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Some people would find it hard, urgent, and uneasy to pursue the person they loved, but some people enjoyed it, as if they had seen the happiest ending, and could appreciate the scenery on the way more affectionately.

Therefore, Li Yuan was not in a hurry. He even felt that it would not matter if this process took a little longer, because it would become their best memories.

Of course, the most important point was Su Yu. Although Su Yu had never agreed to his pursuit and confirmed the relationship between the two, he had never rejected Li Yuan’s tenderness and consideration for him. Compared with his previous relationships, when dealing with this kind of thing, and the kind of vigorous and resolute style he displayed, now this softness was almost equivalent to promising himself to him.

But as time went by, Li Yuan slowly developed an anxious mood. He was obviously very close, and he also clearly felt that Su Yu had a good impression of him, but there was no relationship between the two. It was like there was a layer between them, which stopped them from touching each other.

After several months of getting along, the situation still had not been alleviated. Li Yuan did not want to force Su Yu to make any decision, so he could only turn around and torture the Ball.

“Did you hide something from me?” Li Yuan stood in front of the window holding a wine glass, his eyes condensing.

Although such eyes were not directed at him, the Ball was still so frightened that he trembled: “Sir… Sir, I really didn’t deceive you about anything. Please believe me!”

Li Yuan was silent. After a moment, he tapped his fingertips on the glass in his hand: “Retell what A Yu told you again, don’t miss any details.”

“Okay… okay!” Ball was really afraid of Li Yuan, different from the playful fear he had towards his own evil host, the aura of Li Yuan was so strong that even if they were just in the same room, it would bring huge pressure to it, “After leaving the last mission world, the host proposed to return to the real world, and also brought you here. He had already prepared the most perfect body for you, as well as your identity and past in the real world. Not a single detail was missed. After explaining the things related to you, the host ordered me to seal all the memories of his previous mission worlds. As for the reason, he just said that it would make things more interesting, and the rest was to be never mentioned again. But at that time, neither the host nor I knew that you would awaken all your memories, so he specifically told me that if you really can’t find the host, or unfortunately get together with other people, I must help you correct your error. Sir, this is all I know. I really did not lie to you.”

Ball had repeated these words countless times before. Every time he finished speaking, he started trembling, for fear that Li Yuan would be angry. After hearing these words, Li Yuan did not speak directly, but stared at the scenery outside the window in silence. Just when Ball was nervous and didn’t know what to say, Black Egg suddenly came out. And as soon as he appeared, he sold Ball out directly: “Sir, there is one thing that Ball just forgot to mention.”

Upon hearing this, Ball immediately became furious: “Black Egg, you, you, you… what are you talking about? You go back quickly!”

However, at this time, Li Yuan had already turned his head and looked over. Ball was immediately frightened and did not dare to speak anymore. Li Yuan’s eyes immediately turned to Black Egg with a look of scrutiny. He still clearly remembered that in a certain world, because of this derivative system, both he and A Yu had suffered a lot.

Of course, that bit of suffering was nothing to Li Yuan, but during that period of time, he couldn’t get close to Su Yu, which made him remember it to this day.

Because Li Yuan knew Su Yu’s attitude towards this derivative system, he had not called it out to teach it a lesson before, but now seeing it jumping out on its own initiative, Li Yuan couldn’t help but look him up and down. After a while, he couldn’t help but frown.

There seemed to be something wrong with this thing that looked like a derivative system. He moved his fingers towards Black Egg, and it seemed as if some invisible force was pulling Black Egg’s body over.

Black Egg didn’t seem surprised by Li Yuan’s reaction and didn’t struggle at all, but Ball was shocked: “My lord, my lord, Black Egg didn’t come out on purpose. I’ll take care of it later. I’ll put it in a small dark room, please don’t punish it!”

Li Yuan ignored the Ball completely, and just observed the Black Egg at close range and from all directions. After a moment, a flash of understanding flashed in his eyes: “It seems that you have made a choice?”

Black Egg was silent for a moment and then responded: “Yes.”

“In that case, cherish your choice.” As Li Yuan spoke, he relaxed his hold on Black Egg and sent it back.

Seeing that Li Yuan didn’t punish Black Egg, Ball let out a sigh of relief. It wanted to send Black Egg back directly, but was worried that Li Yuan would be unhappy, so it could only stand in front of Black Egg and say, “Sir, what I just said is really true, and I definitely did not deceive you. Black Egg must have not heard clearly at the time to say this.”

“I understand.” Li Yuan sighed lightly and waved his hand. The two systems left, and he stood by the window for a while before finishing the red wine in the glass.

It seemed that there was indeed a secret hidden on his baby that only he knew, and this secret was now waiting to be discovered by him.

This period of getting along with each other without any progress did make Li Yuan a little disappointed, but he would never be discouraged. Just as he had always thought, in this relationship that was destined to have a happy ending, even if there were more ups and downs in the process, it was just an example of how long it could take to get good things done.

What he had to do now was to remove the invisible barrier between the two of them, but he was not in a hurry. He would not act rashly without being completely sure, because he would never allow himself to bring any harm to his lover.

So in the next period of time, Li Yuan still took care of Su Yu meticulously, tenderly and considerately. He did not reveal even the slightest trace of the anxiety in his heart, nor did he show any concern or emotional urgency to develop the relationship between the two.

Surrounded by such a gentle and considerate person, Su Yu slowly felt a sense of guilt in his heart. He knew very well how he felt about Li Yuan now. The palpitations and excitement that could not be hidden had made it obvious. He was indeed attracted to this man who was perfect in appearance, figure, and personality, and he was very attracted to him.

But at the same time, somewhere deep in his heart, something was preventing this emotion from continuing to ferment, preventing him from getting closer and having a closer relationship with this man.

Although this blockage seemed extremely small compared to the surging emotions in his heart, it was like a thorn in his heart. Although it was small, it could bring him pain.

Su Yu himself knew very well that his idea was a bit pretentious and completely inconsistent with his previous behavior and style. However, as if he was sure that this man would tolerate all his little tempers unconditionally, Su Yu actually enjoyed this kind of pretentious feeling.

There was someone who, even if he knew you were being pretentious, would still tolerate you unconditionally, be considerate of you, and not even dare to do the slightest thing that might hurt you. This feeling was really fascinating.

But what followed was more and more guilt and anxiety, because he knew very well that his current behavior was hurting the other person?

When hurting this man, Su Yu clearly felt that he was also suffering in his heart.

He could no longer continue like this, neither accepting nor rejecting, and he knew very well that in this situation, he could only choose the former, so he had to remove the thorn in his heart.

Some secrets had been kept by him for too long, and he had become accustomed to their existence, and had subconsciously started feeling that they were exclusive to him, even if they were hurting him.

But Su Yu decided to confess to Li Yuan after careful consideration for a few days.

That night, Su Yu directly pulled Li Yuan into his room, and the two sat face to face: “Li Yuan, do you like me?”

Li Yuan’s eyes flashed fiercely, and he stared at Su Yu slowly as he said the three words: “I love you.”

Su Yu’s heart also jumped hard. He suddenly felt that his previous actions might be really stupid. Now that he was tempted, why did he care about the secret?

Maybe the thorn was made of ice and had melted amidst Li Yuan’s enthusiasm?

But what should be said had to be said. Su Yu secretly took a deep breath and said in a serious tone: “I seem to love you a little bit too.”

“So you finally agreed to my pursuit?” Li Yuan clenched his fists excitedly and said in a serious tone. Looking at the three thousand big worlds and the three thousand small worlds, he was so excited for the first time.

Su Yu nodded. Seeing that Li Yuan was about to rush over and hug him, he quickly made a gesture to stop: “But before that, I have something to tell you.”

Li Yuan knew that Su Yu was going to tell him the secret he had kept for a long time and could only suppress the infinite throbbing and excitement in his heart. He straightened his back and said, “What is it?”

“It was something that happened to me a long time ago. I have never been with anyone else, so I want to mention it to you before us getting together.” Su Yu said seriously with a smile.

He was about to tell Li Yuan his secret, but Li Yuan suddenly waved his hand: “Please don’t tell me.”

Su Yu was stunned for a moment and looked at Li Yuan with confusion.

Li Yuan held Su Yu’s hand tenderly, with a hint of heartache in his seriousness: “If that thing hurts you, please don’t say it, because I don’t want to hear it.”

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