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After hearing these words, Su Yu was completely stunned. He had already guessed that with Li Yuan’s meticulousness, he must have discovered what secret he was hiding.

He felt that the reason why the other party had never asked him about this matter for so long must be out of respect for him or out of fear of hurting him. However, Su Yu did not expect that when he was finally willing to confess this matter, the other party would actually refuse to hear it directly.

He said if that thing hurts you, don’t say it because he doesn’t want to hear it.

How could he not want to hear it? He was just afraid of hurting him again.

A subtle emotion hit the depths of Su Yu’s heart in an instant, so soft and so hot. Almost in an instant, the thorn that had been buried in his heart for a long time was uprooted, and from that small gap, joy and satisfaction as hot as magma surged out instantly.

Then he said, “You don’t want to hear it, but I really want to tell it. Are you willing to listen to my secret and keep this secret with me?” It was just a thorn, but now that Li Yuan had pulled it out very gently, naturally, there would be no more worries.

Li Yuan looked at Su Yu seriously, as if to confirm whether he really didn’t care about this matter anymore. After a moment, he solemnly nodded: “I do.” A smile of complete trust appeared on Su Yu’s face, and he finally slowly told the secret that he had hidden for a long time.

“Before she married my father, my mother was already a well-known actor in the entertainment industry. Later, after giving birth to me, she did not give up her career and even wanted me to follow the same path as her,” Su Yu’s hand was completely wrapped by Li Yuan’s big hand, as if the whole person was placed in an absolutely safe and gentle environment, “I got to understand her thoughts when, when I was fourteen years old, she even specially invited a young colleague who had just debuted to come to visit our home. After all, we were people of the same age and gender, and it may be more convenient to communicate on certain things. I didn’t have any meaning towards my mother’s arrangement, but in terms of attitude, there was no compromise, after all, everyone has something they want to do, and there is no need to change their innocent decision just because of their parents’ wishes.”

Having said this, Su Yu raised his eyes and glanced at Li Yuan, as if asking for his opinion. Li Yuan looked at Su Yu seriously and said, “My thoughts are the same as yours.”

“After a period of time, that person kept coming to our house as a guest occasionally, and he always behaved well, never overstepped his boundaries or was too unfamiliar, and would bring me some gifts every time. Gradually, my mother also completely let go of her guard against him, and even allowed him to come visit at any time.” Speaking till here, Su Yu paused for a while, as if he was recalling something carefully, “It was probably the seventh time he came to visit. I was the only one at home. He brought some snacks and drinks and said he wanted to meet me to play games and eat together.”

After hearing this, Li Yuan became a little nervous: “What happened next?”

“Then he opened the drink for me and handed it to me,” Su Yu smiled slyly. “But I didn’t drink the bottle of drink. Do you know why?”

Li Yuan held Su Yu’s hand and shook his head: “Why?”

Su Yu sighed softly and revealed the answer: “Because when he took out the bottle of drink, I saw that it was a bottle of drink that had already been unscrewed. So even if there was no problem with his attitude and his intentions were well hidden, I still didn’t drink the drinks he brought or ate any snacks. But other than that, he didn’t force me to do anything. He just took away all the things he brought when he left.”

Li Yuan’s eyes became extremely sharp in an instant, and he held Su Yu’s hand slightly and said, “Is that person still alive now?”

Su Yu shrugged: “He’s probably still alive, but I’m afraid he’s not doing well.”

This answer did not satisfy Li Yuan, but he had many ways to find out this person’s current situation, and make his life even more miserable. He did not ask Su Yu anymore, but asked another question: “What did you think about this matter? Do your parents know?”

Since Su Yu had told this secret before and that only he knew about it, he probably didn’t tell his parents.

“Although I understood many things at that time, I might still have been concerned about my mother’s behavior, so I just hinted about it to her in a secret way. Seeing that she didn’t react, I gave it up.” When he said this, Su Yu was actually a little embarrassed. As a person with such a setting as Su Yu, him having such a bad time was really embarrassing.

But other than that, Su Yu’s actions were worthy of his setting. For example, after this incident, although he did not let his parents know about it, he quickly used his own ability to ruin the reputation of the man who wanted to scheme against him, even though he had just debuted, he could no longer continue to mix in the entertainment industry.

However, after hearing these words, Li Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly and said tentatively: “The reason why you didn’t tell your parents is not just because of this, right?”

Su Yu raised his eyes and glanced at Li Yuan, then he couldn’t help but sigh: “Why do you know me so well? I still wanted to hide it a little bit. In fact, the person who wanted to plot against me should be regarded as my first friend. He was maybe a little different for me.”

“Fool, the person who knows you best in the world is me.” Li Yuan reached out and rubbed Su Yu’s soft hair, “Do you want to know how I found out?”

Su Yu blinked: “How did you find out?”

“Considering your parents, there should be many people around you who want to be friends with you, but you said this person was your first friend, this shows that the reason why you regarded this person as a friend should have something to do with your mother.” Li Yuan simply pulled Su Yu into his arms and said softly, “Because your mother brought this person to your home as a guest, so, you just tried to believe in him and became friends with him, otherwise you won’t accommodate him and play games with him. After all, you don’t like playing games.”

Su Yu smiled bitterly: “You are completely right.”


Did he really just get to know him? Why did he know him so well?

“That’s why you didn’t tell your mother about this, and you didn’t kill this person. Instead, you just kicked him out of the entertainment industry. After all, you are so smart, you can make him suffer as much as you want,” Li Yuan touched Su Yu’s face and sighed with some distress, “The first time you tried to make friends and trust someone, you got this ending. No wonder you will always remember this.”

Su Yu raised his head and looked into Li Yuan’s eyes and said with a slightly teasing tone: “You are ninety-nine percent right, but the last one percent is not right.”

Li Yuan’s eyes dimmed a little bit and then he pinched Su Yu unhappily: “The last one percent, can we ignore it?”

“Even if I don’t say it, you know it very well, right?” Su Yu glanced sideways at Li Yuan, as if he didn’t notice the helpless expression on his face at all.

Li Yuan looked at Su Yu a little aggrievedly: “I know it very well in my heart, but I still don’t want to hear you say it yourself.”

Of course he knew that if Su Yu only regarded that person as a friend, how could he be affected so much? That he had not been in love to this extent in all these years?

Presumably, Su Yu had a slight fondness for that person at the beginning, but it had just sprouted, and was completely killed because of the other person’s desire for quick success.

At this time, Li Yuan was both angry that he and that person had made his lover sad, and at the same time he was glad that that person did not really occupy his lover’s heart. His emotions were extremely complicated and soft for a moment.

Often the stronger and more decisive a person seemed to be, the softer they would be somewhere in their heart. Once stabbed by someone, even if the wound was small, it would be very difficult to heal.

It was precisely because of this that Su Yu had never tried to have a beautiful relationship again. Such a causal relationship made Li Yuan heartbroken, and he was secretly glad, although he shouldn’t think so, if his lover had not experienced that thing, he may have had several relationships by now, or even gotten married, right?

Recalling his first encounter with Su Yu, Li Yuan finally understood why he could express his affection for him easily, because he knew that it was just a virtual world without any psychological burden, so he dared to put aside the gaps in reality and boldly move forward.

And if he had not encountered a huge test at that time and could only scatter his soul in order to survive, he would not have met Su Yu.

Thinking about it this way, the meeting between them seemed to be destined, meeting the most perfect person at the most appropriate time.

“Since you don’t want to hear it, I won’t tell you.” Su Yu didn’t know what Li Yuan was thinking about. He just thought that the other party was jealous, so he smiled and comforted him, “I’m not telling you this to recall the past. I just want to confess my past to you, that’s all.”

Because he was determined to start a new beginning, he had to say goodbye to the past seriously.

Li Yuan held Su Yu’s hand tightly and stared at him gently: “I know, so do you also want to know my past?”

Su Yu was stunned for a moment, then smiled and said, “Have you ever met someone before? Have you ever experienced anything similar?”

Li Yuan did not answer this question, but stared at Su Yu and asked seriously: “A Yu, have you accepted me now?”

If he wasn’t really tempted, Su Yu wouldn’t have told Li Yuan the secret in his heart, so he naturally nodded without hesitation: “I have made preparations to walk a lifetime with you.”

“If this is the case, I can only say that your preparations are far from enough.” Li Yuan raised his eyebrows with a deep smile in his voice. When he saw Su Yu looking over in confusion, he scratched his nose and said, “Because the fate between us lasts more than a lifetime and has been going on for life after life.”

Then, Li Yuan raised his hand and his slender index finger slowly touched the center of Su Yu’s eyebrows.

It seemed as if there were circles of ripples slowly swaying from the center of Su Yu’s eyebrows, and it seemed as if something was slowly spreading along Li Yuan’s fingertips into Su Yu’s mind, making his eyes widen in an instant.

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