TBVSR Ch. 102: Faithful!!!

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Jiang Yu knew Qiu Li’s character, even if he didn’t want to say, there would always be a hundred ways to dispel her doubts.

But Jiang Yu didn’t want to be played around like a fool again, so she decided to figure out the truth by herself.

During those two days, Jiang Yu stopped handcuffing Qiu Li. Wherever he said and wherever he went, she didn’t follow him anymore. Every day, she played games with Duan Bo in the consultation room.

In fact, whenever Qiu Li left, Jiang Yu and Duan Bo would sit in front of the computer and turn on the anti-derailment GPS positioning system bought in Dongbu.

The positioning system was installed by Jiang Yu in the inner pocket of his jacket and would normally not be found.

However, this positioning system showed that Qiu Li’s whereabouts were normal, usually the school library and consulting room- these two points and one line.

Duan Bo pointed to the computer map and said helplessly: “Look, I have said it, we have the exam in two months. Our brother Li runs to the library every day and is busy preparing for the exam. He must not have time to do what he shouldn’t.”

Sometimes, Jiang Yu also wondered if she was thinking too much.

But if he didn’t really do bad things, and was so normal, why would he be sentenced to death many years later?

There must be something wrong.

Facts proved that Jiang Yu’s suspicion was not wrong.

When she came to the library following the track of the GPS positioning system, in the old position of the study room, she only saw a black windbreaker jacket draped on a chair.

There were half-opened English reading questions on the table, and a miniature GPS tracker the size of a fingernail was placed on the English reading book, flashing red and green rhythmically.

Next to the locator, he had drawn a cute and provocative cartoon dog head.

The person was long gone.

Qiu Li saw Huo Shanglin again.

This time, it was in the cabin of a seaside cruise ship. The room was not big, with just a table and a few bodyguards.

There was a lie detector on the table.

This polygraph was obviously much more accurate than the one Duan Bo and Jiang Yu used to make trouble last night.

Huo Shanglin opened his hands and said to him: “It’s not that I don’t trust you, but I am always careful when doing business. Last time you proved your ability, this time, I need you to prove whether you are worthy of my trust.”

Qiu Li calmly sat on the chair, letting Huo Shanglin accept it and put on a polygraph line for himself.

Huo Shanglin sat opposite him and looked at him intently.

No matter how strong his hypnotism was, as long as he lied, he could not escape the monitoring of the polygraph.

“Question one, are you loyal to me.”

Qiu Li: “No.”

The ECG frequency remained normal.

Huo Shanglin stared at the click-to-click frequency curve on the computer screen. He couldn’t get his eyes back. He suddenly asked, “If you are unfaithful, how about playing a fart?”

Qiu Li said calmly: “I am loyal to money.”

Huo Shanglin withdrew his gaze, looked at Qiu Li, and smiled grimly: “Interesting, the second question, are you an undercover agent for the police.”


The electrocardiogram was normal.

“The third question, between money and women, you choose one.”

Qiu Li paused and said, “I make money for women.”

Huo Shanglin asked people to take off the polygraph.

The last question had nothing to do with the polygraph. If Qiu Li chose the former, Huo Shanglin would immediately let him be killed, and then throw him into the sea in the dark.

Because he was lying and his lies could not even be detected by a polygraph, how could he use such a person.

A guy who bought expensive skin care products for women as soon as he got the money, Huo Shanglin would never believe in him choosing money over women.

He may not be loyal to him, but as long as he was loyal to money, things would be easier.

Next, Huo Shanglin told Qiu Li about the layout of his plan, “The time is set at 1:23 tonight, and we will leave on time.”


“Why, not used to temporary notice?”

Qiu Li said: “A little bit.”

“Then you have to get used to it. Is it even possible that I will tell you the time in advance so that you can prepare?”

Qiu Li knew that Huo Shanglin still did not fully trust him.

“We will pretend to be fishing boats. After entering the high seas, there will be ships handing over and changing boats to complete the transaction. I will follow the boat throughout the whole process, and it is best not to have any problems, but if you encounter a maritime police…”

Huo Shanglin looked at Qiu Li: “You know what to do, and I want to make sure that this batch of goods is fool-proof.”

“I can promise.”

Huo Shanglin asked his subordinates to take Qiu Li’s mobile phone away, and checked every corner of his body to make sure that there was no other communication equipment, then only was he relieved.

“Just wait here. If you’re bored, you can come and play pool.”

After speaking, he took Qiu Li into the entertainment room.

Qiu Li sat on the sofa and Huo Shanglin handed him a glass of water: “This is the first time you have done these things. It is inevitable that you will be nervous. It will be fine. If you cooperate happily, your buddies will inevitably take you to make a fortune in the future.”

“At this time, I am not used to drinking water.”

“Yes, drink less water to save trouble later.”

Qiu Li put down the cup, pressed the tip of his tongue against the back alveolar, and pressed the sensor embedded in his teeth.

He knew that the ship had turned on the interference band of radio waves, and any positioning system, no matter how tiny, would be detected immediately.

Fortunately, Song Yuhe had prepared a long time ago and had installed a sensor in the alveolar behind Qiu Li. It did not transmit the band itself but could transmit limited information at a long distance through the vibration of the teeth. Moreover, this information was absolutely safe and would not be detected by the band channel.

On the other side, Song Yuhe received a call from his teammate, saying that Qiu Li’s sensor was activated. He was eating with his wife. After hanging up the phone, he quickly changed his uniform and came to the police station.

The police officer in charge of this case was named Chen Yan. He and his men had changed their equipment and were ready to set off at any time.

When he turned around, he saw Song Yuhe rushing over and said to him: “The frequency of the informant’s return has been preliminarily calculated by the latitude and longitude position. If there is nothing wrong, it should be the position of the transaction tonight.”

“Continue to follow and observe, beware of changes in location.”

“Police Officer Song, you are in charge of the later interrrogation, and you don’t have to participate in the action.”

“I have to follow the boat.” Song Yuhe said firmly: “He is my student.”

“The transaction should be tonight. The exact time is unknown. The Marine Police has already been arranged. I will give them a urn to catch turtles tonight.”

Song Yuhe glanced at the time, it was 9:43 in the evening.

He asked Chen Yan: “I told you before… about Qiu Li’s girlfriend coming to Haicheng, did you send someone there?”

“Already sent, two good policemen, 24 hours protection for these two days, she stayed in the school library for one day, and just returned to the hotel, her safety is guaranteed.”

Song Yuhe still felt uneasy: “Send another person to see the situation in the consultation room.”

In the early hours of the morning, Huo Shanglin took Qiu Li and several of his subordinates on board a fishing boat named “Sea Shark”.

Tonight was very windy and there were few ships sailing. In the dark night, the “sea shark” was like a lone leaf, marching against the waves.

Such a stormy day was a day which Huo Shanglin had long considered good, and the most suitable day for sailing transactions.

Huo Shanglin took him to the bottom deck and there he saw the batch of bronze cultural relics smuggled out of various places.

There were a lot of them. Small items were packed in bags full of rice, which were covered by rice to avoid bumps along the way. Large items were covered by canvas and filled the full cabin.

Huo Shanglin only gave Qiu Li a look, then left the lower deck and went to the lounge on the second floor.

Qiu Li looked at Huo Shanglin calmly.

This guy sometimes sat on the sofa to play cards, and sometimes got up to go to the deck to smoke. Although pretending to be so sophisticated, Qiu Li could see that he was also too nervous when doing such a thing for the first time.

Huo Shanglin and Qiu Li looked at each other, and he raised his lips to him.

Huo Shanglin knew that this man had seen through his mind, and this insight made him feel offended and at the same time made him extremely disturbed.

However, he was not unprepared.

Huo Shanglin sat back on the sofa again, turned on the laptop, and then pushed the computer in front of Qiu Li.

Qiu Li glanced at the computer screen, and his heart tightened in a moment!

On the screen, wearing his loose black windbreaker, her hands tied tightly on the chair, her mouth tightly covered with a bandage, such that he could just see a pair of dark eyes staring at him in panic.

Qiu Li clenched his fist, and stepped forward and raised his hand to beat him. He was caught by several men around him, until he was struggling desperately, unable to move.

“Dare you move against her!”

If his eyes could kill people, Huo Shanglin would have been crushed by him at this moment.

Huo Shanglin felt better at last. He didn’t like seeing this man smile. When he smiled, Huo Shanglin felt numb in his heart.

“Don’t worry, just in case, if you perform well tonight and our transaction goes smoothly, I will let her go immediately.”

Huo Shanglin rubbed the outline of the girl’s face on the screen with his fingertips: “If there is any accident, I will let her die in front of you before you die.”

Qiu Li was short of breath, looking at the screen, his heart suddenly became confused.

Her eyes were panicked and terrified.

Qiu Li held the computer in front of him and said softly, “Sister, there will be nothing wrong, you believe me, there will be nothing wrong.”

Jiang Yu’s mouth was sealed and speechless, so she could only shake her head, and kept giving him a wink to show him his clothes.

She was wearing the black windbreaker he had left in the library earlier.

Qiu Li controlled his emotions, using a gentle voice, he said softly: “After tonight, I will never leave you again, okay.”

The girl’s eyes were flushed and she nodded vigorously.

“Then now… Sister, imagine that you are lying in a warm bed and the silk sheet is like a feather as it caresses your skin. When you close your eyes, your body feels very heavy. You can’t help falling down, with sleep slowly rushing up and flooding your brain.”

The girl closed her eyes obediently and opened one eye at the same time, blinking at him.

Qiu Li continued: “You hear the breath of others, but don’t care about it. Keep your breath calm and slowly enter the dream world like a crystal ball.”

At this time, Huo Shanglin yawned long and tiredly, feeling that he was about to fall asleep, so he went to the deck to smoke and refresh his mind.

Qiu Li glanced at him.

The policemen were divided into two groups. One was led by Song Yuhe to go directly to sea to chase the stolen ship that smuggled cultural relics, and the other was led by Chen Yan to Qiu Li’s psychological consultation room.

Duan Bo shivered when he saw the police officer walk in.

Officer Chen Yan explained to him what happened and asked him if he knew the whereabouts of Jiang Yu.

“I remember that after she took back Brother Li’s book, she went back to the hotel directly. She was still very angry at the time and said that he was playing tricks again.”

“And afterwards?”

“Later she went back to the hotel and brought back Brother Li’s clothes.” Duan Bo asked worriedly: “Uncle Police, she won’t suffer anything wrong, right!”

“We suspect that she was kidnapped.”


Duan Bo was too anxious to know what to do: “It’s over! I promised Brother Li to take good care of her, how could she be kidnapped, who is it!”

“If you think about it, was there anything unusual when she came back? Did you see any car following behind her? Do you remember the license plate number?”

“No! I didn’t see anything.”

Police Officer Chen Yan saw that Duan Bo had no clues and in order to no longer waste time, he could only go to the traffic control department to retrieve the Skynet system video and check Jiang Yu’s whereabouts from school back to the hotel.

At this moment, Duan Bo patted his forehead and suddenly said: “Ah! She was holding Brother Li’s clothes at the time!”

“And so?”

“In Brother Li’s clothes, there is a micro GPS tracker to prevent derailment!”

Officer Chen Yan grinned.

Did all the young people now know how to play like this.

Duan Bo quickly turned on the computer and searched for the previous locator.

Soon, Jiang Yu’s location was determined, in a remote small hotel on the outskirts of the city.

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