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This was already the end of the mountains, and under the mountains was a flat river. The vegetation was sparse, the loess was everywhere, and the wind and sand carried the dust, rolling in, blowing people’s heads and faces.

“Where is this place?” Lin Xin looked at the sparse earthen houses in the distance and frowned. This should already be the boundary of the Northern Territory. He followed his master and ran around, but rarely went to the Northern Territory. So, he couldn’t tell the location for a while.

“Dahuang.” Shen Lou identified it carefully and confirmed.

In ancient times, the Great Wilderness was the bed of a large river. The river changed its course several times and finally bypassed this place, leaving behind hundreds of miles of uneven yellow land. Sun and wind erosion had smoothed out the ravines. Although it was cold in the Northern Territory, most places were still fertile and full of grass and water. This place however was so barren and desolate that it must be considered a real wilderness.

“Go and change Luli.” Zhong Wumo said, pointing to the place where the earthen houses were concentrated. Zhong Lu carried him on his back and walked that way without saying a word.

Without Luli, the immortals would lose the ability to shrink into an inch and travel thousands of miles with a sword, and the spiritual sword would also lose the power to cut mountains and split rocks.

Lin Xin stared at Zhong Lu’s back, pulled Yanggu with one finger, and slowly pushed it back again, repeating this process over and over again, but in the end he did not draw his sword.

Looking at the mountains was like running to death, especially on flat ground. When they walked in, they realized that the gathering place was not a dilapidated mud house, but a small town. It was just that the wind and sand were too strong, and a layer of loess had accumulated on the walls.

The town was deserted, and most of the shops were open, but empty.

“Guest, do you want to stay here or stay at the hotel?” There was no waiter in the inn, so the shopkeeper stretched his neck and yelled.

“Shopkeeper, we want to exchange for some Luli, but we don’t know where we can exchange it in this town?” Lin Xin looked at the clumsy-tongued Zhong Wumo, Zhong Lu who only knew how to kill people, Shen Lou who was as quiet as an ancient pine tree, or… so he went up to ask in person.

Hearing Luli, the shopkeeper’s expression became stern. He looked at the four people up and down and said cautiously: “The immortals don’t know something. There are no immortal families in the wilderness. This place is close to Mogui Valley, and there are very few immortals here. Therefore, there is no place to change Luli.”

Luli was only useful to immortals. For mortals, it was just a kind of gemstone that was not as convenient as gold and silver. It was also easy to cause trouble. So, ordinary people did not keep Luli.

“How far is the bigger town?” Lin Xin picked up a table and sat down, deciding to eat something first.

“It’s far away, hundreds of miles at least,” the shopkeeper came out, kicked the door of the stove, and cursed loudly, “You are committing suicide if you don’t come out to greet the guests!”

The listless waiter then wandered out and wiped the table slowly.

Lin Xin got a headache when he heard about hundreds of miles. He had just been an ascetic in Mogui Valley for a long time, and he had to leave again in the blink of an eye.

“Let’s rest for one night before leaving.” Shen Lou poured a cup of tea himself.

“Aren’t you worried about those with Shen Jiajun?” Lin Xin leaned over and took a sip from Shen Lou’s hand.

Shen Lou shook his head.

“If you want to find Luli, why don’t you try your luck at Zhou’s house?” The thin-legged and lonely waiter drooped his head. He had no respect for the immortals at all and instead spoke sarcastically.

“What Zhou family?” Lin Xin asked curiously.

“You are the only one who talks too much!” the shopkeeper scolded the waiter.

Lin Xin raised his eyebrows, took out a golden melon seed and threw it to the shopkeeper, “Tell me, what’s going on?”

After receiving the golden melon seed, the shopkeeper’s angry face immediately turned into a smile. The change was so fast that it caused an instant of distortion. After sending the waiter to order the dishes, he stood at the table and started talking.

It was about a haunted house in the town that had been around for some time. In their early years, it was a well-known wealthy family known all over the country. It was said that they had a lot of Luli hidden in their family. The whole family had nothing to do with production and had no money to spend, so they took out a piece of Luli in exchange for money.

Maybe he was living too comfortably and God couldn’t bear it. Suddenly one day, all the young and old in this family suddenly died, leaving only the half-crazy daughter-in-law.

“The death scene was very horrific. It is said that her father-in-law’s body was chopped to pieces. I don’t know who was offended…” The shopkeeper shuddered as he spoke.

Lin Xin felt familiar, as if he had heard of this somewhere.

“The house has been haunted since then. Some people in the town were greedy for money and wanted to steal something, but their souls were swallowed by the ghosts!” Seeing the disapproval on their faces, the shopkeeper said with a smile, “This is all the foolish opinion of us mortals, you immortals have strong magic power, so you must not be afraid of those ghosts and monsters. If you are in a hurry to use Luli, you can also try your luck.”

According to legend, ghosts that could kill people did not exist, and most of the ghosts among mortals were souls that had not yet dispersed. But after death, the soul could only stay for seven days, but if it was trapped by a magic weapon or encountered a formation, some abnormal scenes may appear, which was feared by mortals.

Zhong Wumo was not interested in such rumors and asked Zhong Lu to go out and buy horses after dinner. Lin Xin and Shen Lou looked at each other, “Let’s…”

“Go upstairs.” Shen Lou said without changing his expression.

He wanted to go to Zhou’s house to have a look, but he didn’t expect Shen Lou to make a move, which really made Lin Xin stunned for a moment. Upstairs was the guest room. Shen Lou asked for an upper room and asked the waiter to heat some bath water.

Lin Xin licked his lips and followed him up obediently. As soon as he entered the door, Shen Lou pressed him against the door panel, “Shen Shizi, what do you want to do by dragging me into the room in such a hurry?”

Shen Lou lowered his head and slowly opened Lin Xin’s belt and stripped off his dusty and muddy clothes, leaving only an undershirt. Then, he lifted the person on his shoulders and strode inwards.

“Oh my, are you trying to force yourself on me? Um…” Before he could finish his words, Lin Xin was thrown into the tub. The warm water instantly dissipated the coldness around him, and he couldn’t help but moan softly.

“Take a bath.” Shen Lou handed him a cloth. They had just come up from the cold pool, and their spiritual power was not enough, so they had to take a quick bath to avoid getting cold.

“…” Lin Xin rolled his eyes, grabbed Shen Lou’s hand, pulled him over with force, and licked the thin lips, “Bath together.”

Shen Lou was silent for a moment then he began to take off his clothes.

The tub was a little crowded because there were two men in it, and the hot water overflowed. Lin Xin spontaneously sat on Shen Lou’s lap.

“Xinxin.” Without the cover of the clothes, the soft place was close to his lower abdomen. Shen Lou reacted uncontrollably, and the tips of his ears turned red.

Feeling the hard object stuck between his buttocks, Lin Xin rested his head on Shen Lou’s shoulder and said with a smile, “It’s not like I haven’t touched it before, why are you ashamed?”

Shen Lou couldn’t accept such words, so he coughed lightly and said something else, “The Zhou family is the family whose soul was swallowed by the Gu carving six years ago.”

“Huh?” Lin Xin’s attention was indeed attracted, as he remembered the trace map of the Gu carving that Shen Lou showed him earlier, the Great Wilderness was the place where he had never been but where the Gu Eagle appeared.

This family was unlucky enough to have their souls swallowed by the Gu Eagle. The little daughter-in-law had been abused by her husband and parents-in-law for many years. After their unexpected deaths, she chopped up the bodies in a fit of rage. When the news spread to Huan Xinghai, Shen Lou mistakenly thought that a distraught person had appeared, so he came over to check and found that it was a Gu Eagle.

“I just said that this thing sounds so familiar,” Lin Xin twisted. When the Zhao family held a funeral, Shen Lou once said, “There must be something weird in the Zhou family. Let’s go and take a look.”

“Don’t move.” Shen Lou held him down.

Lin Xin bared his teeth and smiled.

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Loulou: Don’t move.

Xinxin: Just move.

Loulou: You asked for this.

Xinxin: Oh, why did you tie me up?~\(≧▽≦)/~

Loulou: Take a bath, don’t move.

Xinxin: …

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