IHSB Ch. 101

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“Master Gu, look at the one on the hot search…is it you?”

When the public relations department called, Gu Nan and the others were still in the car. After understanding the situation, he frowned.

“Withdraw it.”

Gu Nan didn’t like online discussions about him and his family, so except for necessary interviews with financial magazines, he didn’t allow any of his photos to be leaked.

What’s more, there was Nuan Nuan in this video and photo. Although those comments were all praising her, there would never be a shortage of people with dark minds on the Internet. Over time, there would always be people saying bad things.

His sister, Gu Nan, didn’t need any evaluation from outsiders.

Gu Mingyu had no objection to this. He did not work under the name of the Gu family in the entertainment industry, and he did not want to be involved with the Gu family at work, so until now, no one had discovered that he was a member of the Gu family.

“Ah… the fourth brother is also on the hot search.” A soft exclamation came, and everyone looked over.

Nuan Nuan held her phone in her hands and started browsing with interest, and then saw the third most searched video, which was the video of Gu Mingli’s previous game.

Gu Mingyu turned on his phone and sure enough, his eyes fell on his own brother.

“So, this is the game you were talking about yesterday?”

Gu Mingli raised his voice, took out his mobile phone and started to browse. He was able to squeeze into the third place despite Gu Mingyu’s hot search, which showed the popularity and discussion of this video was not low.

Damn, he’s so handsome that my legs have gone weak!

Is this game so cool? The black rider is really awesome and he looks so good!

How did he do that part of flying? This man looks young.

Those bikes must have blocked him out of spite. They were so disgusting.

I have a new husband again. This look in his eyes is absolutely amazing. He is so arrogant that he seems not to take anyone seriously, but he really has the capital to be arrogant.

Are all riders so good-looking now?

Obviously he can rely on his face to make a living, but he has to rely on his talent.

Nuan Nuan leaned against her elder brother, holding her mobile phone and reading those comments in a soft and waxy voice, with a smile on her face that couldn’t be too bright.

“Fourth brother, they all like you so much.”

Gu Mingli pinched her chubby and tender little face.

“Are you so happy that I’m popular?”

The little girl nodded obediently, her petal-like pink lips puckered up, and they were as clear as jelly.

“Brother you are awesome~”

Gu Mingyu laughed loudly, “How many brothers have you told this to?”

Bai Mohua raised his hand, “Nuan Nuan told me too.”

Nuan Nuan looked at her brothers with big moist eyes, it seemed… seemed that she had said this before.

She blushed in embarrassment and buried her head in her elder brother’s arms.

Gu An frowned and thought, then puffed up his pretty little face.

“Nuan Nuan, you seem to have never told me.”

Nuan Nuan murmured, revealing half of her delicate little head, and pulled one of her little brother’s fingers with her thin and soft fingers, her voice sounding sweet and waxy.

“Little brother…little brother is also very awesome.”

Okay, every brother had it. The little guy really shared the rain and dew equally.

This time they didn’t go to Gu Mingyu’s apartment. It was too small for so many people to live there. Gu Nan reported an address and asked Gu Mingyu to drive there. He had a villa there.

The villa seemed deserted because it had been unoccupied for a long time, and there was nothing in the kitchen.

Gu Nan, “I’ll ask the hourly worker to come over and clean. You two go back with Gu Mingyu to get your luggage. Nuan Nuan and Gu An will go to the supermarket with me to buy groceries.”

Gu Mingyu, “Who will cook?”

Several men looked at each other, and then they realized, none of them could cook.

Nuan Nuan raised her hand weakly, “I…I can cook a little bit.”

Gu Nan squeezed her little white hand and said expressionlessly, “Let’s go out to eat.”

But their requirements were too big, they had to find a place to eat that was private and not crowded.

Gu Mingyu shook his phone and said, “Leave this to my agent.”

The agent also acted very quickly. After Gu Mingyu and the others brought their luggage for the past two days, they went directly to the place he arranged for dinner.

“Where are we going to play?”

Bai Mohua’s eyes sparkled. “Amusement park and aquarium?”

Gu Mingyu gave the pass ruthlessly, “No, there are too many people. I will be recognized as soon as I appear there. Then everyone would have to stay away. I want to have some fun.”

Gu Mingli looked at him sideways, “So you are just a laggard.”

Then he changed his voice and said, “How about going to a haunted house? A secret room adventure, or going to watch Marseilles and extreme sports competitions?”

Gu Mingyu chuckled, “Seeing these, in this you want to participate more, what if Nuan Nuan gets scared?”

Gu An raised his hand, “Brother, let’s go to the zoo to see lions, tigers, and giant pandas!”

Nuan Nuan’s eyes lit up.

Gu Mingyu said, “There are a lot of people there…”

Nuan Nuan pouted her little mouth and sat down obediently.

Gu Nan wiped his mouth slowly and said, “I have a private island.”

For a moment, everyone present looked at him. Nuan Nuan didn’t understand what a private island was, but she also followed her brothers. She stared at her elder brother with her beautiful, moist eyes.

Gu Nan’s cold eyes swept over the younger brothers, and he asked in a steady voice, “Are you going?”

Everyone said, “Go!”

Bai Mohua raised his hand like a student, “Can I take Little Orange?”

Gu Nan asked, “Little Orange?”

Nuan Nuan Nai replied in a huffing voice, “It’s a cat, my cousin’s cat.”

Gu Nan nodded lightly, “Have someone send it over as soon as possible.”

Bai Mohua called with a smile on his face.

So the place to play was decided. After dinner… a helicopter came to pick them up, and the helicopter pilot was Nan Feng.

Both Gu Mingli and Gu An admired the cool black helicopter.

Gu Mingli’s eyes went hot. “Brother, I’m going to take the helicopter pilot’s license test some other day. Can you let me drive it then?”

Gu Nan hugged Nuan Nuan and went up. “I’ll buy you one when you get into college.”

Gu Mingli’s face suddenly turned livid when he thought about his results. Then he may have to make money to buy it, otherwise when will he be able to fly such a helicopter?

It was better to have fun with his elder brother.

“Brother, what about me? Buy me a helicopter too! Give it to me as a birthday present.”

Gu Nan said succinctly, “First in grade.”

Gu An, “…your request is too much.”

His grades went up and down. Being so old, it was still very unstable. The only stable thing was that he had never been among the top three in his grade.

After getting on the helicopter, Nuan Nuan lay on the transparent and clean window, looking outside with her big eyes open. As the helicopter rose, the little girl’s face turned red with excitement.

“So high!”


Little Orange, who was sitting on the traction rope and sitting in Bai Mohua’s arms, put her little paws on the glass, looked out curiously and meowed softly.

Gu Nan put his slender fingers with clear joints on Nuan Nuan’s short, fluffy and soft hair. “I’ll buy you one when you go to school.”

Gu An: “Why should I be the first in grade?”

Gu Nan looked at him and said lightly, “Because you are not my sister.”

Gu An: “…”

Blame him for being the boss!

Nuan Nuan hugged her elder brother’s hand and rubbed it affectionately. “Brother Nuan Nuan doesn’t want it. Nuan Nuan can just take her brother’s plane.”

Gu Nan said, “This is a gift for you.”

Nuan Nuan said softly, ” Then… then the eldest brother will send Nuan Nuan a plane, and when the little brother grows up, I will play the trumpet for the little brother.”

Gu An looked at Nuan Nuan with a moved face, holding his little hand and smiling so proudly.

“My love for you is not in vain, little sister!”

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