NHSRE Ch. 155.2: Ancient Tomb

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It was just that he relaxed too early. The kid tilted his head and said innocently: “But, didn’t you say you wanted to take me to play with these uncles?”

Shen Luqiu was stunned for a moment, and then said in a high and sharp voice: “No! You must have made a mistake, I will definitely not do this!”

The captain had a calm face: “Let’s go back to the police station with us to investigate slowly.”

Shen Luqiu roared unwillingly and kept defending, but the captain didn’t listen and asked his men to put Shen Luqiu into the police car.

The policewoman knelt down and said: “Okay, don’t be afraid. The bad guys have all been caught by the police.”

The little kid nodded: “Yeah, I know.”

The policewoman said: “Your dad is here too.”

The little kid nodded, then his smile froze: “…my dad?”

After he finished speaking, an unkind voice came from behind: “Are you having fun?”

The kid was excited, and the smile on his face changed from innocence to flattery. He ran to Shen Dongqing’s side and said softly: “Dad, I can’t help it. There were so many of them. What can a weak and innocent child like me do?”

Shen Dongqing had an expressionless face as he crossed his arms: “Indeed.”

Indeed nothing could be done.

But he could wake up all the undead in this land and scare them. If they hadn’t arrived at the right time, those kidnappers would have been killed by him.

Although the kidnappers deserved death for all their bad deeds, they still had to be judged by law rather than being lynched. The kid’s concept of good and evil was still too weak, and it all depended on his heart.

Shen Dongqing thought for a while and said: “I’ll sign you up for cram school again.”

The little kid who couldn’t imagine the relationship between the two:???

Shen Dongqing: “Learn more legal knowledge.”

Little kid:???

Why should he be tortured as a minor child?

A kidnapping case was thus concluded.

The criminal suspects were extremely cooperative, admitting whatever was asked, and even spilled the beans on all the bad things they had done before, for fear that they would not be imprisoned long enough. Of course, they also told the police about Shen Luqiu’s plan.

Shen Luqiu failed to escape punishment by relying on his celebrity status and waited with the kidnappers for legal punishment. After the news spread, the entertainment company contacted him overnight, and his various endorsements were suspended. Because Shen Luqiu’s personal behavior had damaged his image, he had to pay a huge amount of liquidated damages, and he was still in jail, so his assets had been frozen.

His fans were also lost. Even the most loyal fans couldn’t accept that he kidnapped a child for personal grudges. It could be expected that Shen Luqiu’s life would not be easy even after he came out of jail.

After this kidnapping case, the little kid’s life was not easy either.

Since he was involved in fishing law enforcement and almost killed someone, Shen Dongqing enrolled him in law classes, party philosophy classes, and physical hygiene classes. He filled up all his spare time and devoted himself to shaping a new era red scarf who understood science and abided by the law, and also let him know that pretending to be a ghost was bad behavior.

Perhaps there was some basis for the “luck theory” mentioned by the man in Tang suit. After Shen Luqiu’s trial letter came out and it was confirmed that he would go to jail, Shen Dongqing felt that his luck was much better.

For example, he could pick up 100 yuan while walking on the street, he could get free shopping at the mall, and a famous director wanted him to play the leading role…

Shen Dongqing refused the director’s invitation, after all, he couldn’t act. Staying in the entertainment industry was purely for the original owner’s wish. After Shen Luqiu went to jail and was ruined, the original owner’s last wish seemed to be fulfilled, and the obsession involved in the body disappeared, and Shen Dongqing no longer planned to continue acting.

However, he still liked “Science Online” and planned to continue to be a regular guest and film various ghost stories after he stops acting.

The last episode of “Science Online” was filmed before Shen Luqiu’s troubles. The day after the kidnapping case came to light, the program team happened to send the script for the next episode.

Brother Lu called to remind: “Look at the theme and script of the next program and prepare to go to other provinces to shoot.”

Shen Dongqing: “Yeah, I got it.”

After hanging up the phone, Shen Dongqing ran to the computer. He clicked the mouse to open the email, and read the title slowly: “The mystery of the ancient tomb in the mysterious village…”

After he finished reciting, he muttered, “Why does this place sound so familiar?” Had he been there before?

Zhou Wenyan heard what he said and went over to take a look: “Want to go out to shoot an outdoor scene?”

Shen Dongqing pulled up and took a look: “Well, I want to go to this place.” His finger pointed at the screen.

This “Mystery of the Ancient Tomb in the Mysterious Village” happened to be shot in a small mountain village in another province. The introduction in the script said that there was an ancient tomb near that mountain village. If you go out on a rainy night, you may see flying dancing girls in the back mountain, the immortal plays the piano, and it was just like a fairyland.

The villagers invited archaeologists to investigate, but no ancient tombs were found in the back mountain. The archaeologists concluded that according to the Feng Shui there, there should be no large tombs. The unknowledgeable villagers did not believe it, and still firmly believed that there was an ancient tomb hidden in the back mountain, maybe an emperor’s tomb, and a great figure was buried inside.

After hearing this story, the program team felt that this ancient tomb village was a good filming location, so they planned the filming of this episode of the program. The script described the scene in the back mountain as miraculous, analyzed various Amway products, created a mysterious atmosphere, and finally came to a scientific conclusion – the appearance of the back mountain was all a mirage!

But even so, Shen Dongqing was still very interested in the story of this village, and secretly felt that he should take this trip.

The mysterious village was not very far from here, only two or three hours by train.

The email sent by the program team stated the time, and he would have to go there with the staff at that time.

Zhou Wenyan took a look at the time and said, “I happen to be free, so I’ll accompany you there.”

Shen Dongqing’s eyes lit up: “Okay! Let’s go traveling together, um…” He paused, “Don’t bring the baby with us.”

Zhou Wenyan lowered his head, kissed his forehead and said with a smile: “Of course.”

Next door, the little kid yawned hard, rubbed his nose after finishing, and then lowered his head to write his homework.

He looked at the thick pile of homework and almost shed tears – “It’s really hard to be a human child. There was so much homework and so few vacations. I want to go home and be the King of Ghosts.”

Why was it harder to be a primary school student than to be a ghost king?

I don’t want to be a human anymore!

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