KHSW Ch. 196

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The man looked at Ling Xi’s cunning eyes as she calculated others, and he couldn’t help but be infected by her emotions, thus showing a small smile.

After Ling Xi left Chi family home, Chi Yanbin said nothing, as if he had forgotten the existence of Chi Jiayang and Wang Suping.

Walking straight to Yang Huilin’s side, the expression on his face became milder, “Huilin, I’ll take you upstairs to rest.”

Yang Huilin seemed to slowly regain her consciousness, “A bin, did I lose my temper just now?”

“Just now your illness had flared up again, don’t worry, I won’t send you to a mental hospital again. You will be living at home for a while, and there are servants to take care of you, so Jingyu will feel more at ease.”

“But… Won’t it cause you trouble? Your wife…”

“Don’t worry about her, I have the final say in this family.”

Yang Huilin lowered her eyes sadly…

After returning to the house, Wang Suping angrily scolded Chi Jiayang , “Look at what you did today! How much effort did I spend to get to where I am today? In the end… that woman came back.”

“Mom, don’t be angry, it’s not good for your health.” Chi Jiayang said nonchalantly.

“What’s the matter with you and that woman named ‘Ou Mengxue’?” Wang Suping stared at his face coldly.

“Mom, Mengxue and I were really drunk that day. When we woke up, I saw that she and I were both lying on the bed of her house”

As soon as he said it, she understood the whole story. “Tomorrow you call that woman out for me, and I will talk to her face to face.”

“Got it, Mom.”

The next day.

“Brother Jiayang, what are you looking for me for?”

“Come out with me.”

“Where are we going?”

“Just come.” Chi Jiayang’s face had an expression that Ou Mengxue couldn’t read, and his eyes had turned unfamiliar.

A worried look appeared on Ou Mengxue’s face when she arrived at the door of the hospital, “Brother Jiayang, are you injured somewhere?”

“Let’s go.” Chi Jiayang’s uncharacteristic indifference made Ou Mengxue uneasy.

Seeing the word “gynaecology”, Ou Mengxue suddenly realized that Ling Xi might have told Chi Jiayang!

She knew that Ling Xi was still thinking about the man in front of her, she had been planning to tell him it at the right time, but Ling Xi just took this opportunity to spread the news about her pregnancy.

She had long known that the Chi family paid the most attention to appearances. If this kind of thing spread out, they would let Chi Jiayang marry her no matter how unwilling they were.

When Ou Mengxue came out with the pregnancy test report, Chi Jiayang immediately stepped forward to take the report.

Ou Mengxue had a happy smile on her face, “The doctor said that our baby is almost two months old.”

There seemed to be countless bees buzzing in Chi Jiayang’s ears, although he already knew that she was telling the truth, but when he saw the pregnancy test report, he almost fainted.

This was absolutely impossible, “Get rid of this child.”

Ou Mengxue seemed to have long thought that he would say such a thing, “Brother Jiayang, don’t worry, I didn’t intend to keep this child, rather than let him not have a father as soon as he is born, I might as well remove him now, and save him suffering later.”

The eyes under Ou Mengxue’s eyelids were full of calculations, but Chi Jiayang still foolishly believed it.

Seeing her being so reasonable, Chi Jiayang felt guilty instead, “Mengxue, I’m sorry.”

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