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At nine o’clock in the morning, his assistants came to the villa to help Qin Yize move his things.

Qin Yize didn’t have high requirements for clothes, but he was also a well-known actor in the circle. He only brought two sets of changing clothes this time, and all his luggage added up to only one suitcase.

The door on the third floor was closed, and the assistant was about to go up, but Li Xin immediately stopped her: “Don’t go up on the third floor.”

The two assistants, one of whom was a Beta girl in her early twenties, with a lively personality, everyone called her “Xiaoqi”, she was mainly responsible for taking care of Qin Yize’s daily life and handling some trivial chores. The other was neat in work and relatively calm. She was a Beta woman in her mid-thirties, she used to be an assistant to a singer in the music circle and was dug out by Li Xin at a high price after she retreated from the circle. Everyone called her “Sister Lin”. Said to be an assistant, in fact, she played the role of “coordinator”, helping Li Xin coordinate the work arrangements with the media and TV stations. With her there, Qin Yize’s team had never made a big mistake.

Some time ago, the manager suddenly gave the two assistants a long vacation of more than half a month, saying that Qin Yize had some private affairs at home and asked them to come back on March 2. They thought that his parents were sick, and he had to go to the hospital to accompany them.

As a result, when they came today, both of them were surprised to find that the whole villa had completely changed – it used to have gray curtains and gray sofas, a typical “cold single man’s residence”, but now it had become a “warm and sweet little home”, not to mention the furniture was changed to beige, there were even two heart-shaped pillows on the sofa, which was simply abusing single dogs.

Xiaoqi blinked curiously, looked around, and whispered in Li Xin’s ear, “Brother Li, does anyone live on the third floor?” She obviously thought Qin Yize was secretly taking care of a lover.

Li Xin patted her forehead and said, “Don’t ask too much, you just need to know that the one on the third floor can’t be offended.”

Sister Lin was well-informed, and soon smiled calmly and said: “Understood, it should be the one who was photographed by the paparazzi before? Don’t worry, we all know the rules in the circle and won’t talk nonsense outside.”

Seeing Qin Yize coming down from the second floor, the two assistants immediately stopped the conversation, pretending to know nothing.

The group of four left the villa with their luggage one after the other.

Little did they know, Luo Ning was smiling and watching them go away from the floor-to-ceiling windows of the study on the third floor.

After a while, Luo Ning turned on the communication device and connected a video call to the light brain of his royal uncle Xi Wei.

Xi Wei didn’t seem surprised, he just smiled at his nephew and said, “Luo Ning, do you have something you need from me?”

Luo Ning politely said: “Uncle, I’m sorry to disturb you at this time. You must be very busy, and you still had to turn on the phone today?”

“Why are you being polite to me! Tell me, what’s the matter?”

Luo Ning said earnestly, “Isn’t our family’s Yize, going to join your crew to film? I heard that this movie will take at least a month to finish, uncle. You also know that the two of us just got married and if we are separated for so long, I will definitely miss him.”

Xi Wei said with an “I understand” expression, “So, you are reluctant to part with him and want to come to the crew with him. Is it?”

Luo Ning shook his head: “That’s not necessary. I just want to go to the crew to visit sometimes, I don’t know if it’s convenient?”

Xi Wei said cheerfully, “Of course it’s convenient. You can come anytime, and I’ll arrange the accommodation for you.”

Luo Ning thought for a while and said, “I’ve been a little busy these past two days, so I’ll come around March 6th. When I come there as an intern, you can say that I’m a screenwriter major and I came to the crew to study. Let me study under the screenwriter teacher you are working with, okay?”

Xi Wei laughed: “No problem! But why are you suddenly interested in screenwriting?”

Luo Ning said, “I only read novels before, but I haven’t read the original scripts, I’m curious to see how a screenwriter works.”

Xi Wei nodded: “Okay, leave it to your uncle. The screenwriter teacher I have worked with for a long time is a first-line screenwriter who has won the ‘Best Screenwriter Award’. If you really want to learn, you can learn a lot from him.”

Luo Ning said excitedly: “Thank you uncle!”

After hanging up the video call, Xi Wei thought cheerfully that he was really successful as a matchmaker. It seemed that they were very in love and very happy after marriage.


At the same time, the Capital Star Space Station.

Qin Yize had boarded the spacecraft with his manager and two assistants and headed to the Lyra galaxy.

They were going to shoot in the largest film and television shooting base in the empire – Lyra Film and Television City.

The advantage of Lyra Studios was that most of the common locations in movies and TV series could be found there, and the weather system could be changed at any time. But the disadvantage was that the fees were high, and the money had to be calculated on a daily basis. Small crews without tens of millions of investment couldn’t even enter the threshold.

The supporting facilities around the Lyra Film and Television City were also very complete. There were several hotels of various specifications for the crew to live in. The film and television city also provided different levels of crew catering, one-stop service, which could meet most of the crew’s shooting needs from start to finish.

The movie Xi Wei was directing “Feng Mars Chen” was an interstellar war film, with a military background. When it came to the interstellar war, he would go directly to the warships and aircraft carriers to shoot live scenes, but many scenes and weather changes in daily life were still more convenient in the film and television city.

Today’s opening ceremony was to be held in a hotel outside the Studio City.

The other actors had arrived a week earlier and were caught by the director for training. But Qin Yize only arrived on the day of the opening ceremony. It didn’t mean that he was very popular and thus had privileges, but that Xi Wei had cooperated with him before and believed in his professionalism. Whether it was memorizing the script or acting, Qin Yize never lost the chain, so he was still relieved to let Qin Yize join the group on the last day.

At 12:30 noon, the opening ceremony was officially held.

The invited media reporters asked the director a lot of questions, and also interviewed several leading actors. The whole process was well organized. In the end, the whole crew was grouped together, and the director announced that “Feng Mars Chen” was officially launched!

In the afternoon of the same day, the topics of #Qin Yize drama# #Feng Mars Chen # #War movie with real background# #Actress Lin Su drama# and other topics all topped that day’s hot search. This drama had become amazingly popular before it even started airing. The key was that the production team was strong, and the two leading actors had won the best actor and actress award. Such a luxurious lineup could definitely detonate the audience’s attention.

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