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After Ji Wenfeng was thwarted by a nervous and lively eye movement in the toilet, Lu Rong thought he should give up, but it was not the case. Ji Wenfeng was not a man who would stand still in the face of setbacks.

Ji Wenfeng was convinced that Lu Rong was wearing his clothes, and he would do it even if he had to dig three feet to verify this. After his expectations failed in the toilet, he did doubt his life for a while, but he quickly realized that Lu Rong should have taken off his clothes. His actions in the car in the morning must have startled the snake, Lu Rong ran to the school first, took off his clothes, and then dared to come to the toilet to let him see swaggeringly.

So, where would the clothes he took off be hidden? It was never going to be easy to destroy the corpse.

Ji Wenfeng sat in his seat and observed the unified school desk in front of him. The top was a flip-top drawer, the bottom was a crosspiece where items could be placed, and below that was the floor of the table leg. There were only three places to hide.

Ji Wenfeng felt that it was necessary for him to go to Class 8.

After the third class, the music for eye exercises sounded on the radio, Lu Rong closed his eyes obediently, sat at the desk, and prepared to enjoy this hard-won leisure time.

Unlike ordinary students, Lu Rong liked eye exercises very, very much. Close your eyes, don’t have to think about anything, press your fingers next to your eyes according to the rhythm, and massage soothingly. Was there anything happier than this in school? No need to go to class, no exams, no need to think about the income of the entire villain team this month, and no need to deal with Ji Wenfeng. The time for eye exercises for Lu Rong was similar to the time for the old man who sat quietly in the cab listening to music after driving home, it was his time to relax. Because everyone’s eyes were closed, no one noticed him, and this became his own meditation.

However, Lu Rong couldn’t enter meditation today, because there was always a buzzing sound in his ears, and everyone was whispering.

Girl A: “Today, it is class 1 who are checking eye exercises. Look, there are people in class 1 wearing red armbands who have gone out.”

Girl B: “Do you think it will be Ji Wenfeng who will come to check us?”

Girl C: “It’s really him! He’s here, he’s here!”

Lu Rong: “…” Unexpectedly, Ji Wenfeng was so persistent. For the sake of that shirt, he didn’t hesitate to come to their class 8 for an inspection.

Girl A quickly took out the foundation in the drawer and put on a layer of powder for herself: “When Ji Wenfeng comes in, my skin must have the freshest nude makeup, and it should also shine with a slight pearliness in the sun, so he would I think I’m the most shining woman in class 8, but I don’t know why I’m so shiny, straight men are just like this.”

Girl B took out a matte bean paste color lipstick and painted it on herself, making sure that everyone except the English teacher, the dead straight male teacher outside would never see that she wore lipstick, and inexplicably think that her lip color was light and suitable for kissing: “You can be a sister.”

Girl C took out a hairpin and gathered her bangs to make sure she tied it well. When the eyes were closed, the delicate and full forehead would be revealed: “Tell me, when we close our eyes and do eye exercises, will Ji Wenfeng sneak in, put a small note on our table, and ask us to have lunch in the cafeteria at noon? Maybe for a small fish cake?”

All the girls: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Lu Rong: “…”

The rotten girl glanced behind mysteriously: “Will he?” She was curious whether Ji Wenfeng in private also had such a sullen and romantic character?

Lu Rong: “…” He was going to buy a chicken coop to lock up all the girls in the class.

At this time, the squad leader Fang Chang said: “He just walked to the corner of the corridor, and he may go to the third teaching building for inspection. You don’t need to be so excited.”

All the girls: “You are just jealous of him.”

Fang Chang: “Don’t talk nonsense. I’m facing the wind in a jade tree, and I’m suave. Why should I be jealous of him?!”

All the girls: “When you mention Ji Wenfeng, you lose your temper. Isn’t that just jealousy?”

Fang Chang corrected: “Isn’t that just jealousy, this is head breaking!”

Lu Rong secretly kicked the clothes bag under the rotten woman’s chair in the front seat to prevent Ji Wenfeng from checking his seat carefully when he came in. After confirming that the clothes bag was safe, he glanced at Fang Chang from the corner of his eye. Fang Chang, as the monitor of Class 8, envied and hated Ji Wenfeng, who became the monitor of Class 1 as soon as he first came to school, and felt a sense of crisis, so he wanted to break his head, this could also be used.

After finishing all this, he silently did eye exercises, and before Ji Wenfeng arrived, he could probably finish the second section properly. A person had only one pair of eyes, and it was very difficult to recover from myopia. Lu Rong had always paid attention to the health of his eyes.

Ji Wenfeng originally wanted to sneak into Class 8 to check Lu Rong’s desks, but wherever he passed, all the students didn’t do their exercises well, scribbled on their cheeks with their fingers, and peeked at him. So, 10 points were deducted from Class 1: “Noisy.”

Before reaching the door of Class 8, they heard the sound of chickens crowing, and the deputy squad leader sneered: “Too noisy.” 20 points were deducted.

Ji Wenfeng: “Wait a minute.”

He pulled off his school uniform tie and appeared in front of Class 8.

In an instant, there was no sound. But girl A’s pearlescent foundation, girl B’s red bean paste lipstick, and girl C’s hairpin were really so dazzling and shining.

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Deputy squad member: “Came prepared.” Write down “Girls make-up” in the column of class 8, and deduct 30 points.

In addition, 20 points were deducted since the desktop was not neat; 30 points were deducted for making noise before the inspection and lack of organization and discipline; and 30 points were further deducted for being silent and extremely cunning during the inspection. Total score: -10.

If even girls had time to put on makeup, Lu Rong must have had time to transfer clothes. Ji Wenfeng began to feel that it was too inconvenient to walk around the campus as a school monitor.

The deputy squad leader had to go back after deducting the points: “It’s ok, no class can surpass our class in overall points this month.” He was such a man with a sense of class responsibility.

Unexpectedly, Ji Wenfeng walked into Class 8 classroom head-on.

Deputy squad leader: “…?”

They rushed from the farthest end of the first teaching building to the farthest end of the second teaching building, and they never stopped in any classroom. This was what the squad leader did.

The deputy squad leader silently followed Ji Wenfeng into the gate of Class 8. Looking at his back with his hands behind his back as he slowed down and inspected the territory seriously, he remembered that Ji Wenfeng had called him outside the toilet to talk about class civilization construction, could it be that he was really waiting for someone at that time, and this person was from Class 8…

Ji Wenfeng didn’t know what his new subordinate was planning, and slowly paced around the classroom of Class 8, staring at Lu Rong’s position. There was nothing on the pedals, nothing on the ground, could it be hidden in the desk?

He quietly walked to Lu Rong’s side, reaching down, trying to lift his desk.

Lu Rong was doing the third session of eye exercises. He felt Ji Wenfeng’s breath, and his breath sank to his dantian.

The two wrestled silently, causing the heart of the rotten woman in the front row to be turbulent. Her cute cp was in the same frame, but she would be deducted 10 points if she looked back. She was vacillating between class honor and sugar consumption and couldn’t decide whether to sacrifice the class total score for sugar consumption. She was anxious, so she twisted her body; twisting her body, she kicked the clothes bag underneath.

There was a rustling sound from the plastic bag.

Ji Wenfeng, Lu Rong, and the rotten girl: “…”    

Ji Wenfeng thought: “Got it!”

Lu Rong: “…”

Rotten Girl: “The stolen things were taken back to her mother’s house, and they were hidden under my mother’s feet!”

Ji Wenfeng bent down.

Before it was too late, Lu Rong kicked the bag of clothes to Guo Jing!

Guo Jing: “…What?” What are you playing? Suddenly pass the ball to me?

Ji Wenfeng stretched out his long legs to hook the clothes bag back, Lu Rong kicked Guo Jing, and Guo Jing kicked the clothes bag to the right with his remaining right leg!

The deputy squad leader was standing where he was, when suddenly a vegetable market plastic bag rolled out under his feet, stuffed with something bulging inside.

The deputy squad leader took out a pen and paper: “…There is rubbish on the ground, 10 points will be deducted.” Total score: -20.

Ji Wenfeng took a look at Lu Rong, who was still doing eye exercises quietly, but wrote “defeat” all over his body and mind and went to the deputy squad leader triumphantly: “What kind of rubbish is it, open it and have a look.”

Lu Rong: “…” He was afraid that he would be executed in public.

Just as the deputy squad leader bent down to pick it up, a hand stretched out from inside, held down the clothes bag, and picked it up.

Fang Chang: “It’s not rubbish, I dropped it.” The Gestapo from Class 1 crazily deducted points from Class 8, and Fang Chang, the class leader, couldn’t take it anymore.

Ji Wenfeng stared at the clothes bag: “Open it.”

Fang Chang: “Why? Did you come to check for eye exercises or search our personal belongings?”

The deputy squad leader said coldly: “We suspect it is garbage.” What exactly is it? Something that made the new monitor so concerned? He also cared.

Fang Chang tucked the clothes bag into his own clothes awe-inspiringly, crossed his waist and said, “We are doing a drama in Chinese class, and I will play the pregnant Du Shiniang[1]. This is my prop. I am pregnant.”

Ji Wenfeng and the deputy squad leader looked at Fang Chang’s bulging belly: “…”

Fang Chang walked up to the deputy squad leader, eye to eye, nose to nose, and puffed out his stomach, and said, “Thank you for picking up my baby. In addition, I also want to just remind you, it will also be our turn to check eye exercises in class 8.”

Deputy monitor: “Hehe, we will wait and see.”

Fang Chang unreasonably pretended to be a pregnant woman, Ji Wenfeng was speechless, and took the deputy monitor away. Fang Chang defeated Ji Wenfeng and was arrogant like a proud big rooster.

Class 8: “Good job, Du Shiniang!”

Lu Rong couldn’t help but applaud him. He would never say that Fang Chang owed him even for a day.

Fang Chang walked to the trash can, stepped on the lid of the trash can, threw the clothes in his stomach into it, and warned: “Next time, don’t litter everywhere.”

Lu Rong: “…” No, it’s too early, Fang Chang is still in arrears.

Later at noon, Lu Rong went to the school guard room to send a courier, opened the clothes package, and the courier boy praised: “Your clothes are pretty, but they have a smell.”

Lu Rong: “Is it?” He brought it to the tip of his nose to see if there was any rotten smell from the trash can.

Ji Wenfeng happened to pass by the guard room, and when he passed the window, he saw Lu Rong holding his clothes in his hands, sniffing them fascinatedly with the tip of his nose.

Ji Wenfeng was taken aback for a moment, and the corners of his mouth curled up in joy.

He just knew it.

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[1] Du Shiniang is a popular story and theatre plot in China. It exists as a Yue opera, as a Sichuan opera, and also as a 2006 “hybrid” Chinese-language western-style opera in the repertoire of the China Central Opera.

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