WMPLT Ch. 38

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After Zhai Xingchen returned to the bedroom, he lay directly on the bed.

He was really tired today. He put more energy into the formal performance than during the rehearsal. The first few minutes after the dance were all blank for him, but because of the live broadcast, he kept his energy up after that, especially since his waist had been overused for the past few days and the pain had become obvious.

He planned to send the heart-warming message first and go to bed early.

As a result, at this moment, someone knocked lightly on his door.

He sat up: “Come in.”

The staff came and said, “Are you going to sleep?”

Zhai Xingchen nodded: “Is something wrong?”

The staff said: “Xingchen, please check later to see if your remuneration has arrived.”

“It’s so fast, didn’t they say that I’ll have to wait until the first episode is aired before getting paid?”

“It’s an advance payment for advertising.”

Zhai Xingchen was surprised: “I didn’t shoot an advertisement, why should I share the money?”

When they signed the contract, they actually also signed an advertising contract, which was mainly for filming the occasional commercials that appeared in romance dramas.

He used to watch romance dramas, and the commercials were all in the mode of dialogue between two people. For example, a female guest said excitedly to another female guest, “Ah, sister, your dress is so beautiful, where did you buy it?”

The other party took out her mobile phone: “I bought it on a certain cat shopping website. Their clothes are good-looking and cheap, and you can get coupons for discounts.”

Then the two of them looked at their mobile phones together in a sisterly manner.

But the commercials in this season of “Red and Blue Signal” were very important. No ordinary people were qualified to shoot them. Because they were positioned as a wealthy show, the commercials were all for international luxury brands. They had filmed one before the show was recorded. It was said that the photos taken were of Hu Ying and Yan Zhi, and the photos were for an advertisement of a watch brand.

Especially Yan Zhi. He was handsome, had a good family background, and often showed his hands when playing e-sports. He was the only spokesperson for this watch branch in China. Yan Zhi thus wore different watches every day.

As an amateur and poor student, he was naturally not qualified to shoot such luxury product advertisements.

The image didn’t match.

As a result, the staff told him: “You also need to shoot a commercial.”


“Yes, we will shoot together with several other guests. Because some people are leaving early tomorrow morning, so we will shoot now. You please get up.”

This was too sudden.

He was actually qualified to shoot commercials.

After the staff returned to the next door, they walked up to Guo Bing and screenwriter Liu, shook their heads and sighed, “Teacher Liu, director, you two are really cruel.”

There had been two hits in a row today, the sassy Lanling Dance, which made the US attack image jump up, and the Fox Dance. Did he wish all the guests on the red side would turn over and do 1. Wasn’t this enough? These two fires had already made the hearts of the guests hot!

There was actually another fire.

You should also leave a way for the guests to survive. Would the smell of the red and blue cabin tonight turn into heather?

“They will go their separate ways tomorrow and they will be separated for several days. If this fire doesn’t get a little fiercer, how can the Shura Field be upgraded at the next stop?” Guo Bing said plausibly.

Ten minutes later, Zhai Xingchen, Yan Zhi, Pei Xu, and Huo Cheng sat down in the living room on the first floor.

“This time we will mainly shoot one version for the blue side guests, and next week the red side guests will shoot another version.”

This was Zhai Xingchen’s first time filming an advertisement. This time they were shooting for a men’s clothing brand.

The photographer came over and told them roughly what they wanted to shoot.

“Our advertisement is very simple. You don’t even need to read the slogan, just take a few photos and pose.”

For their high-end luxury advertisements, the shooting content was determined by the brand itself. The requirements and review were very strict, and the details were particularly meticulous.

The biggest requirement was that the pictures should be sharp and beautiful enough.

Among them, Yan Zhi was the most experienced in shooting, followed by Huo Cheng, who had appeared on many magazine covers.

Several makeup artists and stylists came over to help them modify their makeup. The program team brought over the clothes they would use for filming: “Everyone, let’s change clothes first. The shooting may last till late today, so please work hard.”

No way, the brand didn’t consider Zhai Xingchen in the advertising scope at first. Now seeing that Zhai Xingchen was so popular, the brand couldn’t wait. They hoped that they could take a few pictures first and then shoot a video advertisement later when they had time.

Hu Ying and Wen Nuo heard the noise and came downstairs. Hu Ying looked at Zhai Xingchen and asked, “Are you going to wear formal clothes?”

Zhai Xingchen took the clothes and walked to the bedroom: “Yes, I haven’t worn a suit yet.”

Lin Qingning came out wrapped in a bathrobe after taking a shower. He sat on the stairs, and Duan Yihua also sat there, waiting to watch the blue guests change into their clothes.

Yan Zhi was the first to come out.

He was born to wear suits, and he looked as good-looking as ever in a grey suit.

“He’s so handsome.” Hu Ying and the others said.

Pei Xu came out next, wearing a black suit, which made him look fairer and more handsome.

Both of them were men they knew with closed eyes would look good in suits.

What surprised them the most was Huo Cheng.

Huo Cheng wore a striped suit this time, which was in a very British style. Coupled with his sharp and capable temperament, he looked like 007.

“Wow, Brother Huo is so handsome!” Hu Ying laughed and cheered.

Huo Cheng raised his eyebrows and tugged on his tie.

“It’s greasy, it’s greasy.” Hu Ying said.

Lin Qingning next to him laughed and said, “Why hasn’t Xingchen come out yet? I really can’t imagine what he would look like in a suit.”

“He should be very good-looking too.” Wen Nuo said.

“His face and figure would look good even if he was wearing a sack.” Hu Ying said.

Pei Xu was not used to wearing suits. He never wore suits unless attending important occasions.

It felt so restrictive to him that he couldn’t even tie a tie well.

Seeing that his tie was not tied properly, Huo Cheng waved and said, “I’ll fix it for you.”

While fixing Pei Xu’s tie, he said, “I wonder if Xingchen knows how to tie a tie.”

When Pei Xu heard this, he glanced at the door of Zhai Xingchen’s room.

Everyone was waiting for Zhai Xingchen to come out.

Guo Bing personally tied Zhai Xingchen’s tie.

“Have you never worn a suit before?” Guo Bing asked.

Zhai Xingchen said: “No. This suit fits me quite well.”

“We really did not look for someone to make custom orders. The main reason is that your figure is relatively standard, and the same size will look very different on you.” Guo Bing said, tying his tie, and then knelt down to tie his shoes again.

Zhai Xingchen was flattered and hurriedly bent down and said: “Director, I will do it myself.”

“It’s okay. Don’t bend over, it will wrinkle easily.” Guo Bing said excitedly.

From now on, our program will all depend on you.

Brother Zhai, don’t blame me for pushing you into the Shura field. Even being a diligent worker is not easy!

Guo Bing stood up and looked at Zhai Xingchen.

His eyes started gleaming.

“Would he look more handsome with his hair slicked back?” He asked the stylist of the show crew.

“You can try exposing your forehead.” The stylist said.

“How’s the tie? Is it too plain?”

The stylist said: “Believe me, no, the plainer it is, the more dazzling he will look!”

Outside, Hu Ying and the others could no longer sit still. “Zhai Xingchen, are you okay?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw the staff coming out of the room.

Four or five people came out this time. Hu Ying smiled and said: “Oh my god, finally…”

Halfway through the words, he swallowed them back.

Duan Yihua and Wen Nuo beside him were also stunned immediately.

Hu Ying was stunned and stopped laughing and making comments.

Pei Xu, Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng were already doing test shooting. A bunch of staff and lighting boards were surrounding them. The light was a little too bright and too noisy. Suddenly, they heard the staff around them say: “Here he comes.”

The three of them turned their heads almost at the same time.

Through the figure of the staff, they saw a boy in a black suit walking over accompanied by Guo Bing and others.

It was Zhai Xingchen, but not the normal Zhai Xingchen.

Black suit, black tie, white shirt, this clean and even a bit too plain outfit, brightened up because of that face. Zhai Xingchen had combed his hair up, revealing his smooth forehead. He looked noble, bright, tall and handsome. He raised his hands to button his cuffs and bowed his head slightly to the staff: “You’ve been waiting for a long time.”

It was as if he had grown up and matured all of a sudden, becoming a man who walked with wind and had light on his body.

Hu Ying, Duan Yihua, Lin Qingning, and Wen Nuo who were sitting on the stairs, suddenly all sat upright and never took their eyes away from him.

Hu Ying remembered a famous song at that moment. His eyes followed Zhai Xingchen. Zhai Xingchen walked to the shooting area and what met him on the other side were the stunned eyes of three men: Huo Cheng, Pei Xu, and Yan Zhi.

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