, looked at Mi Shao with a smile on her face.

“Mi Wan is back, the security guard stopped her, I’ll go pick her up.” Saying that, he jumped off the sofa and went out to pick her up.

“Wanwan is back, has she fully recovered?” The woman looked at Mi Yan in surprise.

Mi Yan hummed lightly, glanced at the door, and then continued to look down at the documents in his hand.

“Mi Wan…” Mi Shao cheerfully ran to the door, and just when he was about to taunt someone who couldn’t even enter her own house, he was hit on the head by someone.

“Call me sister!” Mi Wan called out with a skillful slap.

“Hey, be careful I might fight back.” Mi Shao yelled angrily while clutching his aching forehead.

“Come on, let me give you a hand.” King Mi Wan despised him. When it came to fighting, she was a thousand-year-old goblin. Your sister is too lazy to take you seriously.

“You…forget it, let’s go in, brother is waiting.” Mi Shao silently said three times that good men don’t fight with women, and then he turned and walked inside holding back his anger.

Mi Wan walked in behind her younger brother, and when she passed by the security guard, she received the other’s unbelievable look, and explained kindly: “Didn’t I go to cultivate myself? By the way, I lost weight.”

Too much, she seemed to have shrunk by half.

After being shocked, the security guard picked up the walkie-talkie and updated the new physical characteristics of his eldest lady to prevent similar things from happening in the future. Otherwise, the year-end bonus of the security department would not be guaranteed.

When Mi Wan walked into the room, she immediately saw two people sitting on the sofa in the living room. A man who was about twenty-five or six years old, wearing a light brown sweater and wearing silver-rimmed glasses, was reading documents. This was her eldest brother, Mi Yan.

Another long-haired woman who seemed to be wearing couple clothes with her elder brother was the original owner’s good friend, Lin Manyu, the eldest lady of the Lin family.

Lin Manyu looked at the tall slender woman who suddenly appeared in the living room, and a look of astonishment flashed in her eyes, who was this person, wasn’t he going to pick up Mi Wan? But she didn’t rush to ask, waiting for Mi Shao to introduce her.

At this time, Mi Yan, who had been looking down at the document, looked straight at the girl at the door, and never looked down after this look.

When did Brother Mi look at a woman like that? Lin Manyu was a little flustered, so she couldn’t hold her breath anymore, and asked, “Xiao Shao, didn’t you say that Wanwan is back? Why don’t I see her?”

Mi Shao smiled and said nothing, watching the excitement.

Mi Wan rolled her eyes and ignored him, walked directly to Mi Shao, pushed the person away with her ass, picked up the fruit plate on the table and started eating by herself: “When are we going to eat? I still have to review.”

“After returning to school, can’t keep up with your studies?” Mi Yan asked, although he was surprised by the changes in his sister before and after, but not to the point of being very surprised. Butler Ye had reported Mi Wan’s weight loss to him every few days. He had told him that not only did she have a waist now, even her double chin was gone. At the beginning, he thought that Butler Ye was exaggerating, but he didn’t think it was true.

It didn’t matter if she lost weight or not, she would look much more pleasing to the eye, if she won’t be as stupid as before.

“After not having gone for half a semester, you try passing.” Mi Wan said angrily.

Mi Yan glanced at her and didn’t speak, but Mi Shao, who was on the side, came over to popularize science in a low voice: “During Brother’s four years of university credits, he took one year’s leave, you don’t even remember that, losing weight really reduced your brain.”

Scold me? Mi Wan narrowed her eyes, raised her hand and rolled her little brother onto the carpet.

“Woah, Mi Wan, are you a woman with such great strength?” Mi Shao got up and shouted.

“I lost weight and it reduced my brain size, so I have more strength.”

Mi Shao was stunned: Is there a relationship between the two?

“You are Wanwan?” Lin Manyu finally came to her senses, she looked at Mi Wan incredulously, “Wanwan, is it true?”

Mi Wan looked at the woman who was about to cry with joy expressionlessly and swallowed a grape.

“Wanwan, you really succeeded in losing weight. You are so beautiful now that I almost didn’t recognize you. I’m so happy for you.” Lin Manyu excitedly walked over to shake Mi Wan’s hand.

Mi Wan turned around, got up from the sofa and hid.

Lin Manyu was in a hurry, so she ended up a little embarrassed, she looked at Mi Wan with an injured look: “Wanwan, I’m Manyu, what’s wrong with you, why don’t you seem to know me.”

The two Mi brothers were also surprised. In the past, Mi Wan didn’t have many friends, because she was fat and had low self-esteem and high sensitivity, people in the circle didn’t like to make friends with Mi Wan even for the sake of giving Mi family face. Only Lin Manyu had always been kind to Mi Wan. They never knew about Mi Wan’s drug use, and it was Lin Manyu who couldn’t stand it anymore and told Mi Yan. For this reason, the Mi family still remembered Lin Manyu’s affection.

“Remember, Manyu, you are my best friend.” Mi Wan said gratefully, “I could lose weight thanks to you. If you hadn’t told me that taking drugs can help you lose weight, how could I have found such a good way to lose weight?”

Lin Manyu’s expression froze, she turned to look at Mi Yan, and found that Mi Yan was looking at her with more scrutiny.

“Wanwan, I didn’t expect you to go back to do drugs.” Lin Manyu explained hastily, “We were watching TV that day, and there was a person taking drugs on it, so I said that drugs harm people. Look at that person who is skinny. At that time, I saw that your expression was wrong, and I kept persuading you…”

“Yes.” Mi Wan interrupted Lin Manyu, and said sincerely, “After you emphasized to me several times that taking drugs can really make you lose weight, you did warn me that drugs are harmful to people. I was disobedient and didn’t listen to the point and went to take drugs. I don’t blame you…”

“You…you just don’t blame me.”

“I know you are good to me, you are not like my other friends who always borrowed money from me, and they always give me things. I had no money to buy drugs when my brother won’t give me any money, and you still lent it me secretly. By the way, I still owe you money and haven’t paid it back. Now I’ll return it you.” Then Mi Wan put down the fruit plate in her hand, took out her mobile phone, and opened up WeChat before saying, “Oh, I forgot, I have already deleted you, and the money cannot be transferred. Mi Shao, you have her WeChat right, return it to her for me.”

“How much?” Mi Shao’s voice was a little cold.

“One hundred thousand.”


“Miss Lin, I have already transferred the money to you. If you are done, please leave. Our family is going to eat.” Lin Manyu wanted to argue a few words, but an order to directly evict guests was issued by the younger brother of the Mi family.

“Xiao Shao, Brother Mi…” Lin Manyu still wanted to explain, but there was a snap, and Mi Yan put the document in his hand heavily on the coffee table in front of him, staring at her with cold eyes.

“Get out!”

Lin Manyu’s face turned pale, and she didn’t dare to stay any longer, so she picked up her bag and prepared to leave.


Lin Manyu was overjoyed and turned to look at Mi Yan.

“Aunty Li, return the things Miss Lin sent, to her.” When Auntie Li returned a glass bottle containing essential oils to Lin Manyu, Mi Yan said again, “I’ll pay you for the ones I used before.”

“Brother Mi, you returned the things to me, what do you want to do?” Lin Manyu looked worried.

“Don’t worry about it, Aunty Li, see off the guests.”

“Miss Lin, please.”

After Aunty Li sent the person away, Mi Shao who was at the side suddenly became anxious: “Brother, what will you do when you have a headache if you return the things to her?”

“It’s okay.” Mi Yan said lightly.

“How can it be okay? You lost more than ten catties before.” Mi Shao gritted his teeth, “I’ll ask later to see where she bought those things.”

“Her things can’t be bought outside.” Mi Wan said suddenly.

Mi Yan looked over in surprise.

“But if you pay, I can sell it to you.” Mi Wan said again.

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