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Fu Yuanzhou thought it was enough to eat Pocky sitting on Yuan Ye’s lap just now, but he didn’t expect that there would be something even worse than that.

Just after listening to the person who drew the card read the content, his scalp tingled for a while, and when Xie Lin’s eyes fell on him, he instantly bounced off the sofa and said, “This is not good!”

Seeing that everyone was looking at him, Fu Yuanzhou had to find a reason for his behavior and why it was not good.

“Look, Xie Lin is not in our grade, and is not familiar with everyone. It’s not good to play like this, not to mention that it’s a holiday now, even if he’s dating, we can’t supervise it, it’s just like not playing.”

He worked hard, and it made sense, but Xie Lin said, “I don’t care.”

Others also smiled and said: “It’s just because it’s a holiday, everyone is just playing casually, and no one will take it seriously. If you can date the chairman for three days, in the future, there will be light on your face when you say it out.”

But Xie Lin would definitely take it seriously! Fu Yuanzhou said angrily in his heart.

Yuan Ye took a can of beer and took a few sips, then he glanced lazily at Xie Lin.

“This kind of thing has to be done on a voluntary basis, right? If Senior Xie chooses someone, and that person is not happy, the game must be abandoned.” He curled his lips, “Or maybe the senior can be with the person who posted the content for three days. That would be fine.”

“No, I have a girlfriend!” the person who wrote the dare shouted.

Except for him, no one else spoke, their expressions were different, some had the mentality of watching a play, some were indifferent, while some were really eager to try it out.

Ran Shutang remained silent. He didn’t know Xie Lin’s feelings for Fu Yuanzhou before, but seeing Xie Lin preventing Fu Yuanzhou from eating Pocky sticks, and now looking at Fu Yuanzhou, he had realized something, such that his hands on his lap couldn’t help but tighten slightly.

Yu Fei’s eyes swept over Xie Lin calmly, and he said with a smile, “In this case…”

“Yuanzhou.” Xie Lin suddenly opened his mouth and called Fu Yuanzhou.

Who was Yuanzhou? He, Fu Yuanzhou, didn’t know him at all!

Fu Yuanzhou buried his head deeply, he just wanted to be an ostrich and pretend that he didn’t hear him, but of course it was impossible, Xie Lin’s voice still clearly entered his ears.

It was just that what Xie Lin said was completely different from what he thought.

“Who do you think I should choose?” Xie Lin said.

Everyone present was stunned, and Fu Yuanzhou was also surprised, and subconsciously said, “What?”

“Whoever you ask me to associate with, I will associate with that person.” Xie Lin said.

Why listen to Yuanzhou?

The others were surprised, but they quickly figured it out. The chairman didn’t know them, so he wanted to be introduced through Yuanzhou, so they all winked at Fu Yuanzhou: “Brother Yuan, hurry up and choose one for the chairman.”

Fu Yuanzhou was still in a trance, when the doorbell suddenly rang. Someone had come to visit and interrupted their game.

A girl stood up and said, “Is Xinyi here? It must be her, she said she would come at noon, and now it’s almost time.”

Auntie went to open the door, but the person who came was not the last classmate but the clerk delivering desserts.

“I ordered it. I’ll invite everyone to eat dessert.” Yu Fei smiled as he got up and said, “Okay, let’s put the game aside for now, everyone can choose the style of cake they like to eat, and Zhou, I’ve ordered your favorite chocolate cake as well.”

He took Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, gently pushed his shoulder, and took him to the door. The classmates also came over, temporarily forgetting about the game. Xie Lin glanced at them, and just at that time, someone called him, and he went upstairs to answer the phone.

Fu Yuanzhou was pulled by Yu Fei, but he didn’t go to get the cake. Yu Fei took him to another room and called him softly, “Zhou, what are you going to do?”

“What should I do?” Fu Yuanzhou then came back to his senses and asked in a daze.

“Yes, in this game, who are you going to choose for my brother?” Yu Fei said.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t know it himself. He didn’t expect Xie Lin to let him choose. Originally, he thought that Xie Lin would choose him, and was thinking about how to refuse, but now he was caught off guard by this change.

What did Xie Lin mean? Let him choose? It didn’t matter who he chose!

If there was someone Xie Lin liked among these people, or if Xie Lin didn’t like anyone, Fu Yuanzhou naturally understood how to deal with it, but he knew that Xie Lin liked him, and Xie Lin also knows it well, so why call upon him to make the choice?…

Originally, this was just a trivial game, but it made Fu Yuanzhou get in trouble. He really didn’t understand what Xie Lin was thinking.

“Actually, I think there is a suitable candidate.” Yu Fei smiled, opened the door a bit, and pointed to a girl outside as he said, “I don’t think she will refuse, I noticed just now that she has been secretly looking at my brother.”

Fu Yuanzhou looked in the direction he was pointing, it was a girl from another class, she was beautiful, quiet, and very temperamental, so at least she seemed to match Xie Lin in appearance.

“Would you like to ask her?” Yu Fei said softly, “If she wants, choose her.”

“This…” Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t tell what he was feeling, but he found that his emotions were not positive, there was still a bit of conflict, and he didn’t answer immediately, “I’ll go ask Xie Lin’s meaning.”

“Okay.” Yu Fei responded gently, “Go.”

Fu Yuanzhou left and passed by Yuan Ye as he was going out. Looking at Yu Fei who came out later, he raised his eyebrows and asked, “What did you tell him just now?”

Yu Fei smiled, but answered half-heartedly, “It’s nothing to do with you.”

“He’s looking for your brother.” Yuan Ye watched Fu Yuanzhou go upstairs, “Be careful, don’t be self-defeating.” He pulled the corners of his lips to try not to laugh, “In his heart, your brother must be more important than you.”

“But at least he cares about me.” Yu Fei said, “What do you have?”

“I play with him very well, we are together every day.” Yuan Ye said, “We sit at the same table, and are even together after school. You don’t spend as much time with him as we do together.”

“Same table?” Yu Fei smiled, “I slept in the same bed as Yuanyuan, and when I was sick, he took care of me and was so tired that he slept next to me.”

“Were you all wearing clothes?” Yuan Ye was unmoved, “I’ve seen him without clothes, and he’s in such a good shape.”

Yu Fei wasn’t fooled: “Didn’t he wear swimming trunks in swimming lessons?”

“Oh, I still I touched his legs.” Yuan Ye said, “I also kissed his face.”

“I have seen him in estrus.” Yu Fei said, “I could almost mark him.”


The two of them were stimulating each other, the more they talked, the more they lost their smile, and their sharp pheromones rushed out, if they continued to talk, they would most probably start fighting.

“Forget it.” Yuan Ye folded his arms and leaned against the wall, looking at the ceiling and sighing, “What’s the use of fighting with you? The two of us together are not your brother’s opponent.”

Yu Fei said nothing, he knew that Yuan Ye was right, the time they spent with Fu Yuanzhou combined was not as good as Xie Lin’s fraction. They were close to Fu Yuanzhou, so Xie Lin would only be more intimate with Fu Yuanzhou than them.

“Sometimes I wish he wasn’t my brother.” Yu Fei squeezed his brows, not smiling, “Now we have to take into account our respective parents, so we can’t be too stiff…”

“If it’s deadlocked, you say will Fu Yuanzhou stand on your side or on your brother’s side?” Yuan Ye mocked him again.

Yu Fei curled his lips slightly: “If I said you hit me, you say will Fu Yuanzhou stand on my side or your side?”

Yuan Ye sneered: “Your character is really rubbish, you were still putting on a gentle and innocent look in front of Fu Yuanzhou.”

“It’s okay.” Yu Fei was very humble, “I’m not as annoying as you are.”

There was a tendency to fight again. The two calmed down for a while, then Yuan Ye said, “Why don’t we cooperate?”

“Cooperation?” Yu Fei asked rhetorically.

“First kill your brother, the most powerful rival in love.” Yuan Ye said, “Then let’s chase him according to our abilities.”

Yu Fei fell silent, as if thinking about the feasibility: “What can you do?”

“Need to discuss.” Yuan Ye raised his eyebrows, “How about cooperation?”

“…Yes.” Yu Fei narrowed his beautiful eyes and finally agreed.

“Then let’s have a pleasant cooperation… Forget it, it’s impossible to be happy.”


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