RNMG Ch. 6 (Vol. 2)

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At this time, there were many students on and off the campus of Jinghua University. In addition, Si Huang and Qin Fan’s appearance was so eye-catching that everyone passing by would look at them a few times.

Qin Fan’s footsteps were getting faster and faster, and the majestic and cold aura emanating from his body became stronger and stronger. People passing by would almost hide away unconsciously when they saw him, not to mention looking at him.

From the teachers’ building to the spacious playground, and then to the living area, the houses here were all reserved for teachers from Jinghua University.

The guard in this living area obviously knew Qin Fan. As soon as he saw him, he let him pass without asking. Then he saw Si Huang following a few steps behind. The guard didn’t know the relationship between the two. He knew he was a student when he saw Si Huang’s age. He stood up and stopped him. “Hey, students are not allowed to enter here.”

Si Huang paused, raised his hand and pointed at the man in front of her who had also stopped walking, “I’m following him.”

The guard turned around to see that Qin Fan was really standing there and didn’t move, so he confirmed Si Huang’s words and let him go, “Then go in.”

As soon as Si Huang moved, the man who was about ten steps away from her turned around and shouted in a cold tone: “Stop!”

These two words were small but powerful.

Si Huang was also startled, and then stared at Qin Fan’s cold expression, feeling a little angry and funny.

“They say you think too much, but the teacher and I really have nothing to do with each other.” She was sure that the man was acting like this because he was jealous, so she could bear to explain to him again and again.

After hearing this, Qin Fan’s expression did not soften at all, “I understand, you can go back.”

He was the one who told her to follow him, but after her following him for so long, he drove her back without making anything clear? Si Huang twisted her eyebrows, feeling impetuous for no reason, but still kept a light smile on her face, “I remember you asked me to come here?”

“Now I’m asking you to go back.” Qin Fan said without any ups and downs.

The smile on Si Huang’s face disappeared completely, and her eyes suddenly turned cold.

This was the first time that she took the initiative to please someone and was rejected like this. However, it didn’t matter if she lost face. The worst thing she could do was to get it back later. As long as she didn’t care about that person, no attitude from that person could affect her mood. But she liked Qin Fan, and she never hid it since she admitted it. When she explained to him this time, she sincerely thought about him and didn’t want him to misunderstand and feel uncomfortable. As a result, his attitude was so cold and cruel.

Si Huang believed that she had done nothing wrong. No matter how misleading her and Feng Manzhu’s previous postures were, there was no ambiguity. If it were anyone else, she wouldn’t even bother to explain. Others could think whatever they wanted. But when she arrived at Qin Fan’s place, she became a thing that could come and go at will?

“Are you sure you  want to go back and follow me up?” After a few seconds of silence, Qin Fan said again.

Si Huang found that the look in his eyes was terrifying, like a wild beast trying to break through thorns and eat her whole body and flesh.

She understood the look and laughed in anger.

She didn’t want to accompany his animal desires that were simply inspired by anger.

However, Si Huang found that even though she was angry, she still couldn’t feel disgusted with Qin Fan.

“Go away.” There was no mercy in his mouth. Si Huang was much more wanton with him, without the gentlemanly demeanor that he was almost accustomed to.

She raised her chin slightly, looking down at the man with a squinting eye. Her red lips made her smile more cold and noble, and the whispers coming out of the gap between her lips were almost like chasing away a dog.

With this look, in the eyes of others, he looked extremely handsome and extremely attractive! But the person she looked at would definitely be pissed to death, and her ability to attract hatred was MAX.

Qin Fan’s eyes suddenly became fierce, and he watched the young man turn around and leave, his feet fixed in place as if filled with lead, refusing to step out.


When Si Huang returned to the dormitory, he was warmly welcomed by Su Yueban. He kept talking about her great achievements and how popular she was in the campus forum of Jinghua University. Even their dormitory had become popular and she would be pursued by girls in the future, then it would be easier for them too. Then he asked her why she was approached by Feng Manzhu. Was Feng Manzhu really as sexy and beautiful as in the photos?

Si Huang found him so noisy that she had no expression on his face. Unfortunately, Su Yueban couldn’t read people’s faces and kept chattering.

In the end, Yuan Liang pulled him and reminded: “Si Huang looks a little tired.”

“Ah? Si Huang, are you tired? Why?” Su Yueban looked at Si Huang’s face carefully and met her eyes. After looking at it, his expression suddenly froze, and he smoothed things over with a dry smile, “Haha… Haha, could it be that you did something with Teacher Feng Manzhu? You are indeed your Majesty, you are so charming. You must know that Teacher Feng Manzhu is the favorite of all the men in the school. She is a goddess, but it is a pity that no one can take advantage of her!” He tried to save himself by praising a man’s vanity.

As a result, these words reminded Si Huang of why Qin Fan had a cold war with her, and her eyes became even more stern.

Su Yueban: “…”

“Teacher Feng accepted me as her direct student.”

“Huh?” Su Yueban didn’t expect Si Huang to answer him, and immediately after realizing the content of the words, his face flushed, “Holy shit, it’s such a good thing, did you just pretend on purpose? Feng Manzhu, Feng Manzhu Jinghua’s Goddess! You will definitely make all the men of Jinghua jealous to death!”

“Then are you jealous to death now?” Si Huang’s eyes became more meaningful.

This time, Su Yueban would be a fool if he couldn’t see the problem. He was speechless for a long time, looking around. When he saw his notebook on the sofa, he quickly changed the topic and said, “I downloaded the latest PVP game, it is very interesting, do you want to play it?”

It had to be said that he changed the topic very abruptly, and he did not expect Si Huang to respond to him, he just asked him so as to not let him think about him.

Who would have known that a familiar low-pitched voice would come into his ears, “Okay.”

Su Yueban was stunned for another half second, and Si Huang on the other side asked, “Can’t I?”

“No, no, no, of course.” He was willing to play. It meant he didn’t blame him! Although even he himself didn’t know what he did wrong, he still needed the other person’s forgiveness.

Su Yueban took the initiative to lead Si Huang over, and like a minister offering a treasure, he placed the notebook on the coffee table in front of her, while explaining to her: “This game has PK modes of 1VS1, 3VS3, and 5VS5. For novices, why don’t you try playing with the computer? Actually, playing with the computer is quite fun, hehe.” Si Huang glanced at him at the end, and all his words were choked back in his throat.

Then Su Yueban saw a pair of slender white fingers skillfully clicking on the black keyboard, and the ‘Ten Ladders’ free matching mode appeared on the game interface.

The so-called ten consecutive ladders were to challenge ten opponents in a row like a wheel battle. The bonus points for consecutive wins were doubled, and you could not quit even if you lost consecutively. The corresponding points deduction was also doubled.

Su Yueban’s heart was bleeding, and he couldn’t express his pain. He felt that all the game points he had finally scored were going to be used up at once, and he prayed in his heart: Mr. Si must be able to play! Wins and losses must be half and half! It’s all my fault for this mouth, why do I have to provoke others, but I am the one who ends up unlucky!

The music of the game sounded, indicating that the system had successfully matched the opponent, and the first game had officially begun.

Su Yueban’s game character was an assassin, with high explosive power and thin skin. The professional suit was undoubtedly bought by him with money. In Su Yueban’s words, he loved playing games just to have fun. The assassin’s cool and mysterious sense of killing a person in ten steps without leaving a trace was simply so handsome and cool that it was amazing! It was the best tool to attract girls!

It was a pity that good equipment was not worth it. There were not many fat people in the world who were flexible, but Su Yueban was obviously not in this category.

At this time, on the game interface of the notebook, there was an assassin with short black hair, an ID name of ‘Half Moon’ on his head, and a close-fitting black professional suit. The game company designed it to be very cool and in line with the preferences of young people. Don’t think about Su Yueban’s technical issues, his aesthetic sense was indeed good.

The opponent standing opposite was a paladin with blond hair, with a white and gold knight uniform, and a broad and gorgeous two-handed knight sword. In terms of appearance, he was on par with the assassin, and he was also a well-equipped master.

Standing next to Si Huang, Su Yueban’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom, and his whole face fell down.

Paladin, a melee profession, capable of T and attack, happened to be the nemesis of the assassin profession.

“Admit defeat, die early and be born again.” The low mood made him forget his previous embarrassment, and he said something mean again.

Si Huang didn’t seem to hear him. She gave up the mouse and put both hands on the keyboard.

The assassin in the game interface didn’t even use the stealth skill and rushed towards the paladin.

Su Yueban couldn’t bear to look at him, he looked like a novice! The game was over, really over!

Perhaps because his expression was too vivid, or perhaps because it was a strange thing to watch Si Huang play games, Yuan Liang and Zong Haohao put aside what they were doing before and came close to them and stared at the notebook together.

“Pfft! Even a rookie dares to run ten ladders in a row. This brother will teach you how to be a good person!” This row of fonts appeared above the head of the paladin on the screen, looking extremely arrogant.

Su Yueban became angry as soon as he saw it, “F**k, f**k, f**k, this guy is awesome, let me meet him!”

Si Huang ignored these words. Su Yueban, who was in the state, was simply invincible. He even dared to reach out with the intention of grabbing the computer.

Fortunately, Yuan Liang stopped him from committing suicide in time. Just as Su Yueban was about to yell, the special effects music started playing in his ears. He stared wide-eyed in surprise and saw a large “VICTORY” font appear on the screen, and then slowly shrink.

The assassin in black walked up to the paladin who had somehow fallen outside the ring…

Si Huang typed a row of words with her fingers in the blink of an eye.

“Don’t show off here, rookie.”

“…” The speech bubble above the Paladin’s head.

Su Yueban was half-astonished: “What happened?”

In order to pull him away, Yuan Liang didn’t know what happened in that second, but Zong Haohao explained in a low voice: “The Paladin used the charging skill, but Si Huang dodged it. Then he rushed out of the ring and was considered defeated.”

“Damn, the equipment looks good, but it turns out he is a fool. He can’t even use the most basic charge.” Su Yueban became half-amused.

Zong Haohao moved his lips and said nothing. He was the only one who saw Si Huang’s flexible fingers operating in that second, making the assassin on the computer screen come alive and dodge to the limit.

…It’s as if everything was planned by Si Huang, including the Paladin charging out of the ring!

Soon, the second battle began. The opponent was a swordsman, who was also the assassin’s nemesis in Su Yueban’s eyes.

“Unlucky, unlucky, really unlucky…” He chanted again.

“Shut up.” Si Huang suddenly said without raising her head.

Su Yueban had just opened his mouth, but what he saw next made his voice choke back in his throat, and his eyes widened in shock.

In his sight, the assassin on the computer screen seemed to be dancing a dance of death. A set of high-explosive skills hit the swordsman, and purple-red critical damage values continuously appeared.

The swordsman was like a poor trapped beast, unable to hit the assassin!

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