RNMG Ch. 7.1 (Vol. 2)

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It was true that the assassin’s skin was thin, the damage was relatively high, and the skills were a set that could hit continuously – as long as you knew how to play.

The game Si Huang was playing now was the latest high-freedom online game launched by Honeycomb Games. It was called “Eternal Throne”. The skills of the game characters in it could be blocked by regular dodges or skills, unlike previous games. Just use it to lock the target and release the skill mindlessly.

In this way, the requirements for players were higher, and it could better reflect the difference between novices and masters, which made a group of handicapped gangsters scream when they were tortured, but they still couldn’t help but play, hoping that they may become masters in the future. The most important thing was that this also proved that this game was not as before where you could become invincible by spending money.

Su Yueban was an example of someone who failed to become a master despite spending money and was still abused when playing PK.

On the computer screen, the swordsman suddenly stopped moving as if the computer was stuck. After a few seconds, bubbles appeared on the top of his head: “This master, it is too shameless to open a small account to torture newcomers!”

The assassin responded with a ‘wipe’. The critical hit damage of Maw’s skill took away the swordsman’s last HP (game character’s blood volume).

“VICTORY——!” Along with the special effects volume, the victory flag appeared again on the screen.

Game 3… VICTORY!

Game 4… VICTORY!

The fifth game…the sixth time…the winning streak continued until the tenth game!

At this moment, Su Yueban had completely lost his voice and looked at Si Huang with eyes that were like worshiping a god. If the ten-ladder match wasn’t still going on, he might have rushed over and hugged the person.

What was operation? This was called operation! What was hand speed? This was called hand speed!

Holy shit! He always went to the forum to seek apprenticeships from game masters, licking his face and pretending to be a cute girl begging for the master’s lap! As a result…the real game master was right next to him!?

Su Yueban felt so hot inside that he was already fighting the blood in her heart. He must have Si Huang teach him a few tricks!

In the game interface, the last opponent of the Half-Moon Assassin had appeared. Looking at the opponent’s equipment and decoration, he turned out to be an assassin, and an assassin whose career level was one level higher than his own.

“Hey, this ID name…” Su Yueban stared at the opponent’s name, and after half a second, his expression suddenly changed, “Damn it! The great god of the Assassin League, ‘Li Shang’! Why did I forget that in the ten consecutive ladders, if you win nine consecutive games and break the record for the fastest winning streak, you will meet a master of this profession!”

At this time, the master ‘Li Shang’ in the game also sent a row of font bubbles, “Half Moon? I haven’t heard of you. Are you a newcomer? But being able to run ten consecutive ladders and meet me shows that you have some skills. Join the Assassin League, and how about I let you die more beautifully? [Cool] [Arrogance]”

“Quick, quick, quickly promise, Assassin’s League! It’s the strongest assassin’s guild in “The Eternal Throne”! My dream is to belong to it! Ah ah ah~” Happiness came so suddenly that Su Yueba almost fainted with excitement.

Si Huang tapped the keyboard with ten fingers and typed out a reply.

“Who are you?”

Su Yueban’s half-excited scream suddenly stopped: “…”

Si Huang glanced at him, “Will you be quiet?”

Su Yueban was about to cry, “Brother! That’s the Assassin’s League’s Li Shang, if I offend him, I won’t have to mess around!”

Si Huang silently responded with a cold and noble attitude, saying, “It’s none of my business.”

Su Yueban was going crazy inside, you can do it! Great God! It’s so willful!

At this time, in dormitory 401 not far from their dormitory, Qi Shang, a sophomore science student who was one of the most famous on campus, was staring at the desktop screen in front of him, showing a weird smile. Everyone who knew him was familiar with it. You know that once he smiled like this, it meant someone was going to be unlucky.

“Some boys don’t know what the world is like without a lesson.” Qi Shang laughed, then got ready, put both hands on the keyboard, and decided to give the novice assassin named ‘Half Moon’ shown on the computer game screen a chance to learn lessons that will last a lifetime.

As the countdown ended, the PK officially began!

Qi Shang activated the stealth skill immediately, and the game character disappeared, such that only he could see it.

He sneered and controlled the character to move closer to his opponent. When he saw his opponent laying mines around him (assassin’s trap skill), his face became more serious. There was a bit of skill in burying mines. It seemed that he really had some skills! But this alone was not enough, the flaw had been exposed~!

Qi Shang made a plan and controlled the game character to take off and attack his opponent from above.

“Quack, quack, quack! Boy, tremble under my death sickle!”

He could already foresee that the poor little assassin lying dead under his attack.


Qi Shang was stunned by the sudden change.

In his sight, the assassin in black on the screen accurately turned over to dodge. The system determined that the dodge was successful, and then the figure disappeared and entered stealth.

As for his role? Because the skill was used successfully, the stealth effect disappeared when landing. A ghostly figure appeared from behind his game character, followed by a series of skill combos.

Backstabbing, eviscerating, cutting in the waist… crit combo points kept appearing, and three seconds later, the assassin character with ID Li Shang lay pitifully dead.

“Game over——”

Qi Shang stared at the blackened computer screen with wide eyes. The blood-red paragraph of English and the broken flag dealt a heavy blow to his soul.

Suddenly, his body trembled and he came to his senses. He quickly typed on the keyboard and typed a paragraph of font in the chat box.

Li Shang: “BUG! It’s definitely a BUG! How did you know that I would appear at that time and know the skills that I used!”

Half-Moon: “You don’t understand the world of masters.”

Qi Shang in front of the computer was so angry that he almost fell off the stool.

Come on, come on! He used to be the one pretending to be bad, but one day he turned into the one others pretended to be bad to when looking at him. It was a sour feeling.

Qi Shang typed another reply.

“Just wait for me!” Then he went to customer service to report it.

After the report was made, he remembered that when the person was warned by the system and his account was deleted, how could he gloat about his misfortune and say something bad about that person?

Qi Shang quickly searched for the ID name ‘Half-Moon’ and asked to be added as a friend.

Dormitory 301.

After ten games of torture in the game, Si Huang slowly regained her composure. Before she was about to leave, she saw the system prompt and clicked on it.

Friend applicant: Li Shang.

Li Shang: I have already reported you, you wait for your account to be deleted, you scum!

Si Huang narrowed his eyes, approved the other party’s friend application, and then invited the other party to a PK battle.

The other party quickly agreed.

This time it was still an arena battle. The assassin named Li Shang said as soon as he appeared: “Hahahaha, you know to be scared now!? Now you are kneeling down to beg me… Damn it!” The reason why the words were broken was because the assassin in black had already danced over as a shadow, and he was so frightened that he had to stop mid-typing.

Si Huang didn’t care whether the person reacted or not and used another set of skills to move the person to the sky and then to the ground. In the end, the game character stepped on his body, and a bubble box appeared above his head, with two words: “Idiot.”

Battle Finish.

Si Huang posted the video of the game battle he had just recorded to the game forum, then deleted Li Shang from the friends list, added him to the blacklist, and finally put down the laptop and walked back to his room.

The three good roommates, who were watching the whole process, were all stunned and didn’t speak for a long time.

About ten seconds later.

“…The most elegant princely palace in history? The most noble majesty? The most perfect candidate for husband and son-in-law? Ahhh! What a headache!” Yuan Liang covered his forehead and grinned, “Why would I want to be roommates with Si Huang, even if there is such a good topic, I can’t post it! This can be sold for a lot of money, which will be enough for me to eat and drink for several months.”

Su Yueban came to his senses halfway, and quickly put the notebook back on his lap, hugging it with a wave of extreme excitement. Feeling vain and frightened, he prepared to delete the post, but suddenly accepted the prompt from the game system.

“Dear player, you have been ranked first in this month’s kill list. As the saying goes, if a tree is as beautiful as the forest wind, it will be destroyed. If you are killed today, you will be chased tomorrow. I look forward to your growth. I wish you a happy game!”

Su Yueban: “…”

He didn’t even need to find out who issued the fatwa, because Li Shang’s name and the ID names of other members of the Assassin’s League kept appearing on the game world’s loudspeakers, all of which were attacking him without exception.

Su Yueban had been playing “Eternal Throne” since the server was launched. As a result, he had been unknown in the game. It was only today that he experienced the treatment of a star. Although the price of becoming famous was high, he still felt very happy, and the young man suddenly became more passionate. Tsk tsk, what about the League of Assassins and what about Li Shang, you are a coward who can’t afford to lose! Hunting, right? I won’t be afraid of old paper! You are the only ones who have the money to upgrade the world’s loudspeakers, and you also have old papers! Who is afraid of whom!? Old posts will not be deleted! I will also have to spend money to publish it, so that people in all eternity can see how idiotic you looked while being trampled under the feet of this old paper! snort!

Su Yueban silently finished thinking all these things on his mind in a moment of fever. When his mood cooled down, he realized that he had become the enemy of the entire Assassin’s Alliance and had no chance of recovery.

He regretted it and cried so loudly that Yuan Liang and Zong Haohao silently returned to their rooms to stay away from this crazy guy.

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