KHSW Ch. 173

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“Yueyue, what you said is true?”

“Grandma, when have I ever lied to you?”

Mrs. Meng’s heart could be considered at ease, but when she thought about how she said just now that the two of them would be divorced, what was this?

Meng Haotian put down the remote control and turned off the TV, “Mom, I told you at the beginning that it’s eldest brother’s own business, so you shouldn’t worry so much.”

Mrs. Meng glared at him, “If I won’t care, who would? Yueyue, please help me up to have a look.”

“Okay, grandma.”

Meng Xicheng carefully helped Shu Tingting into the bedroom, “Husband, don’t do this, I’m only less than 40 days pregnant now, don’t be so careful, oh, by the way, I have to call Ling… that Tianqi.”

Meng Xicheng’s face was full of excitement, “Yes, yes, it’s time to thank Tianqi. You should call him first, and then invite him out for a meal.”

“Well, okay, I’ll invite her now.”

Shu Tingting had forgotten what she told Meng Jingyue before.

“Hello? Tianqi, it’s me, Shu Tingting.”

When Ling Xi received the call, she wondered why she called her “Tianqi”, but worried that her voice would come out, she deliberately pretended to speak in a man’s voice.

“Ms. Tingting, what’s the matter?”

Shu Tingting heard that she understood what she meant, so she felt relieved and turned on the speakerphone, “Tianqi, I went to the hospital for a check-up today, and I am indeed pregnant.”

“That’s great, it seems that my judgment is correct!”

“Us husband and wife really don’t know how to thank you.”

“Hahaha, just give me a red envelope.”

Meng Jingyue, who had already walked outside the door, heard their conversation and ran in without even bothering to knock on the door, “Tianqi, Tianqi.”

When Shu Tingting saw Jingyue running in, her face was slightly strange, hoping she hadn’t revealed herself.

Ling Xi’s heart thumped, why was there Meng Jingyue’s voice? Should she hang up?

“Tianqi, I call you every day, why don’t you answer?”

“…” Uh… that number was only temporary, and it should be in arrears now!

“I heard from my aunt that you went abroad, so when will you come back?”

“I’m not coming back.” It’s better to cut off her thoughts.

“Won’t come back? Which country did you go to? I can come find you.”

This little girl was really persistent, Ling Xi considered her words and said, “Miss Meng, let’s not meet in the future!”

His tone was so unfamiliar and cold, Meng Jingyue finally understood what he meant, and her eyes moistened instantly, “Didn’t you hug me that night?”

Eh… She was right about the hug at the time, but she didn’t kiss her. “Miss Meng, I think you misunderstood. The hug between us was just a hug between ordinary friends.”

Because it was hands-free, Mrs. Meng also heard the man’s voice, and when she saw her granddaughter crying, she couldn’t help but point her finger at the phone and curse.

“Scumbag, do you think you can hug people without taking responsibility? My granddaughter is the precious daughter of the Meng family. What kind of woman do you want, and anyway you can’t enter the door of our Meng family with your virtue!”

Shu Tingting’s face was full of indescribable helplessness. For a moment, she wanted to tell everything that had happened, but on second thought, she had promised Ling Xi, so it was better to keep her word.

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