SLDH Ch. 38.1: Half Demon

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“The essential oil that Lin Manyu brought was mixed by herself, can you do it too?” Mi Yan asked suspiciously.

Three months ago, he suddenly started to have headaches. He went to the hospital for several checkups. The doctor only said that he was too tired and told him to rest more, but nothing else could be found. Mi Yan took a lot of painkillers, but he didn’t get better even after half a month, until he met Lin Manyu at a banquet, smelled the fragrance of the other person, and suddenly his headache eased a lot. Mi Yan couldn’t help asking about the brand of the other party’s perfume, only to realize that the other party didn’t wear perfume at all, but usually liked to mix essential oils by herself.

When Lin Manyu got to know that the essential oil she had prepared was helpful to Mi Yan, she immediately asked the driver to go home and get a bottle, and then she would personally deliver some to Mi Yan every once in a while. Today was the day when Lin Manyu came to deliver the essential oil. Mi Yan thought that Mi Wan was coming home today, and the two were good friends, so he asked her to have dinner with her.

“Essential oil?! Almost.” Mi Wan was speechless, it was just the tears of the flower demon, why make it so complicated.

Mi Wan didn’t notice anything unusual when she entered the door. Later, Aunty Li took the bottle of essential oil out, and she saw a drop of flower demon’s tears in the bottle of essential oil, but the flower demon’s tears were not harmful. On the contrary, it had the effect of calming the mind and soul, and it was a very good sleeping aid, so even if Mi Wan found it out, she did not speak. It wasn’t until Lin Manyu left the hall and Mi Shao started talking that she noticed something was wrong with her elder brother.

Two balls of pink demon power were tightly entangled over Mi Yan’s temples. This was the flower demon’s entanglement technique. If the person who had been affected by the entanglement technique could not smell the fragrance of the flower demon, he would have a splitting headache. But as long as the flower demon was around, the entanglement technique would be eliminated automatically, which was why Mi Wan didn’t notice it at first.

Lin Manyu was a flower demon. Although she was a weak demon that she could hardly detect, she actually knew such high-end spells. Was it because she fancied Mi Yan that she spent all this money to perform this kind of kidnapping technique?

“Then how much do you want?” Mi Yan rubbed his faintly swollen temples, he felt as if every time Lin Manyu left his side, he would unconsciously have a headache.

“Do you want to treat the symptoms or the root cause?” Mi Wan chuckled.

“Of course he wants a permanent cure.” Mi Shao said first.

“How do you plan to treat the symptoms, and how do you plan to treat the root cause?” Mi Yan asked with interest.

“If you treat the symptoms, I will be like her. I will give you a bottle of essential oil every month and charge you… 10,000 yuan a bottle.”

“Not expensive.” Compared with his secret business help to the Lin family, the 10,000 a bottle was really not expensive, “What about the root cause?”

“If it’s the root cause, you can figure out how many years you can live. It’s 10,000 yuan a month, and I’ll give you… 50% off.” Mi Wan smiled and stretched out five fingers, then she pointed straight in front of her elder brother.

“Brother is twenty-six now, assuming he can live to be one hundred years old, one hundred and twenty thousand a year, plus a 50% discount…” Mi Shao counted with his fingers for a while, then raised his head and said, “It’s several million.”

“It’s okay, I can afford it.” Mi Yan picked up his coffee and took a sip, then with a business-like tone, he said, “I choose to cure the root cause, and I can send you the money now.”

“Okay, okay.” Mi Wan took out her phone and waited for the payment.

Mi Yan glanced at his sister with a half-smile, took out his mobile phone and called his assistant: “Transfer 4.44 million to Mi Wan’s account.”

Four hundred and forty-four? Mi Shao blinked, took out his phone and turned on the calculator, and recalculated the data that he didn’t quite understand just now.

When he typed it in, it was really 4.44 million.

“That… would this number be unlucky?” Mi Shao reminded in a low voice.

“Why don’t you estimate if you live to be a hundred and twenty years old?” Mi Wan suggested sincerely. Anyway, she probably didn’t have to be responsible, and she could still charge more money.

“No, a hundred years is enough.” Showing the true nature of a businessman, the elder Mi was determined not to give more money, even if it meant that he would only live to be a hundred years old, “You have received the money, how do you plan to treat me?”

“I…” Mi Wan originally planned to let her elder brother wait for her for three days, three days was enough for her to clean up Lin Manyu, and Mi Yan’s headache would naturally heal without medicine. But in this way, in Mi Yan’s eyes, she would be no different from a sorceress who was a great dancer, and it wouldn’t reflect the value of 4.44 million.

After thinking about it, Mi Wan put down the grapes in her hand and said, “I have to go back to blend the essential oil, and I will give it to you in three days. I will give you a massage today to ensure that you will not have a headache these days.”

Mi Yan stopped pressing his temples, looked at Mi Wan and said, “That’s not over yet.”

Mi Wan clapped her hands and walked over. When she walked in front of Mi Yan, the other party handed her a tissue.

“Why?” Mi Wan wondered.

“Wipe your hands.” Looking at his younger sister’s fingers still stained with grape juice, the young master of the Mi family’s mysophobia acted up.

Mi Wan rubbed her finger, smiled awkwardly, took the tissue to wipe it off, and then walked to the back of the sofa: “I’ll press it now.”

In turn, he picked up the documents on the table and planned to continue reading. He planned to work while enjoying the massage therapist he had hired for more than four million yuan.

He had just opened the file when Mi Wan’s cold fingers touched his forehead. Mi Yan frowned subconsciously but didn’t speak. He continued to look down at the file after his skin got used to the coldness. He felt Mi Wan’s fingers rubbing his temples, just for a moment, it felt as if something was about to come out, and his temples, and that which was swollen and aching all day long, was suddenly soothed.

After that, there were two sets of warm currents against his temples on both sides, which made him feel relaxed. Mi Yan hadn’t felt so comfortable for a long time, even if he lit the essential oil Lin Manyu gave him, his temples would still feel slightly swollen. Unexpectedly, Mi Wan didn’t lie, she really had a bit of massage skills, so now he stopped looking at the documents, closed his eyes, and planned to enjoy the rare comfort.

“Okay.” Mi Yan had just closed his eyes, and before he could take a deep breath, Mi Wan stopped.

“…” Mi Yan couldn’t bear it anymore, “How many times did you press it?”

“It’s enough if it works. Does your head still hurt?” Although Mi Wan was asking, she had already moved out from the back of the sofa. It was obvious that Mi Yan’s head was no longer painful.

Young Master Mi looked at his younger sister with an affirmative face, and slowly uttered a word: “It hurts.”

Mi Wan was puzzled, and looked back at her elder brother, making sure that the demon power had been dispersed by her, then she comforted him: “It won’t hurt after a while.”

It was probably because he suffered from the pain for too long before, so her elder brother started having hallucinations.

“…” There was silence for a while, as if he was sure that Mi Wan didn’t plan to give him a massage anymore, Young Master Mi suddenly slammed the document on the table heavily, stood up and walked to the dining room: “Let’s eat!”

“You’re done.” Mi Shao whispered while approaching his sister.


“Brother is angry.” Mi Shao said.

“If he is angry, he will be angry.” Mi Wan said indifferently.

Awesome, she had become more courageous after losing weight.

In the dining room, the kitchen had already prepared and set out a large table of delicacies. The three brothers and sister sat down, and the Mi family brothers chewed and swallowed very carefully. Only Mi Wan ate happily. Her enthusiasm for food was almost fiercer than before she lost weight.

“You eat so much, be careful or you may gain weight again.” Mi Shao was really worried, didn’t everyone say that after losing weight, it was easy to rebound.

“Eat your meal.” Mi Wan gave him a blank look.

“…” Mi Shao frowned and swore that if he cared for Mi Wan again, he would be a pig.

And Mi Yan at the side, seeing Mi Wan, frowned a few times, he was thinking to himself, could it be that Uncle Ye had cut too much food in the past few months to make her become like this? Forget it, call Uncle Ye later and tell him to buy meat for Mi Wan occasionally.

After dinner, Mi Wan made the excuse that she was going back to study and prepared to leave. Mi Yan didn’t stop her, but just watched her and said a few words: “Since you have quit the drug, you can’t touch it again. Otherwise, I will personally send you to the police station, and let you go to a drug rehabilitation center.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not stupid.” Mi Wan replied.

“I hope you are always so smart.” After the warning, Mi Yan asked again, “How is the business of your pet shop?”


“Since you have opened your own store, no matter how big or small it is, you have your own industry and you can make your own money.” Mi Yan added.

Mi Wan nodded.

“Since you can make money yourself, it’s unreasonable to take pocket money from home.” Mi Yan smiled lightly, “I will stop your pocket money from now on.”

“Pfft~~” Mi Shao couldn’t help it. As soon as he heard, he knew that his elder brother was angry, and he finally launched an attack after holding back until now.

“…” The corners of Mi Wan’s mouth twitched, and she understood what little brother Mi meant when he said that the elder brother was angry. This guy had a dark belly. The original owner’s pocket money was 100,000 per month, which added upto 1.2 million a year. She only received more than 4 million from Mi Yan. This guy directly cut off her pocket money for the rest of her life.


“Brother~~” Mi Wan tried to discuss again.

“Don’t you have to go back to review your homework, why don’t you leave?”

Mi Wan left, a little aggrieved amid Mi Shao’s gloating laughter.

Lin Manyu was kicked out by Mi Yan, so when she got home, she smashed the living room to pieces, scaring the Lin family’s servants so much that they didn’t dare show their faces.

“What’s wrong with you?” Mother Lin heard the movement and came out to stop her daughter.

“Mom, you should find a way now to strengthen the entanglement technique. This time, I want people from the Mi family to come and beg me.” Lin Manyu said fiercely.

“You, come with me.” Mother Lin pulled her daughter into the basement workshop, and asked after making sure that there was no one around, “What happened? Didn’t you say that Mi Yan’s attitude towards you was much better a while ago?”

“Mi Wan came back today, and I don’t know how that fatty lost weight which also made her lose the fat in her brain, and she even became smarter. She remembered that I had coaxed her to take drugs, and she exposed me on the spot.” Lin Manyu hated Mi Wan very much, so even though Mi Wan had lost weight successfully, she still called her “fatty”.

“I said at the beginning that you shouldn’t coax her into taking drugs.” Mother Lin frowned.

“She’s so stupid, how do I know she’ll come to terms with it?” Lin Manyu scolded, “Why didn’t she take drugs to death, and now she even quit drugs successfully?” She lent money to Mi Wan to buy drugs and her only motive was to make Mi Wan addicted to drugs, and then she deliberately told the Mi family. In this way, she not only won the favor of the Mi family, but also destroyed Mi Wan, killing two birds with one stone. She really had enough, Mi Wan had been crying to her all day long, if it wasn’t for Mi Yan, why would she spend so much effort coaxing a fatty with low self-esteem.

“Forget it, there are so many young talents in China, not just Mi Yan.” Mother Lin persuaded.

“I, Lin Manyu don’t like them. I’m the only one who cannot want someone, but it’s never the turn of others to not want me.” Lin Manyu said, “Mom, you can cast a spell now to make his headache a hundred times worse than before. This time I want him to beg me in person.”

“No, if the entanglement is strengthened, you will be bound directly.” Mother Lin hesitated.

“Then wouldn’t it be better. In the future, I will be the only one who can abandon him, and there will be no chance for him to dislike me.” Lin Manyu recalled Mi Yan’s cold sentence to get out today and wished that he was lying on the ground and begging her now. She could please him for such a long time, but with just a few words from that fatty Mi Wan, Mi Yan actually kicked her out, so Lin Manyu hated her more and more.

“Mom, help me.”

“…” Mother Lin hesitated for a moment, but finally couldn’t stand her daughter’s begging, so she took out a man’s watch from the drawer and released her demon power.

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