APY Ch. 177.3: Fake or Real Leng Qingqiu?

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He didn’t wait for her to relax completely, Daniel continued, “Although I have no evidence to prove that she is not Leng Qingqiu, but today, the real Leng Qingqiu has also come here, let the two of them confront each other, the truth of the matter will become clear.”

As soon as these words came out, it was like a stone stirring up a thousand waves, and the people present looked at the people around them, wanting to know who the person Daniel was talking about was.

Fu Hengyi held Shen Qinglan’s hand and squeezed it, Shen Qinglan turned to look at him, met his eyes that seemed to see everything, was slightly startled, and then smiled, this man was really smart, without her even saying anything, he had already guessed it.

“Excuse me, Mr. Daniel, who are you talking about?” A reporter asked first, and all the cameras were aimed at Daniel.

Daniel stretched out his hand, and everyone looked in the direction he pointed, but they didn’t expect that the person they saw would turn out to be Shen Qinglan, the second young lady of the Shen family.

“Isn’t she Shen Qinglan, the second young lady of the Shen family? Did Daniel make a mistake?” A person whispered, his face full of suspicion.

“I can see it,” the other person thought thoughtfully. “Looking at her age, this lady from the Shen family is quite suitable.”

Daniel said earlier that when he met Leng Qingqiu, she was only eighteen years old. So she must be twenty-two years old, and Shen family’s Shen Qinglan… As far as they knew, this year she was exactly twenty-two years old.

“I don’t think it’s possible.” Some people expressed disbelief. “According to the family background of the Shen family, if the lady of the Shen family had this talent, everyone would have known it, and she wouldn’t have been unknown.”

Most people tended to guess the latter, but wasn’t it because she was too obscure? Before the video incident, who knew who Shen Qinglan was. If she really liked to keep a low profile, the Shen family couldn’t let her keep a low profile like this. Look at the elder sister, everyone knew that the eldest Miss Shen of the Shen family, Shen Xitong was a very talented pianist.

Nine times out of ten, this incident was a pretence made up by Daniel.

“It’s impossible.” Shen Xitong said subconsciously, how could Shen Qinglan be Leng Qingqiu, this was all a joke.

When Daniel spoke up, the camera was already aimed at where the Shen family was. Shen Xitong’s words instantly attracted the attention of the audience.

The Shen family had yet to respond, they all stood with a dumbfounded expression on their faces, and even the old man Shen, who had been through the wind and rain, was in shock at the moment.

There was no special expression on Shen Qinglan’s face, Fu Hengyi had already guessed it, and naturally he would not be surprised.

“Miss Shen Xitong, don’t you know that your sister is Leng Qingqiu?” A reporter grabbed Shen Xitong and put the microphone in front of her mouth.

“How could my sister be Leng Qingqiu, she has never learned to draw, I think Mr. Daniel must have made a mistake.” Shen Xitong said word by word.

Daniel’s face sank, “Miss Shen Xitong, you don’t know, it doesn’t mean that Qinglan can’t paint, her painting talent is obvious to all.”

“Even if she is talented, so what, she didn’t return to the Shen family for a long time, but was in one of the orphanages…”

“Enough.” Before Shen Xitong could speak anymore, the old man said, interrupting Shen Xitong’s words, then he stared at her with a cold expression, Shen Xitong realized what she had just said.

Looking at the rest of the Shen family, sure enough, everyone’s faces were not very good, and Chu Yunrong looked at her with reproach in her eyes.

Shen Qinglan had been away from the Shen family for ten years, and her whereabouts were unknown. This was the eternal pain in the heart of the Shen family, a wound that could not be mentioned, and Shen Xitong’s current actions were clearly exposing their wounds to the air.

Realizing what she had done, Shen Xitong’s face turned pale.

“Miss Shen Xitong, what did you mean just now, Miss Shen Qinglan has never studied painting at all, so she can’t be Leng Qingqiu, is that what you mean?” The reporter seized the opportunity and asked.

Shen Xitong said nothing.

Mr. Shen stood up with a kind smile on his face. He used to be a character who often appeared on TV. Even though he had retired and stayed at home in recent years and hardly appeared in public, many people still knew that this was a senior who had made outstanding contributions for the country..

Seeing him stand up and make a quietening gesture, everyone immediately quieted down.

The old man Shen looked at the camera and said in a calm tone, “It’s true that we, as her family, didn’t know the fact that Qinglan is Leng Qingqiu, but I believe that our children can never lie about this kind of thing. What’s the secret behind this?”

He looked at Daniel, “I hope Mr. Daniel can give us an explanation.”

Daniel smiled slightly, “It’s natural. Actually, Shen Qinglan is Leng Qingqiu, and only I know about it besides her. It is because of this that some people took advantage of it and came out to deceive the public under the name of our Qinglan.”

The expression of “some people” on the stage was very stiff at the moment. But she was very surprised. She didn’t think that Shen Qinglan was Leng Qingqiu, that was to say, Shen Qinglan knew early on that she was a fake, but the last time she went to Shen family home, why didn’t she expose her?

Thinking of the person who let her get close to the Shen family and have a good relationship with the Shen family, she felt something was wrong in her heart.

“Mr. Daniel, you said that Miss Shen Qinglan is Leng Qingqiu, do you have any proof?” the reporter asked.

“Is there anything better than Shen Qinglan to prove her own identity?” Daniel smiled and said calmly.

Some of the reporters present were actually invited by Daniel. Naturally, they would not confront Daniel. Just listening to him say this, they immediately understood, and the camera turned directly to Shen Qinglan.

Fu Hengyi turned slightly sideways and did not let the camera capture his face. Not only that, but he also wore a pair of sunglasses on his face. His identity was special and it was not appropriate or him to expose his face.

Shen Qinglan also knew this, so she stood up directly, attracting the attention of all the media reporters, her beautiful face was still cold, she glanced at the media reporters present, and lightly opened her red lips.

“Leng Qingqiu is indeed my pseudonym.” As soon as she said that, it caused a lot of waves, the flashing lights kept flashing, and reporters rushed to interview her. This was a big exclusive.

Shen Qinglan looked at the camera lens, “I know you have a lot of questions, I will answer them one by one, but now, I want to ask the lady on stage, what is the purpose of you pretending to be me?”

She had recovered from the initial shock, and the expression on her face had returned to her natural state. Hearing this, she smiled slightly, “This is also the question I want to ask Miss Shen. Obviously I’m Leng Qingqiu, why do you want to act along with Daniel and push me in the fire?”

Her expression was too calm, and there was no panic at all. When the media reporters looked at her, she looked at Shen Qinglan, and they couldn’t tell who was telling the truth for a while.

On the other hand, the painter who spoke at the beginning spoke up at this time, “You are saying that you are Leng Qingqiu, then show evidence to prove yourself.” The others nodded.

Fake Leng Qingqiu smiled softly, “Of course I can, but I don’t know how you want me to prove it?”

“You each draw a painting, we all know Leng Qingqiu’s paintings, and there are a few experts here who can identify them. We’ll ask them to identify it, and then it will be clear at a glance that who is real and who is fake.” The painter spoke again.

Although he said that, the balance in his heart still shifted a little in the direction of Shen Qinglan. Shen Qinglan usually kept a low profile, but since the last video incident, her reputation had been very good. The top student of B University, such a person, would not be swayed to pretend to be someone else.

Shen Qinglan and Fake Leng Qingqiu had no opinion on this. At present, this was indeed the best way.

The staff had already been instructed to go to prepare the tools at this moment. Shen Qinglan got up, walked to the stage, and stood side by side with Fake Leng Qingqiu.

“Miss Shen, it’s still not too late for you to back down now. If someone finds out the truth and drives you down later, not only you, but even the face of the Shen family will be completely lost by you.” Standing beside Shen Qinglan, she said with a fake face. She smiled, the corners of her mouth wriggled slightly, and her voice was so soft that only Shen Qinglan heard it.

Shen Qinglan’s eyes flashed lightly, “I also say the same sentence to you.” Her face was cold, and her true emotions could not be seen.

The tools were already set, and the two walked to their respective positions. Shen Qinglan looked at the tools first, and then picked up the paintbrush.

The media reporters were very excited. They originally thought it was just Leng Qingqiu’s art exhibition, but they didn’t expect to capture such an exciting news. The cameras were all aimed at the two people on the stage. Under such circumstances, there was no possibility of cheating.

“You knew it from earlier?” Shen Junyu asked Fu Hengyi quietly.

Fu Hengyi shook his head, “I guessed it just now.”

Shen Junyu’s heart instantly became balanced, and there was a feeling of old comfort in his heart. After all, it was his sister, and she was not completely raised in vain.

If Shen Qinglan knew what Shen Junyu was thinking, she would probably only say one word to him, ‘naive’.

Grandpa Shen looked at his granddaughter who was holding a paintbrush on the stage and was concentrating on painting. Even in such an environment, her expression was still calm.

The person who was most shocked, aside from Shen Xitong, was none other than Chu Yunrong. She looked at Shen Qinglan who was painting, and the shock on her face was undisguised.

This daughter had been with her for six years, but she never seemed to really care about her, she didn’t even know that she can draw, and she didn’t know that she drew so well. Chu Yunrong never doubted that Shen Qinglan was Leng Qingqiu, she believed it immediately, without reason.

Her hands were tightly clasped, and she looked at Shen Qinglan on the stage without blinking, her eyes twinkling, Qinglan, what did your mother miss during the years you left home?

She glanced at Shen Xitong, who was sitting beside her. This excellent daughter she raised with her own hands, everyone praised her for raising a good and talented daughter. Although this daughter was not born to her, she had a very good relationship with her. She was very affectionate, in the years of losing Shen Qinglan, it filled some of the pain in her heart, so it was inevitable that she would love her as well.

But she never forgot her biological daughter for a moment, and she did not give up on her search, but after finding her biological daughter, she saw her own daughter look at her with strange eyes, and alienation, so Chu Yunrong admitted that she was afraid.

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