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They went to tour around several attractions in the school. On the way, Jing Yan had to answer the phone, so he walked two steps away. Then his cousin asked Qiao Xi, “Did he tell you about that?”

Qiao Xi wondered, “What?

“He didn’t say it.” The cousin sighed, “Maybe he doesn’t know how to tell you.”

Qiao Xi couldn’t help but get serious: “What is it?”

The cousin looked at Jing Yan’s back and said, “The day after tomorrow is his mother’s death day.”

Qiao Xi was taken aback.

“Everyone in the Wolf King’s Palace knows but since you are from a foreign royal family, you may not be very clear,” the cousin paused and said, “I’ll tell you, I just hope you make preparations, but don’t be too nervous, after all how many years has it been? Anyway, he will tell you before going to the grave, and you should spend more time with him these two days.”

The day after tomorrow…the day after tomorrow was Jing Yan’s mother’s death anniversary?

Jing Yan came back after the phone call, checked that the time was almost up, hooked his cousin’s neck and whispered: “Qiao Xiaoxi will be handed over to you… Help me keep an eye on him!”

“What should I stare at? Jackal, tiger and leopard?” The cousin raised his eyebrows, “You are the alpha wolf yourself.”    

Jing Yan: “—a box of sand sculpture videos?”

He didn’t tell him until now, and Jiao Yue and the others didn’t remind him as well. In the end, he had to be told by his cousin, which meant that Jing Yan wasn’t as calm as he seemed on the surface.

Qiao Xi felt more distressed than worried.

Because, needless to say, he also knew that Jing Yan’s feelings for his mother must have been very deep. His mother’s death had affected him so deeply in the past so many years, so it was enough to imagine how sad he must be feeling in his heart.

After Jing Yan bit his cousin’s ears, he met Qiao Xi’s eyes: “…What’s the matter, Qiao Xiaoxi?”

Qiao Xi shook his head: “It’s fine.”

After speaking he walked over and took the initiative to take Jing Yan’s hand, then he smiled at him: “Let’s go.”

After the group of people met, they discussed their experience.

Jiao Yue said that they met two people, but they didn’t see it clearly, not sure if it was true or not. Qiao Xi only listened to it, they seemed to mean that the children of the other two of the four major families of the wolf clan might also be admitted to these two schools, he would just go back and ask about it.

“I don’t know which major to take.” Hei Yu said.

“It doesn’t matter, it’s fine if you don’t do anything anyway,” Jing Yan said casually, noticing the gazes of the people around him, he remembered one more thing, and said jealously, “Qiao Xiaoxi, next time you use the animal shape for class!”

Qiao Xi: “Huh? Why?”

“Have you not noticed the eyes of those boys and girls looking at you?” Jing Yan said sourly.

He had noticed it!

Among the seven of them, only Qiao Xiaoxi was the one who was stared at with the eyes of nymphos by not only the girls, but he also had many boys looking at him with green eyes!

Jing Yan excitedly said: “University is really dangerous, you may not realize it now, but I have already discovered it!”

Qiao Xi laughed: “Okay, I know! Then…then next time you come to school, you will also come in the shape of a beast!”

He was also jealous! Many girls kept staring at Jing Yan!

“Okay, then let’s pull the hook.” Jing Yan raised his pinky finger seriously.

The behavior of the two elementary school students, everyone held their cheeks and watched silently.

After returning to the palace, everyone washed and ate.

Qiao Xi took Jing Yan’s cousin’s words to heart.

Jing Yan didn’t mention it to him, and he pretended not to know for the time being, but he had already made up his mind to stick to Jing Yan for the next two days.

But before he opened his mouth, the big black wolf had already taken him into the nest.

Jing Yan put the chicken on the bed, and asked, “Watching a movie tonight?”

Qiao Xi nodded quickly.

Now he was very responsive to Jing Yan!

After finally finding a reason to let the little chick stay with him for a while at night, Jing Yan happily flicked his tail: “Then I’ll go take a bath first!”

“Well, you can go.”

When Jing Yan entered the bathroom, Qiao Xi glanced at the drawing book placed on the bedside table.

He recognized that this was the one in which Jing Yan used to draw him, and Qiao Xi had already flipped through it several times since the two started dating.

When he opened it this time, he found that Jing Yan had drawn a few more pictures of him, some in human form and some in animal form.

In the last drawing, Jing Yan had returned to cartoon style from sketching. The little chick in the painting was sleeping in the bed. The bed looked like the one that Qiao Xi was lying on now.

Qiao Xi smiled, closed the drawing book and put it back on the cabinet. Jing Yan, who had changed back into his human form, had just come out after taking a bath.

When Qiao Xi looked back, all his hair exploded.

Jing Yan… woo! The man wasn’t wearing a bathrobe, he just walked out with a towel wrapped around his lower body! His body had not even been completely dried, and the water droplets were still flowing down his chest, and they all flowed into the bath towel along his mermaid lines!

Qiao Xi almost fainted because of the oncoming hormonal slap!

Jing Yan wiped his hair and walked over pretending to be natural.

Seeing that the chicken’s eyes had gone straight, he tried hard not to let the corners of his lips hook up, and showed off his generosity: “Cough…Are you going to wash?”

“I…I wash…” Qiao Xi’s voice softened a lot.

He crawled, crawled to the edge of the bed and jumped out of the bed, but his two small legs had gone soft and he sat on the ground.

Jing Yan looked at him.

He looked at Jing Yan.

After a moment of silence, the corners of Jing Yan’s lips couldn’t help twitching: “Qiao Xiaoxi…”

“You are so annoying!” Qiao Xi flew into the bathroom with a whimper!

Jing Yan clenched his fist to his lips and smiled.

And a few seconds later, the bathroom door was pulled open.

When Jing Yan turned around, he saw the humanoid Qiao Xi sticking out his head.

Because he had no clothes on, his shoulders, collarbone, and arms exposed outside the door made Jing Yan suffocate.

Qiao Xi blinked and said, “Why do you have so many bottles of shower gel here…”

Jing Yan shook his head and said dully: “Because, because the taste is different.”

He’s too coquettish!

After Qiao Xi slandered his boyfriend in his heart, he lowered his eyes and whispered: “Then which bottle did you use?”

Jing Yan: “…the purple bottle.”

“Well, then I’ll use that too.” Qiao Xi blushed with his face turned back a little bit, then he closed the door.

Jing Yan: “…”

Qiao Xiaoxi is really good!!!

T/N: JY being overtly sensual to seduce QX while QX being a low-key temptress… This scene just gave me life….

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