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“Brother, why are you here?”

Nuan Nuan spoke softly, leaning on him with her whole body, her soft little arms hugging Gu Nan’s neck tightly, the corners of her mouth were raised and neatly exposed her small white teeth and her clean eyes which were full of tiny sparkles, making her look beautiful and smart.

The stern young man placed his chin on Nuan Nuan’s furry little head and rubbed it gently, then his eyes lowered and his tone was doting.

“I missed you, so I came to take a look.”

Gu Mingyu touched his chin and smacked his lips. The eldest brother’s attitude was like he was raising Nuan Nuan as his daughter.

But yes, after all, the age difference between the brother and sister was nearly twenty years. If the younger sister was this soft and petite, who wouldn’t want to pamper her like a daughter.

“Nuan Nuan, brother, please put Nuan Nuan down!”

As a short man who was currently not outstanding in height, Gu An was completely ignored by Gu Nan’s height advantage and was now angry.

Nuan Nuan: “…”

Now she remembered, she had come specially to pick up her little brother.

“Little brother.” The docile Nuan Nuan was hugged by her elder brother and lowered her head. When she met Gu An’s eyes filled with little flames, she immediately called out “little brother” softly, the sugar content was seriously over the limit.

Gu An: He didn’t want to be angry at that moment. After all, it was all the elder brother’s fault, and his sister was so good, but he didn’t dare to say it.

At the entrance of the airport, people were still coming and going even in the early morning. Any one of them individually was like a luminous being, let alone together.

There were already many people taking pictures around them. Gu Mingyu lowered the brim of his hat then he urged them to leave.

“Let’s leave here first.”

His fans’ eyes were too sharp, and Gu Mingyu himself was really easy to recognize. If he stayed here for a longer time, he might even be recognized.

Gu Nan hugged Nuan Nuan with one arm and walked in front dragging the suitcase with the other hand. He was nearly two meters tall and had perfect body proportions. He was wearing a black windbreaker and was full of momentum even just standing there.

His eyebrows were cold and deep, such that others did not dare to approach him.

Nuan Nuan was a small and soft one. When he held her in his arms, she looked as small and delicate as a bjd doll. This combination of a cold and tough boss and a sweet and cute baby attracted the gazes of so many people.

Gu Mingyu and others also left soon after. Although they were shorter than Gu Nan, their height and momentum were enough to overwhelm the audience. Except for Bai Mohua and the younger Gu An, these two stood out with them standing together.

Several men walked out of the airport in a row. They were top beauties with different styles and auras. Even Gu An was a young handsome boy. He had his own BGM that was comparable to the effect of a movie.

As soon as they left, the discussion in the airport suddenly became louder.

“Ahhhhh…!! Oh my god, those men were so handsome!”

“I can’t, I can’t, I feel like I can’t breathe.”

“Oh my god, what kind of luck did I have today? So handsome! The man in the black windbreaker was so tall and imposing, but it’s a pity that we couldn’t see his face clearly with the mask on.”

“The height and back of the guy with the peaked cap look familiar.”

“Oh my god, the guy with the black earrings looked familiar to me. His temperament is like… that kind of bandit marshal of the Republic of China. All their legs were so long, it’s so awesome.”

“Shhhhh… I like the clean little brother better. His eyes seemed to be shining when he smiled, a bit like the little brother next door, his temperament is so clean.”

“The combination of the boss and the cute baby was great!”

Of course, Gu An was still a child now and was not within the scope of discussion among a group of women.

Some people took photos and excitedly communicated with their sisters, while others posted videos and photos online.


Come on, come on!!! Sister, what’s wrong with your eyes? The one in the peaked cap is my Yuyu husband!!!

Oh my god, what kind of luck do you have, to meet my husband!

Um…who is your husband? I’m having a hard time making a choice now. I’m sorry, Yuyu husband, but please allow me to jump over the wall for a second. The man holding the cute baby is so handsome that he’s so full of hormones! I can’t help it hehehe…

Sh**… Only children make choices, of course adults have to choose too! Oh… forget about the child who is not yet an adult. After all, I am not a pervert, but… I am really okay with all the other ones. My heart is now broken into petals and can be divided into different people.

Hiss…the momentum of them walking together…it comes with its own BGM. At first glance, I thought it was some new blockbuster.

Damn…this is really genius! Everyone is so good-looking and has a special temperament. It must be a gathering of handsome guys, and there is also a little beauty.

The one holding the cute baby cannot be her father.

You all care about men, but my attention is all on the little cute baby. She is so cute, especially when she smiles, her beautiful big eyes seem to have light. Oh my God, those eyelashes are real. Does she really exist? I finally found the eyelashes described in the novel that look like a small fan, and the eyes are like glass beads, so clean.

Wooooooooooow guys, oh, oh, oh… I love that guy. He’s so good at holding a cute baby. He’s so sexy and so soft that it makes my legs weak. I want both daddy and cute baby.

Husband Yuyu…my heart is firm, I will always love you!

I have to say, there is a saying that is right. Good-looking people make friends with good-looking people. The fact that all of them are good-looking with the ceiling of appearance. I can’t stand looking at my own face when I look in the mirror. Wuwuwu…

I want to know what their relationship is…

As long as there was news about Gu Mingyu, it would always hit the hot search topic as soon as possible.

Yesterday, the video and photos of him meeting fans at the airport were still on the trending searches. Today another one popped up, and at an incredible speed, it dethroned yesterday’s trending searches and quickly occupied the first position.

After all… there were a few men here who were not inferior to Gu Mingyu, especially the tallest one, who looked too powerful.

Here, the group of people who were going home didn’t know that they had reached the top of the trending search list in less than half an hour, and it was the people from Gu Nan’s public relations department who noticed it first. They thought they were dazzled, that man… looked so familiar.

After confirming several times that he was really their boss, they quickly called Gu Nan.

How could the name Gu Nan exist in the wealthy and aristocratic circles? All the younger generation, they all call him Master Gu by tacit understanding, since at the age of twenty-four, he was on an equal footing with those old men.

The media dared not report anything about him without his permission.

It was just that today’s hot search was completely driven by the popularity of the topic. He was also wearing a mask and holding a beautiful doll. Gu Nan’s public relations department did not dare to recognize him at the first time. Who would have thought of their cold Master Gu would be able to hold a child so tenderly!

When they discovered this, it was already the top trending topic, and it all happened so fast that people couldn’t even react.

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