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Qingqing didn’t lie to him, she was really kind to him with a clear heart, but he had been sinking in the abyss for too long, and he had never tasted sweetness or warmth.

She gave it, but he didn’t dare to ask for it.

He had heard a story about a lamb running on a winter night. It could last until dawn, but on the way, it encountered a piece of unburned charcoal. Powerless, he could only freeze to death.

If he had her and lost it, it would be worse than death.

However, the fragrance of the girl was addictive, and he couldn’t resist it, he thought about her day and night, as if the empty life of more than ten years had begun to burn him.

He rejected Qingqing coldly, broke her heart, and spent a long time chasing her, kissing her on the cheek, so that he could feel sweet all day.

He held her in his hands every day, for fear of being robbed.

But the person who wanted to grab her soon appeared, it was Huo Linchuan.

Huo Linchuan ruined his younger brother, and deliberately made him get expelled from the Huo family, let him carry a bad name on his back, occupied his position, and then wanted to take away Yun Qing who originally belonged to him.

Unexpectedly, Yun Qing didn’t know what to do, and tried her best to resist this marriage, and she even ran to find Huo Yunshen, who had lost everything and was struggling in the mud.

This kind of development made Huo Linchuan feel unbearable. He liked Yun Qing’s appearance and was happy to anger Huo Yunshen. Now, it was like being slapped in the face, he just wanted to make these two people suffer.

Huo Linchuan went to block Yun Qing more than once, and then took advantage of the family relation to be alone with her, but because of his status as the heir and the influence of the Huo family, he never dared to go too far, and found a lot of substitutes in private to vent.

It was just that Huo Yunshen’s reaction surprised him. Every time he provoked Yun Qing, he would usher in a violent counterattack from Huo Yunshen.

In the past, he went to abuse this younger brother to find happiness. Although he resisted, his temperament was gloomy and depressed. Now, his whole person was like an explosive fire that would burn him down.

When Huo Linchuan intercepted Yun Qing in a small park outside the school, and was stimulated by her resistance, Huo Yunshen appeared emotionally.

For the first time, he was completely irrational, with blood in his eyes, he rushed through the group of unresponsive bodyguards, held Huo Linchuan and almost beat him to death.

It was because of that hysterical revenge that Huo Linchuan lost important physical abilities and was unable to inherit the Huo family.

Huo Linchuan didn’t dare to let the old man and the Huo family’s board of directors know about it, for fear of losing his position as heir and finding an excuse to go abroad for treatment. Only then did Huo Yunshen and Qingqing live a peaceful life.

She was admitted to a famous school, and she was the favourite of everyone. He was not allowed to take the college entrance examination, so he tried his best to make money and let Qingqing live a good life.

He cherished every second he spent with her, but he lost her on that autumn morning.

Huo Yunshen had already died at that moment, he was dragging himself like a walking dead to find her stubbornly. If he couldn’t find her within his ability, he had to go to a higher position.

He did everything except murder and set fires. With this disgusting Huo family bloodline, he used the business acumen and ruthless calculation inherited from his father to step on others and break into the management of the Huo family, quickly eradicate dissidents, and let the old man who had been hospitalized become so angry that he finally had the power.

After getting the Huo family, he immediately stepped on the declining Yun family, but could not find any news about Qingqing.

He turned his head to take revenge on the scum of the Huo family one by one, and the first one was Huo Linchuan, who was hiding abroad.

Knowing that there was no way out, Huo Linchuan drove down a cliff in front of Huo Yunshen.

Before stepping on the accelerator, he said with a smile, “I heard that your Qingqing died? Well, how could a lunatic like you live happily? Don’t bother, you will never be able to find her in your life.”

Yan Qing was shivering in Huo Yunshen’s arms. Whenever she saw the descriptions related to Huo Linchuan, her trembling never stopped. She couldn’t tell whether she was angry or had more terrible memories hidden in her bones.

“He treated you like this,” she wanted to cut the people apart, “How dare he treat you like this!”

Huo Yunshen lay on his side on the cot, while he pulled away from the past with difficulty, watching the little girl he had lost and found beside him, he kissed her heavily, and said in a hoarse voice, “I always thought that his last words were just to stimulate me. Now, it seems that he probably said that because he knew your situation.”

“Blame me,” his Adam’s apple rolled with difficulty, “I was mentally broken and couldn’t find the direction. After dealing with him, I immediately changed my target. If I could think more, maybe…”

Yan Qing pressed against his chest: “Don’t bully yourself.”

Huo Yunshen was stunned.

Yan Qing obediently hugged his tense waist and said softly, “You have done too much. If you are so harsh to yourself, I will feel bad.”

She asked, “Is Huo Linchuan really dead?”

“His car overturned, while going down the cliff, there was an explosion.” He frowned.

His cognition at that time was completely dead, and he was busy looking for her, so he had no time to spend too much energy on such a person.

Yan Qing was immersed in his body temperature, as she tried her best to hide her anxiety.

If it was Huo Linchuan behind the scenes, he would not just have changed her memory and made her forget her lover…

She pretended to be relaxed,and rubbed the tip of her nose against his chin with a smile: “It doesn’t matter, I will try my best to remember it quickly, no matter if what hidden danger is still buried, as long as I restore my memory, it will be fine.”

Huo Yunshen deeply remembered Dr. He’s conclusion last time.

Qingqing’s memory was under control and could only be retrieved if a certain restriction was triggered.

If it was Huo Linchuan’s instruction, then this unknown restriction should be aimed at him.

Huo Yunshen hugged Yan Qing to his body, kissed her fingers, said nothing about his bad guesses, and coaxed her in a low voice: “Don’t worry, let’s think about it slowly, it doesn’t matter who the other party is, I won’t let you suffer again.”

It was getting dark when they left the dormitory, but An Lan was still waiting on the first floor. When she saw Yan Qing come down, she ran up to apologize: “Yanyan, sorry, it’s my fault that the matter has developed like this today, you specifically asked me to expose your personal feelings before the debut competition. For the sake of the show, we insisted on letting you make your debut after the competition, but such a big accident happened.”

Yan Qing shook her head: “It’s not your responsibility.”

“Yes! Don’t worry, the parts I should clarify will definitely be explained publicly. In addition to this, there is something more important—”

An Lan glanced at Mr. Huo timidly: “There is a big production making an ancient drama that will be released in the near future, and now they are choosing a singer for the ending song, while the producer has a crush on you. Because you don’t have an agent yet, so they wanted to contact you through me.”

Yan Qing couldn’t help but be surprised: “Looking for me? Does he not know my situation?”

Singing, it was impossible to guarantee that her situation would not implicate the TV series.

With the acquiescence of Mr. Huo, An Lan firmly said: “The producer is a big man in the circle, and he always only sees whether a person is suitable or not. They have tried many singers for this song, but the style does not match. I just listened to it recently. When it came to your original song during the Kapok period, he was simply moved by your voice. Yanyan, you can get a good opportunity at this time, it is very precious, go and try it.”

She sighed guiltily: “I don’t want you to stop here, I want you to start again, it’s a one-handed thing, and it’s a lot safer to have a big person as a support.”

At this juncture of Yan Qing’s battle, she received a giant pie that fell from the sky, and she felt a little unbelievable when she arrived at the door.

She pulled Huo Yunshen and said excitedly: “Shenshen, there is really a very popular drama that wants me to sing the ending song! I haven’t been given up on by everyone yet.”

Huo Yunshen curved his lips: “Qingqing will never be given up.”

He didn’t enter the garage but parked the car in the courtyard of the villa. At the same time that the door outside opened, a nanny car waiting nearby followed them in a low-key manner,and opened the door.

Yan Qing reflexively stepped back and asked nervously, “Is it a reporter?”

Huo Yunshen hugged her from behind, and got off the car: “It’s Qingbao’s new team.”

In the large living room of the house, a group of seven people stood in a row, with a capable middle-aged woman in the middle. In front of Mr. Huo, with her eyes still sharp, she looked Yan Qing up and down, and nodded to Huo Yunshen deeply: “Don’t worry, your wife’s future work is in my hands now.”

Yan Qing held her breath like a chick.

This person was familiar to her. She had brought out many great gods, she was the gold broker, Lin Yuan. All the artists she handled were not weak. All of them were popular and stable. She was also on frequent hot searches, but she was deeply private.

“Hello Yan Qing,” Lin Yuan stretched out her hand without emotion, “I will be your agent in the future, and the few people next to me will be your personal assistants and bodyguards.”

Yan Qing while standing upright, shook hands with her: “It’s causing trouble for everyone, but I can’t use so many people…”

Lin Yuan’s eyes were full of pride: “Don’t worry, the price that Mr. Huo gave is high enough.”

Huo Yunshen raised his eyes coldly and swept his gaze over. His gaze called for Lin Yuan’s restraint, and her attitude became much more respectful.

She cut to the topic: “You should have heard of the ending song of the ancient drama. You can audition directly for the cast. We can start tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If you choose tomorrow, you can spend some time communicating with the producer. If you choose the day after tomorrow, the schedule will be tighter, you decide for yourself.”

Tomorrow was special…

Huo Yunshen said, “The day after tomorrow.”

Yan Qing said in sync with him, “Tomorrow.”

The living room was silent for a while, Yan Qing hooked Huo Yunshen’s finger: “Is there something important tomorrow?”

Huo Yunshen pursed his lips: “…It’s not important, it’s a small anniversary.”

In the second half of the sentence, his volume was low, so Yan Qing didn’t hear it very clearly, thinking that he simply didn’t want her to leave early, she started to discuss: “I am controversial now, I should be more active when I have a job, it is better to meet in advance, and go tomorrow.”

Her almond eyes were bright, and he refused to let it out.

Tomorrow…was the day when Qingqing first accepted him.

His messy life was really torn apart and filled with sweetness.

Every day, Qingqing would accompany him, even if life was not good in the past, he would lie on the simple bed at home, hold her to talk, and absorb her tenderness.

He was so happy recently, so happy that he would always forget, but Qingqing didn’t remember him.

She loved him, but not deep enough to make him her top priority.

Qingqing still had work and countless things to do. To her, tomorrow was just an ordinary day that didn’t exist in her memory.

This song was the resource he got for her. She finally stopped being low and regained her enthusiasm. He couldn’t restrain her.

Huo Yunshen smiled deeply and agreed: “Okay.”

The next day, Lin Yuan personally brought someone to pick up Yan Qing and set off, then she specifically instructed: “Mr. Huo, during the audition, I suggest you not to accompany her, especially don’t go to the airport, it’s very easy to be seen that at this stage, your wife is at the cusp of the storm, if you want to calm the public opinion, it is not suitable for her to contact you too closely, in fact it is better to let the public lighten up.”

Huo Yunshen went to see Yan Qing’s reaction.

Yan Qing patted his arm, full of fighting spirit: “Shenshen, you are busy with your work, I will be back after a few days.”

Before Lin Yuan took over Yan Qing, she had learned all about her, and the gossip was no exception. Inside, she sighed in her heart that Mr. Huo was so affectionate with his deceased old lover that he was willing to marry a substitute, but she didn’t know how cold he would treat her when he woke up later.

This Miss Yan sang a lot of songs and claimed to be original, but she didn’t know how much of it was true. She just hoped that Yan Qing won’t be too embarrassed when she arrived at the recording site and let such a rare resource fly out of thin air.

As for strength or something… She really didn’t believe it when she looked at Yan Qing’s face, which was definitely among the best in the circle.

It should be just a beautiful canary in captivity.

Lin Yuan kept the itinerary secret, and they took the special channel at the airport arranged by Mr. Huo to bring Yan Qing to the recording location smoothly.

Yan Qing was restless. Before she got into Lin Yuan’s car and left, she looked back at the door.

Huo Yunshen was standing at the door, staring at her.

The car window was one-way. He obviously wouldn’t be able to see her, but he was still so unblinking, his pupils were as black as ink, as if there was a chain in his palm, but instead of tying her, he tied himself. He wanted to keep his feet seperated from her.

Yan Qing followed Lin Yuan and met the producer in the recording studio.

She listened to the melody several times, followed the lyrics once, and hummed a few rounds in a low voice, and the feeling of the whole song was grasped.

Yan Qing was very confident since she had written similar songs from this genre.

“I can try to sing it once.”

The producer was an authority in the industry and had an arrogant attitude. He had obvious personal opinions towards Yan Qing: “There is no need for the audition.”

“I have heard those songs before,” he said indifferently, “Everyone knows if the song used auto-tune or not, let’s go directly to the shed tomorrow, if the effect is not good, we will find someone else as soon as possible.”

Yan Qing was stunned for a while, and then heard the whispers of a group of staff members.

“Resources, what can I do…”

“Her husband is amazing, he doesn’t care if it’s a stand-in for his old love, anyway, she’s favoured now.”

Even Lin Yuan looked like she was not confident enough and didn’t defend her.

It turned out that everyone did not recognize her ability, thinking that her songs came from auto-tune.

Yan Qing suddenly understood that this ending song was in her hands, not because the film party was interested in her voice, but because someone was supporting her.

Huo Yunshen was the only person who truly recognized her and firmly believed that she could sing well.

Yan Qing straightened her back, and answered readily, “Okay, see you in the shed tomorrow.”

She would never embarrass her husband.

Yan Qing stopped talking nonsense, walked outside quickly, and called Min Jing: “He found the resources for the ending song, but he didn’t tell me on purpose, right?”

Min Jing said “um” and hung up.

He glanced back from the rear-view mirror. Brother Shen was sitting in the back row, with his head turned to look at the building across the street.

It is the studio where the filmmaker was, and Yan Qing was in at this moment.

Because they didn’t want to be photographed on the plane and cause a commotion, they drove all the way, and stopped motionless shortly after arriving. Brother Shen knew that he couldn’t see her, but he was willing to wait.

Min Jing remembered what day it was today.

He couldn’t hold back, so he sent Yan Qing a real-time location.

Yan Qing stood in the corridor in a daze. She saw a lot of people this day, a brand new city, all kinds of fresh equipment and a professional atmosphere.

She thought she would be attracted.

But in fact, she only wanted him.

The “unimportant” he said last night and his parting eyes were all stabbing her.

No…he must have something to say, today was not a holiday or a birthday, so maybe…was it one of their anniversaries.

Yan Qing wanted to send a message to Huo Yunshen, but she saw the location shared by Min Jing. After clicking on it, she was stunned for two seconds. She suddenly realized where Huo Yunshen was.


It was definitely a special day, and she couldn’t pass it normally.

Yan Qing resisted the urge and made a second call to Min Jing: “Assistant Min, please help me choose a safe place to date, tell me the location, and find me a car you can trust.”

Min Jing was overwhelmed with excitement, and quickly selected a small and beautiful scenic hilltop, where the car could drive up and overlook the whole city.

Huo Yunshen stared at the building opposite, his phone was hot.

The street lights flashed across his profile, reflecting sharp and lonely lines.

A sudden vibration came, and Qingqing sent him a message: “Shenshen, I’m going to be busy until late, and it’s not convenient to contact you for the time being. You should go to bed first, it’s just a pity, I heard that there is a Fenglan Mountain here, which is very beautiful. I don’t have time to go, otherwise I really want to see it.”

Huo Yunshen lowered his eyelashes, and after a while he said slightly dumbly, “Min Jing, go to Fenglan Mountain.”

He wanted to see the scenery she wanted to see.

It was…a memorial day together.

When Yan Qing arrived at Fenglan Mountain, the car was parked a little further away, and she climbed up on her two thin legs, just because she didn’t want to make too much noise and be discovered by him.

Min Jing had already avoided it, there was no one around, only one car was parked.

Huo Yunshen had his back to her, he was silently watching the bizarre lights in the city, his figure was elongated by the moonlight, looking cold and lonely.

Yan Qing looked at him quietly.

The angle of Fenglan Mountain was really good, the whole city and the starry sky could be seen from here.

She could see the galaxy, ten thousand lights, but she still just wanted to run towards him.

The whole world seemed to be empty, she only had that lonely back in sight.

Yan Qing stood on tiptoe, spread her arms, swooped towards Huo Yunshen, and hugged him from behind.

Huo Yunshen was deeply shocked, and tightly grasped the hand that she had wrapped around him.

“Qingqing, how did you…”

Yan Qing hugged him hard and kissed his scarred back under his shirt: “Huo Yunshen, I don’t remember what occasion it is today, but I love you, I love you more than you think.”

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