KHSW Ch. 195

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When Chi Jingyu and Ling Xi came out, they were laughing together.

“Sister-in-law, your move is too amazing. Did you see it just now? Wang Suping’s face almost turned green.”

“Can you take it easy? We’re still at your door!”

“How does that matter? “Chi Jingyu suddenly remembered something, and said carefully, “Sister-in-law, are you all right now?”

“What’s wrong with me?” Ling Xi was puzzled.

“Chi Jiayang is a beast. I want to tell you, it’s fortunate that you left that beast, otherwise wouldn’t you miss out on our boss?”

“Well, you’re right.”


Seeing Chi Jingyu beckoning, Ling Xi was puzzled, what “brother”?

As soon as she turned her head, she caught a glimpse of a familiar luxury car, glistening in the afterglow.

“Jingyu, how did Yizhi come?”

Chi Jingyu took it for granted, “My mother and I came back in my brother’s car, isn’t this just in case?”

Ling Xi gave him a helpless look, “Traitor.”

“Sister-in-law, you have wronged me, because my brother’s aura is too strong, you should walk slowly, don’t give it away.”

Chi Jingyu threw the blame away, with sympathy and regret on his face.

Sister-in-law, I forgot to tell you, brother already knows that Chi Jiayang wanted you to pretend to be his girlfriend.

After Ling Xi got in the car, she felt guilty for a while, then she said with a smirk on her face, “Yizhi, why are you here?”

The man’s whole body was faintly exuding a aura of displeasure, which floated in the air, making people uncomfortable.

This aura was really strong, and she immediately changed her words, “Husband, are you here to pick me up?”

“…” The silence was so suffocating and the man didn’t even mean to drive.

Ling Xi thought about it, could it be Chi Jingyu who said something that shouldn’t be said?

When you see your man ignoring you, then don’t blame me for this trick…

Ling Xi suddenly leaned forward and touched his cheek with her cold lips, “Husband, don’t be angry, okay? I know that this time I was wrong.”

The man’s frosty eyes flashed slightly, and a low voice came from his lips, “Not enough.”

Hearing the man’s words, Ling Xi smiled secretly, and the corners of her mouth bent upwards in a shallow arc unconsciously, she approached his lips again, and touched them quickly, “Is this enough?”

The man finally turned his eyes to her, clasped Ling Xi’s head with one hand, and kissed her lips that made him think about rose petals, they were still as sweet as expected, with the unique cherry blossom fragrance of the lipstick, and the faint fragrance exuding from her body, he tried his best to absorb the sweet honey juice.

He didn’t know if it was because she and Xiao Nuo were often together, but there was a very faint milky scent on her body, which made Xu Yizhi even more addicted.

After a long time, until they forgot that they were in the car, Xu Yizhi gradually moved away and looked directly into her eyes, “That’s enough.”

Ling Xi was still thin-skinned, and every time she was kissed, she would blush to different and varying degrees.

“Aren’t you angry now?”

“Don’t interact with Chi Jiayang in the future.”

Hearing the man say this, Ling Xi nodded immediately, like pounding garlic.

“Well, okay, actually, I don’t want to interact with him either. When I see him, I feel sick to the point of nausea. By the way, Jingyu told you what’s going on on the way here, right?”


“Don’t you know, I did so well at Chi’s house today, I was focused on ‘adding fuel to the fire’, Chi Jiayang and his parents are probably very angry right about now…”

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