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Wang Pengyu went through the weekend filled with trepidation. When he arrived at school on Monday morning, he found that people around him were pointing at him. Wang Pengyu had always been a bully in school, and no one dared to provoke him.

Seeing this, he frowned, swept through the crowd, and actually saw his attendants. It was just that the above usually had cowardly and flattering faces, but now there was only mockery on their faces.

Wang Pengyu frowned slightly, and his heart became more and more disturbed.

With this kind of anxiety, Wang Pengyu entered the class. As soon as he entered the class, the whole class went silent for a moment, and everyone who was still discussing became quiet.

In the end what had happened?!

Without friends, no one could tell him and by the time Wang Pengyu found out, it was already the third class’ end time. Everyone in the class was talking quietly with their mobile phones in their hands, and Wang Pengyu could barely see that it was the school forum page.

Was it possible…

Wang Pengyu hurriedly turned over his phone and opened the forum. As expected, there was a hot post on the first page. It was posted last night according to the time. When he clicked on it, the original poster was shining with the word Yu Mo. Wang Pengyu looked at the main building of the post in horror. Before he even finished reading it, he slammed off the phone.

Yu Mo actually broke out that incident!

Wang Pengyu lowered his head and stared at the pen on the desk with a pale face. His brain was blank, and he didn’t know what to do. After a while, he recovered, but he didn’t dare to look up for fear of meeting other people’s sights. He didn’t care about going to class soon, so he stood up and ran out of the classroom, bumping into several people along the way.

The weather in June was still quite hot, but Wang Pengyu’s heart was cold. He ran to a secluded place before stopping. The violent breathing made his entire chest pain, but Wang Pengyu didn’t notice at all. He lowered his head and looked at a stone on the ground, finally couldn’t help it, and squatted to the ground with his face covered.

“It’s not me…really not me…”

Three years ago, Wang Pengyu was only fifteen years old, and he had not passed the rebellious phase, and always felt that he was omnipotent. At that time, the Wang family was also very powerful. As a child of the Wang family, Wang Pengyu could almost be regarded as omnipotent. Then one day, a boy in the class bumped him.

Wang Pengyu had a strong self-esteem, thinking that this person was challenging his prestige, so he found a group of people to block the boy and beat him up. Originally, this matter was over now, but… he didn’t know how Wang Liang got to know of this matter. At that time, Wang Liang spoiled Wang Pengyu very much, even better than others in the Wang family, and Wang Pengyu had the best relationship with Wang Liang. Hearing Wang Pengyu say that he had a fight with others, Wang Liang had no reaction at that time.

Who knew that the boy would be tied up by him?

The boy had been tied up for three days when he knew of it. He went to find Wang Liang, but Wang Liang just reassured him, saying that he was just teaching the boy a lesson. Wang Pengyu reluctantly believed it, and after waiting for another two days, the boy was never found.

At that time, Wang Pengyu was not so cruel. After all, he was still the decent son of the Wang family. Relying on his identity, he finally asked where the boy was locked up.

However, when he arrived, there were no other people in the warehouse, only one body covered in blood was lying on the ground, motionless. Wang Pengyu was frightened but found that the boy was still moving. He reached out his hand and felt his pocket to make a call. It was only when he found it empty that he remembered his urgency when he came out. He didn’t bring his phone at all. He wanted to call someone, but when he ran on the road, he ran into Wang Liang who was looking for him.

He was taken back to Wang’s house by Wang Liang.

After that, this incident was settled by the Wang family, but Wang Pengyu had a nightmare for several months. Every time he dreamed that the boy was standing in front of him with blood on his face and asking him why he didn’t save him.

Wang Pengyu thought that no one knew about this, but in the first year of high school, Chi Fang whispered the name of that person in his ear. And now… Wang Pengyu suddenly thought of something. He took out his cell phone and started calling Wang Liang frantically, but no one answered the call.

Then he tried calling his father for more than ten times, and was finally connected. As soon as Wang Pengyu was going to say something, he heard a knock from his father’s side, and he covered his mouth.

“We received a report. You have something to do with a case three years ago. Please come with us.” The person who spoke was cold.

Wang Pengyu didn’t dare to make a sound, and he didn’t know where his father put the phone, but the phone never hung up. There was a sound of closing the door on the other side of the phone, and then it quieted down quickly. Wang Pengyu put down the phone in his hand blankly, looking at the gravel on the ground, unable to cry even if he wanted to cry.

He suddenly thought, if he didn’t provoke Chi Fang when he was in the first year of high school, or he didn’t provoke Pang Zifei earlier, then there would be no accident in the Wang family now.

Wang Pengyu really felt regret, but he had no chance to do things again.

The forum was quickly known to everyone who made trouble. Yu Mo did not remain anonymous, but in order to protect the boy’s family, he did not write too much detail on it. After the investigator came to talk with Yu Mo once, he left. In the following days, news of the Wang family’s patriarch being arrested went viral.

Wang Pengyu had never been to school again either.

Chi Fang was stunned by the development of the incident. He poked Yu Mo’s arm, “How do you know about that boy?”

He knew that the incident was dug out at the end of the previous life. It stood to reason that it should be impossible for Yu Mo to know…

“You said.” Yu Mo said lightly.

Chi Fang was confused.

When Yu Mo saw this, he explained: “When you told Wang Pengyu that person’s name, I was nearby.”

At that time, Yu Mo was very concerned about Chi Fang, not to mention a name spoken from Chi Fang’s mouth. He went around but found that this person was not from their school, and even the owner of the name he found was no longer alive.

Yu Mo found a lot of information under this name, and then called up the data of the year. Because it took a long time, Yu Mo had to find a lot of things before finally determining that this matter was related to the Wang family.

Originally, the matter had ended there, and Yu Mo had no impression of the Wang family, nor did he have any intentions of helping others to do justice.

However, Wang Liang tied up Chi Fang, and Chi Fang was injured. Before the matter was dealt with, Wang Pengyu poured dirty water on Chi Fang on the forum and sent a report to the principal.

Yu Mo was angry.

Then the Wang family had to be unlucky.


The affairs of the Wang family had been in chaos for a long time, but Chi Fang had no extra thoughts to pay attention to them, because the final exam had come. This was the last exam for the second year of high school, which was equivalent to the beginning of the sprint for the third year. The format of the exam had become the same as that of the college entrance examination. Chi Fang had already done the papers in this mode when he was doing the questions, so he did it very quickly. When he encountered those questions that he had no idea about, he skipped to the next question, and quickly solved the paper.

The exams lasted for two days. After finishing the exams, Chi Fang watched the teacher collect the papers and suddenly realized that his high school career… only had one year left.

After the exam, Chi Fang and Yu Mo returned to the villa that night. The next day was Chi Fang’s birthday. The Chi family hosted a banquet and invited many business people. And Yu Mo’s invitation was personally given by Chi Fang.

After Chi Fang said goodbye to Yu Mo, he stood alone outside the gate of Chi’s villa, shivering. He didn’t forget that his mother was called to school a few days ago. Although Mother Chi didn’t say anything at the time, Chi Fang always felt that Mother Chi had a meaning when talking on the phone. She would let him live a few more days and follow up after the exam.

With this idea of dying early, Chi Fang cautiously pushed open the door of the villa open.

Mother Chi was sitting in the living room, and when she heard the door opening, she turned her head and saw Chi Fang. Chi Fang wanted to turn around and escape for a moment.

“Why are you standing there stupidly? Come over and get ready to eat.” Mother Chi looked at her stupid son in confusion.

Chi Fang paused, glanced lightly at Chi Zheng’s face, and Chi Zheng smiled and nodded to Chi Fang.

Alert lifted.

Only then did Chi Fang breathe a sigh of relief and smiled: “Okay.” During the meal, Mother Chi asked Chi Yan about the banquet which was happening the next day. Chi Fang did not dare to speak and bowed his head to eat.

“Ah, that’s right.” Mother Chi suddenly remembered something and turned to look at Chi Fang, “Have you given Xiao Mo’s invitation?”

Chi Fang choked with a mouthful of rice in his throat and almost couldn’t hold the bowl in his hand. He coughed twice, his face flushed red, and then he nodded slightly, “Yes, yes.”

“That’s good.” Mother Chi replied and turned to talk to Chi Yan again.

What did this mean? Chi Fang was full of question marks and looked at his second brother. Although Chi Zheng had no good feelings for the Yu family boy, his brother stared at him with this look. Chi Zheng still couldn’t hold back, so he leaned into Chi Fang’s ear and whispered: “Mom agreed long ago.”

Chi Fang looked surprised, and asked in a low voice: “When did you know?”

He still felt that he had kept it hidden pretty well.


Before Chi Zheng’s words were finished, Mother Chi on the side glanced over and saw the two sons whispering in each other’s ears and smilingly asked: “What are you talking about? Say it loudly.”

Chi Zheng instantly sat upright. Without changing his face, he said, “Brother asked me how big the cake will be tomorrow, and I said I don’t know.”

Mother Chi nodded and didn’t say whether she believed it or not. With this episode, Chi Fang didn’t dare to ask anything. He lowered his head, thinking about when he was discovered.

After the meal, Chi Zheng and Chi Yan went to the study. Chi Fang was called by Mother Chi alone, and the two sat on the sofa in the living room. Mother Chi stared at Chi Fang for a long time but didn’t speak, Chi Fang was so flustered as she was staring at him, with a smile on her face all the time. After a while, Mother Chi sighed, “Okay, I can’t eat you. What are you afraid of?”

Chi Fang sighed in relief, moved forward, and coaxed: “No, I am afraid of my mother being angry. If Mother is angry, I’ll also be angry.”

Mother Chi nodded his forehead, “Just your mouth is sweet.”

After speaking, she also looked a little surprised. When the eldest and second child was born, because Chi family was still not stable, she accompanied her husband during his travels. Both children were raised by a nanny. Fortunately, the two children were not alienated from her because of this. By the time she was pregnant with Chi Fang, the Chi family was basically settled. Counting it all, Chi Fang was brought up by her since he was a child. Perhaps because of this, he had always been very close to her. In a blink of an eye, the little dumpling, which was so tiny and used to hug her while talking to her with a milky voice, grew so big.

The point was that the little dumpling not only didn’t abduct over a daughter-in-law for her but was abducted by others instead.

She still felt angry when she thought about it.

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