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Qiao Yanan was shaken awake, and at the same time a strange voice came into her ears: “Minister Qiao, wake up quickly, it’s your turn to give a speech!”

“What speech?” Qiao Yanan’s mind went blank.

“You’re giving a speech at the 5G Summit! We’ve been looking for you for a long time, but we didn’t expect you to have fallen asleep in the lounge.” The man pushed Qiao Yanan out of the door, half dragging, half supporting, and said in a very anxious tone: “Hurry, we are just a few minutes away from the speech. There are only seven minutes left, everyone is waiting for you!”

There was a buzzing in Qiao Yanan’s ears, and it felt like a lot of things were suddenly stuffed into her head, which felt swollen and painful. In a flash of lightning, she finally remembered what happened before she woke up. She drank the coffee brought by Xuan Ming, and then became more and more sleepy, and then she lost consciousness as soon as her eyes closed.

Xuan Ming drugged me! Qiao Yanan’s heart beat wildly for a moment, but she had no time to check her body because she was being held by someone’s hand and running in the corridor.

“System, what did Xuan Ming do to me?” she asked anxiously in her mind.

248 gave no response.

Qiao Yanan wanted to continue calling the system, but the stranger pushed her into a lively studio with bright lights and a crowded space. A very handsome and tall man came towards her and started to stretch out his hand towards her from a distance of three or four meters.

Qiao Yanan stared at the other party blankly, the surprise in her eyes could not be concealed at all. This man’s appearance and temperament were on par with Xuan Ming! You know, Xuan Ming was the son of luck in this world, crushing others in every aspect.

The man came closer, his hand still stretched out, and the smile on his face was very gentle: “Minister Qiao, we finally meet. Hello, I am Tu Si, the Tu of the Future Map.”

Qiao Yanan quickly held his warm palm and asked in surprise: “Are you the director of the future map?”

“Yes, we will work together in the future.” The man held Qiao Yanan’s hand tightly with a sincere and firm voice.

“Okay, let’s move forward hand in hand.” Qiao Yanan’s heart beat a little faster. The anxiety and doubts just now were left behind by her, and even 248, who did not respond, was unconsciously ignored by her. She was completely fascinated by the man in front of her.

Up close, Tu Si was as handsome as a god, and his temperament was incomparable. When he appeared in the crowd, everything around him would be reduced to a foil for him. Even the bright crystal lamp above his head was not brighter than his deep eyes.

If Xuan Ming’s leg hadn’t been broken, him standing with Tu Si would definitely have resulted in two extremes: one as cold and hard as cold iron, and the other as gorgeous as a gem.

Qiao Yanan, who loved vanity, naturally preferred gems, so she shook Tu Si’s hand tightly and said in a sincere tone: “Mr. Tu Si, believe me, the future communications field will only belong to us.”

Tu Si smiled happily, his eyes as bright as cold stars: “I believe it.” He stretched out his hand to support Qiao Yanan’s waist, his voice low and gentle: “There are still four minutes until the speech, I will take you to the backstage.”

Ah, the speech! Qiao Yanan woke up from her dream and hurriedly walked backstage.

She didn’t have time to think about what happened after she was drugged by Xuan Ming, nor did she have time to run to question the person involved. Anyway, she had no injuries or pain, and her body didn’t feel strange. It wouldn’t be too late to settle the accounts after the speech.

Tu Si and Qiao Yanan were both big-shot figures in the field of communications. They were also a pair of good-looking man and woman. When they stood together to laugh and chat, their eye-catching abilities were naturally stronger, so they attracted a lot of people’s attention.

They didn’t know if the organizer deliberately arranged this, but Haiming and Future Map’s participants were actually sitting around the same round table, each occupying half of the seats at the moment, staring at each other with great displeasure.

“Yeah, Minister Qiao is here. She went backstage with our Future Map’s CEO, and she should be preparing for her speech.” A senior software engineer from Future Map pointed at the entrance and laughed, and finally rolled his eyes to look at Zhuang Li, who was sitting in the chair with one hand on his chin and the other on the chair with very casual and lazy expression, and knowingly asked: “Our Minister Qiao is one of the speakers at today’s summit. Does your Haiming have a speaker?”

Zhuang Li didn’t even bother to give alms to the engineer out of the corner of his eye. He just stared at the chandelier above his head, wondering what he was thinking. Xuan Ming stayed by his ear and helped him introduce each of the big guys attending the meeting today.

The two of them had high vision and were too lazy to argue with the people from Future Map. However, one of Haiming’s technicians couldn’t stand it anymore and said bluntly, “I have an inside message to tell you. Do you know why Qiao Yanan was fired by Haiming? It wasn’t because of drug addiction. It’s also not because she went underground to keep safe, but because she doesn’t understand communication technology at all. Her previous scientific research results were stolen from the Internet using hacking methods.”

This technician had joined Zhuang Li’s laboratory a long time ago, and he was naturally full of fanatical admiration for his immediate boss. Zhuang Li said that Qiao Yanan did not understand communication technology. Looking back on the suspicious points in the past, the technician accepted this judgment more and more.

However, the technicians at Future Map all stared with their eyes wide open and their mouths wide open, looking very surprised. After a few seconds, they all burst into laughter.

“Ha~” The software engineer tapped the table and said sarcastically: “You make it up, keep making it up! You dare to tell such outrageous lies. No wonder Minister Qiao wanted to leave.”

His colleagues immediately echoed: “Yes, Haiming’s corporate culture is too barbaric and wolfish to retain talents.”

These people looked at each other, then shook their heads and sighed, as if they were very sad about Haiming’s depravity.

The people at the next few tables were also practitioners in the communications field, so they were inevitably more concerned about the confrontation between the two rival companies. Judging from the current situation, Haiming seemed to have better performance, but Future Map invested heavily in poaching Qiao Yanan, which seemed to have greater development potential. In another five years, it was still unknown who would win between the two companies.

In order to suppress Future Map, Haiming’s people would naturally try their best to belittle Qiao Yanan. This method was really too bad and low-level for a large company.

Thinking of this, the engineers at Future Map, including the people at several tables around them, couldn’t help but show contempt.

Haiming’s technician was so angry that his head was about to smoke. He was about to argue, but his shoulders were pressed by Zhuang Li: “Don’t argue, Ms. Qiao’s speech has begun, and the excitement is yet to come.”

“Oh.” The technician immediately shut his mouth and looked at the podium obediently.

Engineers of Future Map were in a state of you look at me and I look at you, the pride and disdain between their eyebrows was clearly evident.

Zhuang Li said in front of so many people that Minister Qiao’s speech would be wonderful. Was this trying to show weakness? It was a pity it was useless. In the field of communications, technology was a person’s backbone. Without technology, no matter how high Zhuang Li stood, no one would buy what he was selling.

The two leaders sitting at the next table shook their heads and whispered: “Mr. Xuan made the wrong move. I used to be very optimistic about Haiming, but now, I think Future Map has more development potential.”

“Yes, for a technology company like ours, the introduction and absorption of talents is more important than anything else. Instead of using top talents like Qiao Yanan, an unknown boy is promoted to the position of director of the R&D department. I had no doubts about Xuan Ming’s decision-making ability, but now a deep suspicion has arisen. No matter in terms of courage or ambition, he cannot compare to Mr. Tu.”

Relying on their seniority and high prestige, the two did not deliberately lower their voices when speaking.

Haiming and Future Map, who were sitting not far away, naturally heard these words.

The technicians at Future Map unconsciously raised their chins and felt proud. The people in Haiming were so angry that they secretly ground their teeth.

Xuan Ming turned to look at the two leaders and was about to retort when the back of his hand was lightly tapped by Little Curly’s cold fingertips.

Zhuang Li smiled lightly, looked directly at the podium, and said with determination: “Mr. Xuan, this is your greatest ambition and courage. As for Mr. Tu, he even dares to pick up trash like Qiao Yanan. What development can there be in the future? I can see that in half a year, the sign of ‘Future Map’ will disappear forever in the field of communications.”

“What did you say!” Future Map’s software engineers were furious.

The people sitting around were also whispering and pointing, with dissatisfaction and contempt on their faces. In the high-tech field, you could be arrogant, but first you must have the capital to be arrogant.

The software engineers at Future Map were about to start a fight and tear Zhuang Li apart with their hands, but saw the other party raise his slender index finger and remind in a low voice: “Shh, please be quiet, your Minister Qiao is about to start performing.” It was a much-anticipated speech, but coming out of his mouth it seemed like a farce.

The people at Future Map spent half a minute suppressing their anger, but Qiao Yanan’s speech had already begun. The content was very exciting, involving many core technologies, and it quickly attracted everyone’s attention.

“Does this mean you don’t understand communication technology? Tsk~” the software engineer who first provoked Zhuang Li stabbed him in a weird way.

Zhuang Li and Xuan Ming stared at the stage without speaking a word.

The software engineer praised Qiao Yanan a few more times and took the lead in applauding several times before showing a satisfied expression. In his opinion, Zhuang Li and Xuan Ming had been swollen by Minister Qiao’s wonderful performance, so they fell silent.

People at the tables around them also glanced at Zhuang Li and Xuan Ming’s expressions from time to time, with ridicule in their eyes.

Minister Qiao’s knowledge and ability had long been recognized by the industry, but people from Haiming Group slandered her for not knowing communication technology. This kind of lie was both despicable and fragile. It could be easily exposed. Who in the outside world would believe it? What were the people in Haiming thinking in their minds? Had they collectively lost their minds?

In the confusion of most people, Qiao Yanan finished her memorized speech, then bowed gracefully and prepared to leave the stage.

But the host picked up the microphone and followed the process and said: “Minister Qiao’s speech is very exciting. Next is the question and answer session. If there is anything you don’t understand, you can raise your hands now.”

Several previous speakers also accepted on-site questions, and this process was far more exciting than giving a speech, because when there was communication, there would be objections, when there were objections, there would be collisions, and when there were collisions, sparks of inspiration would be generated, which greatly inspired everyone’s enthusiasm for research.

Qiao Yanan could not avoid this step, so she could only smile and nod, but she was anxiously shouting in her head: “System, come out and help me answer the questions!”

She didn’t have time to communicate with the system during the speech, so naturally she couldn’t detect any abnormalities. But now, she opened her eyes wide and her pupils began to tremble violently.

248 never gave her any response, as if he had disappeared forever. Her mind was empty, except for the roar caused by anxiety, the rest was dead silence. The guests in the audience started to raise their hands, one, two, three… and soon they became a dense mass.

Qiao Yanan once used 248 to steal so many honors, but now she had to face so many doubts.

She took a step back hastily, her heart tingling sharply due to too much anxiety.

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