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Under the moonlight on the top of the mountain, Huo Yunshen turned his head, and his dark pupils looked into Yan Qing’s eyes full of light.

His emotional needs were different from normal people, he had always known this.

Probably because of the space, once he got it, he wanted it uncontrollably. If he got a little tenderness and kindness from her, he wanted more and more intense feelings, until he occupied every inch of her body and mind.

In the past when Qingqing was a young girl, he was not as good as now, and he still couldn’t learn to restrain himself, and he always pestered her while making demands.

“Don’t laugh at that monitor in your class!”

“Can’t you tell that he likes you? Don’t lend him your homework in the future!”

“Whoever bought you water, don’t drink it, I’ll buy you a better one.”

He was unable to control himself, seeing her integrate into a new environment, he used to feel uneasy when she came into contact with new people, as if she might encounter a more attractive option at any time and give him up.

It was annoying and it was easy to burden her, he understood that.

It couldn’t be changed.

Qingqing wouldn’t be angry either. She would bend her eyes again and again tolerantly, raise her hand to touch his hair, and say softly, “Yunshen, don’t worry, I like you.”

With her words, his heart melted, and he stood upright. All his edges and sharp corners were polished like this by her.

To this day, even after marrying Qingqing, his psychological problems were still not healed, because she didn’t remember the anniversary, he secretly made trouble without listening to her, and refused to say it outright, on the other hand, he still missed her so much. She was trying to actively integrate into the new job, she would then come to know a lot of people in the circle, if there was someone who was good-looking that attracted her attention…

His vinegar level was rising, so he came to chase after her again, guarding outside like a stalker, restraining himself and not interfering .

Qingqing didn’t dislike him for this, she still indulged him as before, hugging him obediently and saying love words.

He had learned to progress slowly, and she gave him the highest reward.

Huo Yunshen’s wrinkled heart was soothed by his lover’s hand, and was stirred up in a frenzy instead. He raised her white chin and pinched it in his hand to suppress his perverted desire: “You lied to me.”

“Yes, Mr. Huo was fooled by my deception.” Yan Qing blinked, “So what day is today?”

Huo Yunshen’s throat was a little stuffy: “…Love anniversary.”

Yan Qing’s long hair lay on his arm as she said with a smile: “I had a feeling, didn’t I bring myself to you as a gift, please check it.”

Her thin waist was in his arms, and she was rubbing against him softly, making his mouth dry with the heat.

Huo Yunshen stared deeply at the end of Yan Qing’s bright eyes, couldn’t bear it, so he picked her up, and walked straight to the back of the car.

“What are you doing…”

The door slammed shut with a bang, and the windows were tightly covered.

The air conditioner in the car was at the right temperature. Yan Qing was pinned on his lap, and she was sweating all of a sudden. She pressed against his shoulder, blushing and wanted to speak. As soon as her lips opened, he covered them and sucked them a little roughly. The pulp of his fingers rubbed the back of her neck, making her soft and relaxed, and her tone became sweet and greasy.

“Shen Shen you… in such a hurry…”

Unable to hold back the perverted wish, he said in a hoarse voice, “I’m in a hurry to open the gift.”

In the end, the gift was still not finished, the wrapping paper was torn in half, and the white-run gift core was inside. She was so nervous that she bit her lip, but Huo Yunshen forcibly stopped.

With sweat on his forehead, he bit her bloodshot ears and demanded, “Next time, let me take it apart.”

Yan Qing was caught off guard, but she knew that the environment was not suitable. She was not strong enough, otherwise on this kind of empty mountain top, with a spacious and soundproofed car, and the starry sky above the city under her feet, it would have been what kind of indulgence, thinking of it was even more exciting.

Hey, you have to practice.

Yan Qing thought that Huo Yunshen would ask to stay with her tonight, and was worried about how to explain it to Lin Yuan, but he sent her back to the hotel in a measured way, and said on the way, “I’ve seen the arguments of those black fans on the Internet, don’t be angry, I will make it clear publicly.”

“No,” Yan Qing guessed that he couldn’t stand it, and was about to talk to him about this, so she said seriously, “I have thoughts about it, now if you go to clarify, saying that I and Yun Qing are one, it may suppress public opinion, but I will inevitably be questioned in various ways later, and I have no memory, so many things will not be able to be answered at that time, it will be so embarrassing.”

Huo Yunshen stared at her deeply: “Qingqing, tell the truth.”

Yan Qing was startled, she lowered her head a little dejectedly: “It’s the truth, but apart from this, there is… I’m thinking, anyway, my reputation is not good, being a substitute is just a substitute, you don’t need to respond, just keep cool, and leave the rest to me.”

Huo Yunshen pursed his lips.

She looked relaxed: “Now, there are too many negative things about Yan Qing, and I don’t want to impose them on Yun Qing. I want to work hard to improve my reputation, gain applause, and be worthy of Mrs. Huo’s achievements and awards. At that time, I must have recovered my memory, and then—”

Yan Qing did not know why, but her eyes were a little hot, as she looked at him: “I will face the public myself and tell everyone who I am to you.”

Afraid of Huo Yunshen’s objection, she grabbed his wrist and begged firmly: “Trust me, I can handle it, I don’t care what others say.”

When she got out of the car, Huo Yunshen rubbed her hair with his dry palms: “I promise you not to respond, but when it comes to loving Qingqing, you have your way, and I have mine.”

Yan Qing wrapped her coat around her and left the range of the car, turning back every three steps.

She didn’t have time to understand what he meant, her heart was disturbed by him first, and now her heart was beating uncontrollably.

As soon as Yan Qing returned to the room, Lin Yuan stepped up and knocked on the door with a serious face: “Miss Yan, since you have come out to work, please be polite. Today, the producer has shown you his disapproval, so you should not hurry up to release the song. Please practice well, so you don’t make mistakes when you enter the shed tomorrow?”

She didn’t know where Yan Qing went or who she went out with. It was always a matter of nostalgia other than singing.

“Missing” was still reserved for Mr. Huo’s face, and the words she really wanted to say were more straightforward.

Lin Yuan looked at Yan Qing’s innocent little fox spirit face, where her attitude did not show that she was in any hurry, she only felt a pain in her head.

“I don’t want your career to be a waterloo, but it’s for your own good that I’m saying this. You came from a talent show, and you crashed halfway. Those singing and dancing songs don’t count at all, and online singers can’t get on the stage, and in the studio, your true singing skills will be exposed.”

“To tell you the truth, I asked around, the producer is not friendly to you because he has another candidate he likes, and he is waiting for you to be eliminated on the grounds that you are not good enough.”

Yan Qing patted on the bedside with a good temper: “Sister Yuan, come and sit.”

Lin Yuan was going to be mad at her.

After she sat down with a dark face, Yan Qing began to sing the lyrics and said with a smile, “I will give you peace of mind.”

Lin Yuan paused, feeling that the canary seemed to be a little different from what she was thinking. Yan Qing had hummed the first word casually.

All kinds of small noises in the room seemed to disappear suddenly, washed by the female voice like water.

Lin Yuan was stunned.

Yan Qing closed her eyes slightly, and after the first few lower air tones, she finished the first stanza of the main song with ease. She slowed down the rhythm slightly, which made Lin Yuan hear it more intuitively.

Lin Yuan stared at her in surprise. She didn’t speak for a while. After a long time, she pushed on her glasses and asked calmly, “Why don’t you continue singing? The chorus in the back still has a high pitch, can’t you go up?”

Yan Qing was not provoked by her. When she heard this, she winked playfully: “Sister Yuan, as long as you know that taking me with you, you won’t be embarrassed, you would be able to hold your head up in front of the producer.”

Lin Yuan’s expression changed faintly.

She was also very dissatisfied with that producer today, but because of the poor talent of her own artist, she didn’t speak too much and she put up with it.

Unexpectedly, the little canary came out with such strength.

She asked incredulously, “Those songs in the past… didn’t you edit the sound?”

Yan Qing pushed Lin Yuan’s shoulder out, tilted her head and smiled sweetly: “Rest early, I will tell you the answer in the shed tomorrow morning.”

She showed her ease to the agent, but Yan Qing practiced repeatedly until late at night.

As the ending song of an ancient drama, this song “Blue Silk” was based on the popular style of the country. The lyrics and music were all excellent, and the tone was tragic. As long as it was sung well, people and songs could complement each other.

Nowadays, the music world was in a downturn, and it was not easy to meet a good song that might become popular. It was normal for many singers to want to compete.

The more Yan Qing sang, the more she fit in the lyrics, and the more she really liked it and didn’t want to lose.

The next morning, Yan Qing got up early to dress herself up, deliberately wore simple casual clothes and light makeup, her long hair was tied into a bun, and with a clean face, she rushed to the battlefield.

When she got to the recording studio, she found that the battle was really intense.

Several cameras were aimed at the microphone, euphemistically, it was supposed to record the video to then make an MV. In fact, they wanted to record the whole process of her disgrace. With evidence, it would be convenient to change people.

A lot of the crew had also come to watch. When the producer saw Yan Qing, he was struck for a while by her delicate facial features that were almost too pretty even without makeup. Then he quickly turned to his original attitude and said proudly: “You can sing directly, if I think you can’t do it, I will call you to stop. By the way, don’t use the fancy style of talent show idols, this kind of song has to be really sung.”

Yesterday, several people who were discussing that Yan Qing was a resource person were still there, biting each other’s ears.

“She is really beautiful, but it’s a pity that even after marrying into a wealthy family she is just a substitute. I don’t think Mr. Huo cares much about her.”

“The marriage certificate is not necessarily obtained by proper means. Mr. Huo posted a Weibo for her. But she can’t get over the messy scandal that day.”

“She really thought that she could still stand in this circle without the idol filter. “Blue Silk” is so difficult to sing. Seven or eight singers have tried it, but they have failed. Isn’t she waiting for a public execution——”

Yan Qing pretended she didn’t hear it, walked into the room and put on the headset, signalling the producer and the sound engineer that she was ready.

She was so absorbed that she didn’t notice that outside the control room of the recording studio, a tall figure approached, stopped at the back of the crowd and looked at her.

The producer raised his hand perfunctorily and let the sound engineer start.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help holding her hands, her expression solemn.

Those who spoke sarcastically also shut their mouths, waiting for Yan Qing to break through and see if she could add a piece of news to her black hot search.

Yan Qing exhaled softly, closed her eyes and completely immersed in the emotions of “Blue Silk”.

“She didn’t read the lyrics?!”

“Should she have memorized it all…”

The next moment, Yan Qing opened her lips, her voice was moist and clear, like the surface of quiet flowing water, with just the right amount of hoarseness, which added a distinctive texture, and fit perfectly with the style of the music.

The phone, which the producer was playing with, froze for a moment, and fell on his lap with a snap.

Lin Yuan clenched her fists unconsciously, showing an eagerness to Yan Qing that she hadn’t felt in a long time.

The people outside the surveillance room couldn’t hear the sound, but just by looking at the shocked expressions of the producer and sound engineer, they realized that something was wrong.

When others sang two or three sentences, they were stopped intermittently. When it was Yan Qing’s turn, they saw that she had been singing for a long time, and no one had told her to stop.

“No way, does it sound good?”

“Hey, hey, it’s time for the hardest chorus, there’s a high pitch—”

Inside the glass window, the producer stood up and stared at Yan Qing like a ghost.

Lin Yuan’s chest was pounding. She had brought more than one singer out, but in the recording studio where singing skills were the most tested, she had heard the high-pitched high notes that made her feel numb, they were not sharp at all, but always rounded. Even she inexplicably wanted to cry.

It wasn’t until Yan Qing finished singing that she asked through the microphone what needed to be adjusted. After asking three times, the sound engineer squeezed out: “It doesn’t need to be…”

Yan Qing nodded dumbly: “Then I’ll record it again, in case something is wrong.”

The producer didn’t believe her and let her sing again.

He thought that the first time was just a fluke, but the second time was even better than before, and she showed the freedom and ease in the lyrics to the fullest.

Yan Qing insisted on finishing the recording three times before taking off the headset and walking out of the recording studio: “Can I get off work now?”

Lin Yuan opened the door of the control room quickly, and replayed the recording just now on the speaker, so that everyone inside and outside could hear it clearly. For a while, except for the singing, there was a dead silence.

Facing Yan Qing, the producer didn’t know what to say for a long time, and reached out to shake her hand.

Yan Qing did not hold any grudges, just as she was about to pass her hand out of politeness, the crowd was suddenly separated, and a tall figure walked into the control room step by step.

Just after the end of the song, the restored silence was broken by successive calls.

“…Mr. Huo!”

Yan Qing was startled, she turned her head sharply, and stared at the man who approached condescendingly in surprise.

This was a public place! The audience was full of insiders, and they all knew him!

She subconsciously remembered what he said last night, to love Qingqing, he had his own way…

Huo Yunshen’s eyes swept over the producer, cut off Yan Qing’s outstretched hand and wrapped it in his palm.

Someone outside was covering their mouths and screaming, refusing to make too much noise.

Yan Qing looked up in a daze and met Huo Yunshen’s eyes.

There was a hint of a smile in his black pupils, and his magnetic voice was neither high nor low, just so that the people present could hear it clearly.

“My wife finally got off work, and I came to pick her up and to take her home.”

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