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“Where are you taking me?” Shen Qinglan asked while following Fu Hengyi.

Fu Hengyi smiled and took her hand, “I’m taking you to a place.”

Shen Qinglan didn’t ask any more, recently Fu Hengyi always liked to take her around without telling her the destination, she was used to it.

Following Fu Hengyi and letting him lead her, Shen Qinglan smiled slightly as she looked at their interlocking hands. In fact, as long as she was with him, she didn’t care where she went.

Fu Hengyi didn’t go far with her, it was nearby, it seemed to be a park, Shen Qinglan looked at him suspiciously, “What are we doing in the park in the middle of the night?” Fu Hengyi smiled and didn’t speak, but took her hand and walked straight after entering, there were not many people in the park at night in February, but there were still a few. Shen Qinglan even saw several people with cameras on their backs, who seemed to be photographers.

Fu Hengyi glanced at the sign at the door, and then led Shen Qinglan to walk in one direction. She was wearing an evening dress today, with Fu Hengyi’s suit jacket on her body. When they had just left the hotel entrance, Fu Hengyi took it off and gave it to her.

Fu Hengyi was wearing a shirt, but he didn’t feel the slightest cold. He walked in front, reminding Shen Qinglan to pay attention to her feet from time to time.

She was wearing a pair of high heels, and the park was paved with bluestone slabs. He was worried that she would fall if the road was uneven.

“Fu Hengyi, I’m not a child.” Shen Qinglan said helplessly that even at eight o’clock in the evening, the street lights were still on in the park here, illuminating the road clearly. Although she was wearing high heels, she would not fall after taking two steps.

Sometimes she really felt that Fu Hengyi was too careful with her, but Shen Qinglan could never have imagined that after she became pregnant, Fu Hengyi was even more careful with her.

“It’s here.” Fu Hengyi said lightly, signalling to Shen Qinglan.

Shen Qinglan followed his gaze, and finally understood why Fu Hengyi brought her here. Not far ahead, there was a large grove of red plums[1] blooming, and the red heat, under the reflection of the light, carried a kind of charm. This was a view that could never be seen during the day.

Shen Qinglan was a little fascinated, she didn’t know how Fu Hengyi knew about this grove of red plum blossoms, and even brought her here to see the plum blossoms, but this kind of scenery was indeed to her liking.

“It is said that the variety of red plums in this area is different from other places. It blooms more beautifully at night than during the day. I came here this time by chance. I thought you would like it, so I brought you here to have a look. Do you like it?” Fu Hengyi stood by Shen Qinglan, and asked softly.

He didn’t say that Zhou Cheng accidentally mentioned it when he was chatting with Zhou Cheng today and he remembered it in his heart. From a very early age, he knew that Shen Qinglan liked to travel and see beautiful scenery, but he didn’t have so much time to spend with her and not seeing the mountains and rivers with her was the greatest regret in his heart towards her.

Shen Qinglan nodded, turned sideways suddenly, and hugged Fu Hengyi, “Actually, you didn’t need to bring me here on purpose.” If someone found out that they left the banquet halfway, the impact would be very bad.

Fu Hengyi hugged her back, “I’ve been in the army all year round, and I don’t have that much time to accompany you. Now I have a rare opportunity, so I just want to take you to see it.”

Shen Qinglan smiled warmly in Fu Hengyi’s arms, “Actually, you don’t have to. You don’t need to feel sorry for doing this on purpose, I knew it when I chose to marry you, and I have never regretted it.”

Fu Hengyi smiled gently, “I know.”

It’s because he knew that, that’s why he felt even more sorry, since the last time he was at the border, when they met in the rain forest, Fu Hengyi could faintly feel Shen Qinglan’s past in his heart, perhaps it was more complicated and more difficult than he had guessed, which made him feel pain in his heart, not very severe, just like a needle had pricked it lightly, but it couldn’t be ignored.

When he came back, he didn’t ask about her past first, because he knew that she was not ready yet, and she didn’t want to reveal that past, maybe there was still a trace of fear in her heart that he didn’t realize.

Shen Qinglan withdrew from Fu Hengyi’s arms, walked under the plum tree, gently reached out and touched a flower and looked carefully, the variety of this plum blossom was indeed different from other places, it was not rose red, but a Blood-like bright red, with layers of petals and yellow stamens, exuding a faint fragrance, a bit like wintersweet, but a little lighter than wintersweet, you could only smell it when you got close.

She lowered her head and sniffed gently, Fu Hengyi stood not far from her, watching gently.

“Crack.” A shutter sounded, and Fu Hengyi looked for the sound. Not far away, someone was holding a camera and taking pictures of them. Seeing him looking over, the person’s face was very embarrassed.

Fu Hengyi walked over, the person hugged the camera in her hand a little tighter, and said nervously, “I didn’t take a sneak shot of you on purpose.”

She just saw that the scene just now and thought it was too beautiful, so she raised the camera unconsciously.

“I can delete the photo.”

Fu Hengyi stretched out his hand in front of her, watching her without speaking.

The girl was stunned, and due to Fu Hengyi’s aura, she handed the camera to him, “I’m not a reporter, I’m just a photographer. The most beautiful effect of this film of Blood Demon Girl can only be taken at night, so I came here at night. Yes, I was not following you. You can delete your photos in it, but you can’t smash my camera.” This camera is very expensive. The last half of the sentence was swallowed because of the look in Fu Hengyi’s eyes.

Fu Hengyi flipped through the few photos, and then returned the camera to her, “The photos are good, can you take some more for us?” He said very politely.

The girl was stunned, and when Fu Hengyi came over, she thought he was going to smash her camera, but she didn’t expect such a dramatic turn in the matter.

The girl looked at him blankly, watching her remain silent for a long time, Fu Hengyi frowned slightly, “Is it inconvenient? If it’s inconvenient, forget it.”

“No…No…No… No, it’s convenient, very convenient.” The girl quickly shook her head, she was too surprised just now. This pair of man and woman looked so good, they would be very good models, this was what she wished for.

“Thank you.” Fu Hengyi thanked her gently, and walked to Shen Qinglan’s side, “Do you need us to pose?”

The girl shook her head, “No, just do what you want, and I will take snapshots.” The candid photos would look better.

Fu Hengyi was even more satisfied. He glanced at Shen Qinglan with a smile in his eyes. Shen Qinglan looked at him and smiled.

The sound of the camera “clicking” was endless. The girl holding the camera was very happy, especially looking at the pictures recorded in the camera. It was good that this people were good-looking, even if they did nothing, them just standing there became a painting.

“How can I give you these photos?” The girl walked over, looked at Shen Qinglan and asked.

Shen Qinglan took out her phone and added WeChat with the girl.

“Then I’ll organize the photos and send them to you. Don’t worry, I won’t give these photos to others.” The girl had already recognized Shen Qinglan and knew that she was the young painter Leng Qingqiu.

Shen Qinglan thanked her before leaving with Fu Hengyi.

“Why did you think of taking pictures?” Shen Qinglan asked with a smile on the way back. Because of the special nature of his work, Fu Hengyi doesn’t like to take pictures, even at home, he didn’t have many pictures.

“I just wanted to take a few more photos with you.” Fu Hengyi said in a gentle voice. After being married for so long, the only photo he took with Shen Qinglan was when they went to Jiangnan last year.

Shen Qinglan smiled, “I’ll get these photos developed some other day, and organize a photo album.”

“Just do as you like. When I have time, I’ll accompany you on vacation. Let’s take a few more photos. When we become old and can’t walk anymore, we will just sit on the rocking chair and look through the photo album, recalling the past.”

Shen Qinglan imagined such a picture, and unconsciously laughed, but she actually couldn’t imagine Fu Hengyi with grey hair and a wrinkled face.

“Actually, it’s okay if we don’t go out, you can be my model.” Shen Qinglan rolled her eyes and said, she was still thinking about Fu Hengyi’s slender and powerful body as her model.

Fu Hengyi’s eyes darkened, and he whispered in her ear, “Okay, you can draw whatever you want, and I will cooperate.” His voice was ambiguous, and Shen Qinglan’s ears turned red.

She glared at him coquettishly, this man’s face was so thick that he didn’t even notice it.

The banquet was not over when the two returned. Except for Shen Junyu, nobody had noticed their departure at all. Shen Qinglan returned the suit jacket to Fu Hengyi, and sat down beside Shen Junyu calmly.

Shen Junyu looked at the two of them, “Where did you go just now?”

“It’s too stuffy inside, so we went out to get some air.” Shen Qinglan replied calmly.

Fu Hengyi found her a cup of warm water from nowhere, “Drink some water first.”

Shen Qinglan took it and took a sip, Shen Junyu smiled, and didn’t ask any more questions. The younger sister was already married, and he was just an older brother. So he couldn’t control everything.

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