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For a while, everybody was chattering about the seven people, a girl even jumped up, her eyes shining to look at them from a closer angle.

Qiao Xi was taken aback, Jing Yan immediately hugged him when he noticed it, and there was a small scream around, then they could hear someone vaguely asking, “Which freshman group is this? The brothers are so handsome.!!”

The seven people: “…”

When Qiao Xi attended the palace banquet, he had already experienced the lethal power of these people when they traveled together, but he did not expect that when they left the palace and came to the outside world, the force would be exaggerated to this extent.

“Let’s spread out,” Jing Yan waved his hand, “Let’s move separately, and keep in contact with the phone!”

Everyone made an “ok” gesture and walked away before someone took a picture.

Qiao Xi sighed: “Everyone is so popular.”

Jing Yan calmly said: “It’s normal to be popular when you’re good looking.”

Qiao Xi: “…”

His boyfriend was so conscious of being a handsome guy.

After Jing Yan said that, he felt there was something wrong, and immediately said seriously: “But we two don’t need to be popular!”

Qiao Xi chuckled softly.

Hei Yu, A Xue and Jiao Yue went for a walk to enjoy the scenery.

Chris and Jing Yi were originally here to join in the fun, but when they heard about the disbandment, they also ran away with joy, even though they did not know what to do.

Jing Yan took Qiao Xi to see the dormitory and teaching building, and also took him to meet his cousin by the way – yes, his sinful cousin who always liked to joke about him was a professor in this university.

After Qiao Xi told everyone about the school he wanted to enroll in, he got to know that Jing Yan’s cousin was a professor here, which seemed to be quite a coincidence at the time. Originally, Jing Yan had wanted to arrange for him to come and see the school for a long time, but his cousin had been out on business trips.

It so happened that Jing Yan’s cousin had just come back two days ago, and the school was hosting new students today, so they planned to just meet up today.

The scenery of this famous school was really beautiful. In late autumn, the roadside and the mountains in the distance showed alternate shades of red and yellow. In addition to students, there were many citizens and tourists who came here to see the scenery. On their way, they even saw a man carrying a camera.

Jing Yan’s cousin was waiting for them at the intersection ahead. He was wearing a trench coat and glasses. He looked very gentle and had a completely different style from Jing Yan.

Of course, as soon as he opened his mouth, his smiling face started looking a bit like a fox: “Hi, Qiao Xiaoxi, hello, I’m Jing Yan’s cousin, you can call me cousin too.”

“Hello, cousin.” Qiao Xi obediently said.

“It’s really good.” Jing Yan’s cousin wanted to touch him as soon as he saw his obedience, but Jing Yan stopped him.

The two brothers looked at each other for a moment.

The cousin raised his claws.

Jing Yan waved his hand, “Crack”.

Jing Yan’s cousin’s eyes widened: “Jealous!”

“Heh,” Jing Yan was not ashamed at all, instead he turned over his old account, “Who told you to threaten me back then?”

Jing Yan’s cousin immediately said to Qiao Xi, “Do you know Qiao Xiaoxi? When your whale clan friend came to see you, he thought you two—wuwuwuwu!”

Jing Yan reacted quickly, covering the guy’s mouth to death, and met Qiao Xi’s suspicious eyes. He calmly said: “That’s a misunderstanding, ahem, it’s long overdue.”

Cousin: “Woo woo woo!”

Jing Yan leaned into his ear and threatened: “If you dare to say it, one of your childhood T’s sand sculpture video will be sent to your girlfriend.”

Cousin: “…”

When Jing Yan let go of his hand again, the two had reconciled. Jing Yan’s cousin smiled, Jing Yan covered his lips and cleared his throat, and Qiao Xi looked suspicious. Looking at them both, he always felt like there was something he was missing.

Today, the school arranged for many seniors and sisters to receive new students, but Qiao Xi had Jing Yan’s cousin, so naturally he didn’t need other tour guides.

It just so happened that Qiao Xi was in the history department, and Jing Yan’s cousin was also a professor of the history department. He happened to be able to take Qiao Xi to the teaching building of the history department to learn about the courses he would have to take for the next few years.

Jing Yan’s cousin seemed a little unreliable at first, but when it came to professional-related matters, he suddenly became more stable, appearing both elegant and restrained. Qiao Xi felt that Jing Yan and his cousin were quite similar in this regard, perhaps because of Jing Yan’s mother’s genes.

“Speaking of which, when my aunt was young, she also wanted to take admission in the history department here,” the cousin suddenly said, “Unfortunately…”

Qiao Xi was startled and turned to look at Jing Yan.

Jing Yan lowered his eyes.

Noticing Qiao Xi’s gaze, he rubbed Qiao Xi’s head and said, “My mother studied very well when she was young. Originally, like you, her goal was the history department of this school, but she and… that man fell in love too early, then after entering into a marriage contract and confirming that she will become the queen in the future, she gave up the exam and accepted private education.”

Qiao Xi moved his lips.

If you want to become a queen, there would be a lot of things to learn, and it would be difficult to live according to your own ideas.

Jing Yan said warmly: “But there are many things that you don’t have to learn. The series of changes that happened to my mother after meeting that man were all because that man wanted her to be like that. But I’m different from him. For me, the most important thing is what you want. Qiao Xiaoxi, what I ask of you is to live the way you want. As for other basic etiquette as a queen, you don’t need to learn it.”

After all His Qiao Xiaoxi was a little prince himself.

Qiao Xi was stunned: “Jing Yan…”

“So you can study here with peace of mind, and you don’t need to think too much about the rest,” Jing Yan paused and smiled, “If my mother was still here and could get to know you, then she must have the same thoughts as me.”

Qiao Xi didn’t know what was wrong, but suddenly he felt a little sour in his eyes, then he nodded and said, “Yeah!”

Then he turned to look at the deep corridor of the history department teaching building.

This was where Jing Yan’s mother once wanted to come.

This was also where he was standing right now.

Was this fate?

Qiao Xi didn’t know, but at this moment, a strange feeling surged in his heart.

The cousin stood by and looked at them both with a smile.

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