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Lu Rong sat in the back seat of the car and listened to English. His English was really poor, and he wanted to memorize more words during his commute to and from school every day. As soon as the car left the community, Ji Wenfeng took off his earphones: “What are you listening to?” After listening to a few sentences, he found that it was in English, and glanced at Lu Rong: “You only listen to this conversation at kindergarten level + speech speed in nursing home for the elderly.”

Knowing that Young Master Ji grew up in the United States, Lu Rong snatched the earphones back and stuffed them in his ears and continued his English training while looking out the window. He was well aware of the gap between them, and he had no envy or hatred. People were inherently different, and he knew it from when he was very young.

Before he could hear a few more words, Ji Wenfeng took off his earphones again: “I can teach you.”

Lu Rong turned to look at him in disbelief. The two of them ate, drank and had fun all day long. When did they get along with studying?

Facing his questioning eyes, Ji Wenfeng gave a calm “hmm” with confidence in his chest.

Lu Rong thought to himself: Could it be that Ji Wenfeng’s grades are good?

He recalled that when Ji Wenfeng was looking for the optimal solution for the drawer capacity in the supermarket, his calculation skills were super strong; he must be good at mathematics, so he should have no problems with physics, chemistry, and biology, seeing how smart he was; and English? English was almost his mother tongue, and the only thing that may be poor was Chinese.

Except for English, Lu Rong could take the test scores in other subjects. He was only curious about Ji Wenfeng’s learning ability and had no other intentions. But if Ji Wenfeng was willing to help him with English, that would be great.

Just because his grades were good didn’t mean he could teach, right? Lu Rong asked: “How are you going to teach me?”

Ji Wenfeng said: “From now on, I will only speak English at home.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “I still want to charge some tuition.”

Lu Rong’s body tensed up: it’s time for Ji Wenfeng to be a monster again, I don’t know what the young master is going to do today.

Ji Wenfeng glanced at him indifferently: “I’ll teach you a sentence of grammar, and you have to take one piece of your clothes.”

Lu Rong: “…” Did Ji Wenfeng know that he sold his clothes?

Lao Song: “…”

Lao Song glanced at Ji Wenfeng from the rearview mirror and warned: “I have to tell Mr. Ji about this.”

Lu Rong grabbed the back of his chair: “Don’t!”

Lao Song’s eyes moved from Ji Wenfeng to Lu Rong: “…” Really dared to love, one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer. Sure enough, there are too many people with secrets in this city.

Lu Rong suspected that Ji Wenfeng knew that he was secretly wearing his clothes and took them out of the house in an attempt to consign them, so he sat back vigilantly, always on guard against Ji Wenfeng rushing up to unzip his zipper: “I can’t afford the tuition.”

Ji Wenfeng’s eyes fell on his chin: “Really?”

Lu Rong put on his earphones and continued to listen to English, looked out of the window, and expressed with a frozen back that he did not want to worship him as a teacher, then he said: “Turn on the air conditioner.”

Lao Song: “It’s the autumn tiger season.”

Ji Wenfeng: “I don’t want to say it a second time.”

Due to Ji Wenfeng’s forceful power, Lao Song turned up the temperature, and the car quickly became stuffy and hot, Lu Rong’s face became flushed, and fine sweat appeared on his nose.

Ji Wenfeng came up behind him, took off his earphones, and whispered in his ear, “Isn’t it hot?”

Lu Rong: “…”

Ji Wenfeng casually fell on the back seat of the car, looking into Lu Rong’s eyes, he slowly unzipped the zipper of his school uniform, pulled it to the end bit by bit, opened the coat and pulled out the shirt, revealing a little bit of strong abdominal muscle.

Lu Rong: “…”

Lao Song activated the car’s Bluetooth: “Hey, 110, I want to call the police. Someone here has violated the law on the protection of minors.”

Ji Wenfeng put his hand on Lu Rong’s shoulder: “It’s a hot day, what are you doing so tightly wrapped?” Then he turned to his school uniform collar.

In the narrow space, Lu Rong had nowhere to hide, so he raised his hand and grabbed Ji Wenfeng’s wrist, prohibiting him from peeking at his neck. Ji Wenfeng immediately clasped his hand behind him, and dragged him to his eyes, wanting to look at his sleeves, what clothes he was wearing under the school uniform. In this way, Lu Rong was dragged into Ji Wenfeng’s arms. Even though he lost his balance, his four fingers still tightly clasped his sleeves to prevent him from succeeding. Ji Wenfeng couldn’t get into his sleeves, so he simply took off his pants, and when he had taken them off, he would know what clothes were tucked inside. Facing such a savage attack, Lu Rong calmly freed up a hand and pressed the hand that tried to take off his trousers on the waist of his trousers.

Just like that, Ji Wenfeng dragged Lu Rong into his arms, wrapped his sleeve around his sleeve with one hand, and took off his pants with the other. Lu Rong held his wrist with one hand, and the other hand stopped him from taking another step forward. The two wrestled silently in the back seat, with their necks blushing.

Unable to attack for a long time, Ji Wenfeng tilted his head slightly to peek at his collar.

From the rearview mirror, Lao Song saw that it was an ethical tragedy of a wealthy family – Ji Wenfeng had hugged Lu Rong and wanted to take off his pants, but Lu Rong half pushed and half pulled his hand off his hip. Lu Rong suffered under strong psychological pressure, lowered his eyes in shame, and Ji Wenfeng wanted to kiss his neck regardless.

Lao Song slammed on the brakes, unlocked the door on Lu Rong’s side, and said in a deep voice, “Run!”

The two teenagers bumped into the front seat, breaking the unsolvable confrontation. Without further ado, Lu Rong opened the car door and stumbled out. Ji Wenfeng must have heard from the laundry aunt that he picked up those idle items, but he couldn’t confirm it. He almost broke through just now, which was dangerous.

Ji Wenfeng’s eyes sharpened, and he looked at Lao Song: “What are you doing?”

Lao Song took out a cigarette, lighted it calmly on the cigarette lighter, clamped his fingers, took a deep breath, and slowly exhaled: “You guys are like this! It’s impossible to go down.” He turned his face and looked at Ji Wenfeng with hatred for iron not becoming steel, “You, be gentle.”

Ji Wenfeng: “…?”

He just wanted to know which clothes Lu Rong was wearing.

Lu Rong ran into the school and went to the bathroom to change his clothes, stuffed them into his schoolbag and walked into the classroom, asked Guo Jing for a dark plastic bag from the vegetable market, stuffed the trendy sweater into it and placed it at his feet. Later, when Ji Wenfeng went upstairs, he deliberately walked in front of Class 8, staring at Lu Rong sharply, hoping to see through his school uniform jacket to see which clothes he was wearing. Ji Wenfeng looked at Lu Rong who was sitting in the classroom, but he didn’t know that the rotten girl sitting in the classroom was also looking at him.

Rotten girl: “Son, what happened between you and your husband this morning?”

Lu Rong kicked the clothes bag under his feet inside to prevent Ji Wenfeng from seeing: “He is not my husband.”

Thinking about Ji Wenfeng’s sharp eyes, and Lu Rong’s nervous expression, after thinking for a few seconds, the rotten girl came up with the answer: “Did you secretly take things from your husband’s house back to your mother’s house and was caught by your husband on the spot?”

Lu Rong: “…” Are you a witch?

Lu Rong thought that Ji Wenfeng should give up after coming to school, but he didn’t. After two classes, all the students around were spreading the word, saying that they didn’t know who had offended Ji Wenfeng from Class 1. Ji Wenfeng led people to block the door of the toilet and had already waited for two full breaks.

“Whenever an unlucky ghost goes to the bathroom, he will be beaten.” Classmate A vowed, “Ji Wenfeng will stay in front of the bathroom door after class and never leave!”

Lu Rong guessed: Ji Wenfeng must be waiting for him to go to the bathroom. As long as he stood by the sink and unzipped his pants, the clothes tucked inside would be exposed. Cunning, Ji Wenfeng, picked a weak spot that people couldn’t defend against. However, he had already taken off his clothes.

Lu Rong got up and quietly went out to use the bathroom. He really had three urgencies, and he also wanted to verify his guess.

In the E-shaped teaching building of Chengnan High School, two toilets were installed in the corridor connecting the three teaching buildings, which were respectively located in the middle of the first and second teaching buildings and the second and third teaching buildings. Ji Wenfeng’s class 1 was located in the first teaching building, and Lu Rong’s class 2 was located in the second teaching building, so Ji Wenfeng guarded the toilet in the middle of the first and second teaching buildings.

Lu Rong walked to the fork in the corridor, and there was a toilet on the left and right sides. The toilet on the left was crowded with people, and the toilet on the right was empty. The reason was that Ji Wenfeng and his followers were leaning outside the toilet, talking and laughing happily. Girls from all grades, even those who were far away from the third teaching building, all came here to use the toilet, and some even come here twice during a break, hoping to attract Mr. Ji’s attention.

However, Mr. Ji just watched the people coming and going in the toilet indifferently, talking and laughing happily.

“Who is he waiting for?” Everyone was guessing.

When Lu Rong appeared in the corridor, Ji Wenfeng immediately straightened up like a rattlesnake, and looked in his direction. Lu Rong couldn’t stand his sensitivity and the stares of the people around him, so he turned around and walked towards the toilet on the right. There was no need to try again, Ji Wenfeng was definitely waiting for him, his only wish now was to empty his bladder before Ji Wenfeng broke in.

Lu Rong’s wish didn’t come true, as soon as he put his hand on the zipper, Ji Wenfeng followed in.

Ji Wenfeng walked up to him and stood still, turning his head and staring at his crotch.

Lu Rong secretly smiled inwardly, and slowly opened the chain of his trousers, revealing the white shirt inside.

Ji Wenfeng: “!”

Ji Wenfeng frowned: How could this be? Didn’t Lu Rong steal his clothes?

Ji Wenfeng’s expectations fell through, his brows were furrowed, and he left absent-mindedly.

Fang Chang, the squad leader of Class 8 who witnessed this scene, came over and patted Lu Rong on the shoulder: “Good job.”

Lu Rong stared at him and patted his hands. He shouldn’t have washed his hands.

When Lu Rong returned to the classroom, all the boys gathered around, took his hand kindly, patted his shoulder, praised him for his good job, and stared at his crotch involuntarily while speaking. Lu Rong asked Li Nanbian what was going on, and Li Nanbian looked at him twice, with a look on his face that he didn’t know whether he should say this or not: “Do you really want to know?”

Lu Rong: “Tell me.”

Li Nanbian: “Fang Chang said that you are very big. Ji Wenfeng stood next to you, and when he saw your bird, he was scared away. It made the boys in class 8 more ambitious.”

Lu Rong: “…”

Lu Rong: “Fang Chang is really in my debt.”

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