SN Ch. 52

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The weather was still cold, and there was thin snow outside. Huo Yunshen put his coat on Yan Qing and took her out of the recording studio. Lin Yuan and her assistants followed, all with wonderful expressions.

The group of crew members who came to watch the fun stared at each other. They were talking happily before, and they made up a wonderful drama in their mind, in which Yan Qing used her face to get the upper hand. It was predicted that she was an embroidered pillow, and Mr. Huo would definitely won’t care much about her.

However, the facts came crashing down on their heads.

Yan Qing’s singing skills were not reflected in the singing and dancing of “Rise It! Girls” at all, and the original online songs produced were far less shocking than singing one on the scene. After the song, even the producer who was deliberately being thorny was subdued by her.

Compared to this, they would never have imagined that President Huo would come here in person.

When the group of people walked away, they boldly took out their mobile phone and took a blurry photo, and said in shock, “Mr. Huo passed in front of me and I didn’t even dare to breathe, such a person actually condescended to come over to pick up Yan Qing. It’s cool to be a douchebag like this!”

“It was admitted by Mr. Huo that he would not avoid suspicion in public. As Mr. Huo’s wife, the resources in the circle that were robbed are all at her hand. She did not have to count on the talent show.”

“What, why is the whole network scolding her, what about being a substitute, who can refuse it! I’m happy to experience it for a day!”

“Stop dreaming, do you have the face of someone’s old love?”

Huo Yunshen changed his business, the car was parked outside the side door of the recording studio building, neither too high-profile nor hidden, just looking magnanimous.

He raised his hand to cover Yan Qing’s head, shielded her from the falling snow, and accompanied her into the car. The assistants stepped back with discernment. Lin Yuan struggled for a while, seeing that Mr. Huo had no objection, she followed and sat in the co-pilot seat.

She also gave a little rational reminder: “Mr. Huo, you may be photographed.”

She meant to ask whether to deal with it in advance.

Huo Yunshen raised his eyes deeply and asked uninterestedly, “So?”


Lin Yuan had been in the industry for many years, and for the first time, she felt that she was a fool. Mr. Huo had come here, he didn’t mind being photographed, and he was willing to make this kind of news headlines.

She was really inexperienced when dealing with a married girl with a strong husband.

Yan Qing’s chest heaved up and down, and she deliberately separated from Huo Yunshen a little, and pressed her face against the door of the car, the tip of her nose was slightly sore.


Huo Yunshen went to embrace her, frowning at her expression.

Yan Qing didn’t give in to him, she said in a muffled voice, “You are so blatant, and the Internet is going to talk about you again, just let them talk about me, don’t get into the muddy water with me, okay? “

Yesterday, she wanted to praise him for not asking to live together, so as not to be photographed.

A big surprise came today.

She had a bad reputation now. Even if their relationship as husband and wife had been made public, she didn’t want to involve Huo Yunshen too much.

Behind him was the entire Huo family, such a big group that he had to control, she knew all about his marriage’s importance to business, and if someone in power from another family was considering a powerful marriage, how could an idol like her be on the list?

But she was not only an idol, but was also riddled with negative reviews.

She wanted to use the misunderstanding of being a substitute to make Huo Yunshen’s grade not drop so much, lest anyone in the board of directors make a fuss against him in the future.

Huo Yunshen ignored her resistance and clenched her hand: “Is your business muddy water?”

Their marriage certificate was received in an open and honest manner, but she wanted to keep a distance from him.

Those who laughed at her as a substitute, she won’t let him refute for the time being, okay, he agreed.

But he couldn’t stand Qingqing being ridiculed, saying that she was so scheming, such that even crew members could look down on her.

What’s more, he finally waited until his feelings were made public, and he was able to stay by her side openly. Why should he be restrained? Yesterday, he was upset with Lin Yuan’s nonsense, so he didn’t even think about it today.

Yan Qing was angry and she said knowingly, “You know I’m doing it for your own good.”

Huo Yunshen forcefully pulled her into his arms: “No need.”

She didn’t need to protect him.

As long as he was allowed to follow and entangle with her, that was enough.

Lin Yuan tried her best to reduce her sense of existence and regretted getting into Mr. Huo’s car.

She was originally shocked by Yan Qing’s level, and she wanted to discuss her career plan, but she strayed into this scene of conjugal love.

This middle-aged old sister’s heart did not feel very good, so she lowered her head and started to browse through Weibo.

Early this morning, the official blog of “Rise It! Girls” clarified the reason why Yan Qing participated in the show and the whole story, and also released a video clip of Yan Qing’s attempt to refuse at that time, and how she agreed to help when she was begged by An Lan.

At that time, Chengfeng Video was facing decline, and it was only by relying on Yan Qing to save the scene that the whole company survived.

Lin Yuan took advantage of the situation to issue a public statement by Yan Qing herself, officially acknowledging her marital status.

She didn’t make too many unnecessary explanations, just said sorry to the fans softly, and finally said, “The only thing I can promise is that marrying Huo Yunshen is my first and last act to hurt you people.”

After the big event was settled, Lin Yuan planned to go online to see the trend of public opinion, but she was greeted with a full screen of anger.

“Qing Si was actually sung by Yan Qing? What a joke!”

“The marketing account said that my goddess had already auditioned, how could she be robbed! Is she worthy of her idol level?”

“A statement here, don’t talk about keeping a low profile for a while, she came to grab resources directly? It must have been brought to her by Mr. Huo? Does she still dare to show her face? “

“If you don’t learn how to be a substitute, just accept it? Is she not afraid that Mr. Huo will sweep her out of the house one day—”

After a while, Lin Yuan saw that there were more than a hundred new Weibo posts.

She swiped again, okay, the people who should come would definitely not be absent. Mr. Huo came to the recording studio of the filming party, and the photo of Yan Qing getting off work was posted, but it was taken from too far, and the image was blurred, which was not enough to identify the people in the photo.

Regarding the so-called real scene described in the text, how Mr. Huo attached importance to and how he cherished Yan Qing, netizens who were there to eat melons would never believe it.

Huo Yunshen, a big devil, usually no one dared to mention his name casually in gossip, and he could not care less about little stars.

It was not his true love that he had been looking for years.

The comment below was swiped: “You dare to call it a real scene if you don’t show the photos? I think this post was bought by Yan Qing to make up the appearance.”

Lin Yuan’s mouth twitched, and she was hesitant about what to do.

Huo Yunshen suddenly said from the back row, “What’s the matter?”

Lin Yuan respectfully showed him the screen of her phone.

Yan Qing leaned over and wanted to see. Huo Yunshen glanced over and had already finished reading it. He raised his eyelashes and signalled Lin Yuan to take it away. Then he picked up his mobile phone, took a picture of the hand that was intertwined with Yan Qing’s, and opened his microblog button skilfully. He posted it from his V certified account.

The matching words were concise and neat: “Picking up my wife from work.”

After posting, he didn’t care what sensation it would cause, he just turned off the screen of the phone and threw it aside.

Yan Qing witnessed the series of his actions, but it was too late to stop him. Seeing that he had finished posting, she was anxious and worried, so she broke away from him and went to the car window.

Couldn’t he just take care of himself?

She really didn’t care if she was questioned, why did he shelter her so meticulously.

Yan Qing put her forehead against the cold glass, knowing that she shouldn’t ignore him, but she couldn’t resist the sadness that spread through her, and she just wanted everything to slow down.

Ever since she heard Huo Yunshen talk about his childhood, every bit of his care made her feel distressed.

The car drove around the corner and passed a small park. There was a slide in the shape of an animal on the railing near the road. Several four or five-year-old children were lining up to play and they were laughing.

Yan Qing’s eyes could not help but freeze.

A little fragment flashed in front of her eyes, as if she liked it very much… She liked this kind of slide very much. She once dragged a tall and thin teenager to the small park near the school, and took advantage of the evening when no one was there.

The young man thought this thing was childish, but he actually crouched at the end of the slide and opened his arms to catch her.

She slid down like the wind and slammed into his arms with a smile.

Yan Qing kept staring out the window, and sighed until the shadow of the slide disappeared. She would be photographed wherever she went now, and it was impossible to play that with him again.

She couldn’t be free, as she had no memory, and she was also involved in the attention of the whole network.

She became Huo Yunshen’s wife, but she couldn’t give him anything good…

Huo Yunshen stared at Yan Qing’s drooping eyelashes, and some unbearable thoughts gradually arose in his mind.

The intimacy ended with difficulty in the car last night. He suffered all night. Now, she was angry again, and was ignoring him, and didn’t want to look at him.

The more this was the case, the more he wanted to suppress her reckless actions and let her say pleasant words to fill his heart that would shrink after being left alone everytime.

Lin Yuan was still conscientiously browsing Weibo, while quickly calculating the most suitable route for Yan Qing in her mind.

Mr. Huo sent out a photo, which caused a thousand waves.

She didn’t want to show it? Very good, Mr. Huo didn’t need anyone else to come forward in person.

Lin Yuan had already swiped countless comments on the homepage that said, “the substitute is so valuable”.

She didn’t stop it, and she took advantage of the situation to ask people to continue to exploit the relevant heat, which became a topic and a hot search.

Lin Yuan was shocked to realize that her previous thoughts were all wrong.

The entertainment industry was originally a Vanity Fair, why did they have to compare in who was an innocent, soft and waxy little white flower? There was no one hundred and eighty percent pure female star, then what were they looking for?

Her artist Yan Qing, a beautiful little fox with a standard appearance and body, her singing ability was shocking, and she had her own topic traffic. Her husband could be considered to be in control of the universe. How could she be a pitiful non-aggressive white lotus here?

Why bother.

This kind of condition was obviously the best quality that couldn’t be found in a few years. No matter whether she depended on her beauty or her husband, she could kill others casually.

Lin Yuan quickly decided on a new route, and took a deep breath with excitement. Someone in the team was monitoring online reviews from time to time and reported to her: “Sister Yuan, Xu Mohan has posted on Weibo, saying that Yan Qing grabbed her song.”

After Xu Mohan picked two songs, she also participated in the audition of “Blue Silk” before Yan Qing, and her voice was not suitable, but because she had a personal relationship with the producer, she was going to get it. The person the producer wanted to kick Yan Qing and choose instead was her.

Now she was abandoned, she must be outraged.

“Sister Yuan, she replied to the fans in the comments, saying that people who only relied on capital to operate will always hide behind the scenes, how would they dare to live broadcast like her.”

Lin Yuan snorted and announced: “Qing Bao, new tasks unlocked.”

She glanced back and shut her mouth wisely.

Qing Bao was lying silently by the window, the Great Demon King was pulling on the hem of her clothes, his lips tensed into lines, the undercurrent was surging, and if she and the driver didn’t exist, they would probably have done it.

Yes, that’s right, it worked.

After the plane arrived in Haicheng, Huo Yunshen drove by himself, Yan Qing glanced at the position of the co-pilot, and chose to climb into the back row.

She scratched the seat secretly, and didn’t talk to him much along the way. He was tensed, and his profile looked sharp and gloomy.

She quietly blamed herself, she was obviously moved, why did she have to leave him out to make him feel uncomfortable, now she didn’t dare to say anything…

Huo Yunshen kept increasing his speed, the car drove straight into his garage and stopped abruptly.

Without outsiders to disturb, it was an absolutely safe environment.

The lights in the garage were not very bright, and the dim yellow penetrated into the closed car, stirring the air into a soft and thick mess.

Yan Qing clenched her fingers, her breathing quickened slightly, she said softly: “Shenshen…”

Huo Yunshen slowly turned his eyes and stretched out his hand towards her: “Come here.”

Yan Qing’s blood was heating up, she swallowed, leaned forward honestly, and moved towards him.

When she was within his reach, he grabbed the back of her head abruptly and brought her closer, pressing his cold lips down heavily on her lips.

Yan Qing gave a “uh” and quickly fell, and her tongue was plundered by him, it felt as if she was entangled with boiling heat.

But there was a car seat blocking it, and they couldn’t move any closer.

Yan Qing’s eyes were red, and she called out his name in the gap, panting.

She remembered the confusion on the top of the mountain. He said that next time, he would let her take the initiative…

Now was the time.

Huo Yunshen moved his lips away, and wiped the wetness of the corner of her mouth with his fingertips. He opened the door and got out of the car. He went to the back row to carry her out. He didn’t let her feet fall, and carried her upstairs in his arms.

Yan Qing thought anxiously, inside… Weren’t they going to do it in the car?

They were still going to bed, right?

Huo Yunshen was beyond her expectations, instead of continuing to go up to the bedroom, he bypassed the living room and went straight to the secondary hall at the back.

Yan Qing shook her legs: “Shenshen, what are we going to do?”

After a few seconds, without Huo Yunshen answering, Yan Qing had already been put down and made to step on the soft carpet, then she saw a scene that made her hold her breath.

The secondary hall was originally empty, so she seldom came here, but now…

There was a cat-shaped slide that occupied almost half of the space.

Not only the slide, but the surrounding area was also arranged like a small park. Even if she only had a fragmented memory, she realized that this was the corner she had been to with the boy again and again.

Yan Qing stared blankly, Huo Yunshen leaned down from behind and put his arms around her shoulders.

“At that time, the slide was always occupied by a group of children. You didn’t let me snatch it. Every time we had to wait until late at night when everyone was gone.”

He rubbed her ears in a low voice: “I also said that when I will buy a big house for Qingqing in the future, I will put one at home, you will slide down, and I will catch you from below.”

Yan Qing’s eyes couldn’t help turning red.

Obviously it was a memory that didn’t exist, but his every word drilled into her heart.

It had been a long time, so long that she didn’t remember it, she forgot it cleanly, but he moved one back because she took a few more glances at one on the side of the road.

Huo Yunshen smiled hoarsely: “When you were away for these few years, no one took care of me. I was very unreasonable. I always went to sit on the small slide in the park, such that children don’t dare to approach, and helped you occupy it.”

At night, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, she didn’t appear.

He rubbed her back: “I thought Qingqing had forgotten it, and didn’t like it anymore, but you were watching…”

“I like it,” she turned around and hugged him tightly, “I like everything related to you!

Huo Yunshen’s strength gradually got out of control: “Then Qingqing is not angry with me, right? Don’t ignore me, I can’t stand it.”

Yan Qing wrapped her hands around him: “I’m not angry, I feel sorry for you.”

Huo Yunshen took a deep breath as it became heavier, then suppressing his thoughts, he led her to the small ladder behind the slide: “Would you like to go up and try it?”

Yan Qing nodded and climbed up the ladder.

Above the slide was a large cat’s head shape, which was equivalent to a space with two openings. The entrance at the back was a ladder, so she had to walk a section, and then slide out to the exit at the front.

The light inside was weak, the touch was very soft, and she realized that a layer of fluffy cushions had been deliberately spread there.

As soon as Yan Qing entered, the rear entrance was covered by the figure of a man.

She was startled, and a pair of familiar arms hugged her closely, pushing her against the wall.


“You promised me at the top of the mountain,” Gravel rolled in his throat, as if he had endured a long craving and finally opened the gate, “Remember?”

Yan Qing’s face became hot, watching him burn in the dark, she raised her black eyes: “…Of course I remember.”

He took the initiative and opened the gift that was exclusive to him.

Yan Qing’s mouth was dry, and there was a sweet surge in every breath. She grabbed his hand and placed it tremblingly on her skirt.

In the small space of the childlike slide, it was filled with the scorching breath that the man could no longer hold back.

Her hair was shining, and her red lips kissed his rolling Adam’s apple: “Mr. Huo, you’ve unpacked your gift—”

Before she could finish speaking, Huo Yunshen’s hot fingers pinched her waist.

His deep words touched her skin with scorching heat: “Be good, Qingqing, sit up.”

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