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He found an excuse to escape, hid in the bathroom and thought hard, trying to make up a beautiful love story for himself, but it was a pity that he didn’t have this talent. After returning, he could only tell Meng Shiru very simply –

“I have been in love with him for a long time.”

He said this nonsense in a serious manner.

Meng Shiru asked with a smile: “How does that feel?”

“I fell in love with him unconsciously.” Fu Yuanzhou continued to be serious.

“Why do you like him?”

“The reason…” Fu Yuanzhou recalled Yuan Ye’s advantages, “In fact, there are quite a lot of them. He is handsome, good at studying, good at playing games, and his personality fits me very well. Although he is quite lively, he is actually a very careful person.”

“Really?” Meng Shiru was surprised.

“It’s true.” Fu Yuanzhou nodded, but he was sincerely praising Yuan Ye, “If I have something on my mind or feel unwell, he will find out immediately, take care of me or try to make me happy. For another example, he knows that I like to eat chocolate, so he often brings it with him, and feeds me a piece if it’s okay, he also brings me hot milk in winter, and cold drinks in summer. Because of him, my abdominal muscles are gone.”

“And when I was sick, he would copy notes for me, obviously he never copied himself, but he would be very serious for me…”

Fu Yuanzhou talked more and more, even he himself was quite surprised, not only that Yuan Ye had done so many things for him, but also that he still remembered them all and never forgot them.

Meng Shiru listened very carefully, said a few words from time to time, and then asked: “Who among you confessed first?”

“It was him.”

Fu Yuanzhou spoke decisively. He had written down the memo on his phone, and when he went to the bathroom just now, he thought Meng Shiru might ask, so he quickly reviewed it.

“When the Spring Festival was approaching the year before last, the two of us were playing games, and he set off fireworks for me in the game, which were lovers’ fireworks. I asked him if he had misplaced them again, because he had done that once before.”

Speaking of this, Fu Yuanzhou laughed. The fireworks on the eve of the Spring Festival were made up, but they really had set it by mistake before. The game was newly developed at that time and Yuan Ye had pulled him to play along.

When they first entered the game, there was no strategy in the first test, and everything had to be explored by themselves. The master was no different from a rookie. When doing the task, they were supposed to set off festive fireworks, but they accidentally set off fireworks for game lovers, which triggered a fire event, enraging the mission boss.

There were only the two of them, of course it was impossible to defeat the boss, they manipulated the characters to flee desperately, but they still died miserably in the end, this matter later became a joke among them, and it was brought up from time to time.

Fu Yuanzhou continued to tell Meng Shiru the story they made up: “I thought he set the fireworks wrongly again, or was deliberately teasing me, but he didn’t explain anything, he just quit the game, called me a few minutes later, and asked me to look out the window.”

“It was night at that time. I stood by the window and saw beautiful fireworks in the sky. They were pink, exactly the same as the lover’s fireworks in the game.”

“Then I saw Yuan Ye under the window, and he called me to get off the phone and told me it wasn’t misplaced, this time it’s true, he likes me.”

“It’s really romantic.” Meng Shiru’s tone was a little envious, “You promised him right away?”

“That’s not true.” Fu Yuanzhou replied according to the story they made up, “Although I had a crush on him, I thought about it for a few days before agreeing.”

Meng Shiru nodded, expressing her understanding. It became very noisy inside, and the three of them separated and sat in their respective seats. There was no suspense in the result of the game. The Ano team with Yuan Ye won the game. The cheers in the stadium were as enthusiastic as the tide, and Fu Yuanzhou was naturally very happy.

Fu Yuanzhou had promised to ask for the little girl’s autograph, so he asked Yuan Ye if he could bring her there. He had already sent a text message to Yuan Ye in advance, and Yuan Ye received it after he finished the game.

Yuan Ye and his team members had to hold a press conference first, so Fu Yuanzhou led the two sisters back to the lounge for a while, and when Yuan Ye sent a message saying it was ok, the three of them went to find him.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I have to leave for a while…”

But when they were about to reach the place, the little girl said embarrassedly that she was going to the bathroom. She had drunk a lot of water, so now she had to go to the bathroom to solve it.

“It’s the room in front.” Fu Yuanzhou pointed for her, “We’ll go in and wait for you.”

“Okay, I’m sorry, I’ll go back quickly!”

The little girl ran away quickly, and Fu Yuanzhou stepped forward and knocked on the door, Yuan Ye opened the door for him, but Yuan Ye was alone inside.

“Where are your teammates?” Fu Yuanzhou walked in and asked.

“They’re all going back to the club first.” Yuan Ye said, “I’ll drive to your place to stay at night. I packed all my luggage and put it in the car. Let’s go together tomorrow.”

“Oh, good.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

“Was I handsome in the match just now?” After finishing his business, Yuan Ye laughed again and rubbed his hair.

“… very handsome.”

Fu Yuanzhou originally wanted to roll his eyes, but remembering that Meng Shiru was still following behind him, he resisted the urge and praised Yuan Ye.

“Then can I get the reward?”

Yuan Ye asked with a smile, and glanced behind at Meng Shiru, seeing that she was the only one following Fu Yuanzhou, he hooked Fu Yuanzhou’s neck, lowered his head and approached, and quickly kissed his face.

Damn, he’s coming again!

The door was not closed when they came in, Fu Yuanzhou quickly turned around to make sure that no one other than Meng Shiru saw them, and immediately glared at Yuan Ye, his gaze was so fierce that he could kill, but because of Meng Shiru’s presence, he had to hold back the desire to beat him violently. Impulsive Yuan Ye pretended to be embarrassed and said: “She’s watching…”

“I kissed you because she is here.”

Yuan Ye explained in a low voice in his ear, as if it wasn’t enough, he kissed two more times, just when Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t bear it anymore and was about to kick him, he quickly backed away and greeted Meng Shiru, “Good evening.”

“Good evening.” Meng Shiru smiled slightly, “You two have such a good relationship.”

“…” Fu Yuanzhou could only face it with a smile.

After meeting Meng Shiru’s cousin and sending her an autograph and group photo, Meng Shiru bid farewell with the weeping little girl who felt like she was in a dream, then Yuan Ye drove back to the school apartment with Fu Yuanzhou.

“Do you want to die?”

As soon as he entered the apartment, Fu Yuanzhou showed an expression of wanting to eat Yuan Ye: “If you want to die, I can help you now!”

“I was wrong.” Yuan Ye’s expression was very sincere, but he always admitted his mistakes with an open mind and never repented. “This is to make her believe us.”

“Didn’t I tell you that someone else would come? What should I do if someone sees it!” Fu Yuanzhou was very angry.

“I’ve seen it, and there was no one behind her.”

Who would have thought that upon hearing his question, Yuan Ye would not only feel guilty, but also happy: “You’re not angry that I kissed you, but worried about being seen by others?”

“I think you should worry about your own life first!”

Fu Yuanzhou was furious, and grabbed Yuan Ye and beat him again, but considering that they had to drive home tomorrow, it didn’t take long, and as Yuan Ye said, he was really more worried about being discovered, compared to being kissed a few times, which seemed insignificant.

After packing up Yuan Ye and his luggage, Fu Yuanzhou went to take a shower first. Halfway through the shower, he suddenly remembered that he had made an oversight: he didn’t bring his underwear in.

Whether at home or in the apartment, Fu Yuanzhou’s room had its own bathroom. He was always alone, so he was used to going into the bathroom without underwear, and wearing it after going out. No one would see him anyway, so it was more convenient.

When he went to take a shower, Yuan Ye was in his bedroom, playing games with his laptop and pushing the boss. It probably won’t be over in a while. Fu Yuanzhou thought about it and didn’t ask him to help him get his underwear.

After taking a shower, he dried his hair in front of the mirror, and put on the pajamas on his upper body. The pajamas were wide enough to cover a section of his thigh. Fu Yuanzhou looked in the mirror and made sure that nothing was exposed, then he walked out of the bathroom and entered the bedroom.

It was very quiet when he entered, Yuan Ye was playing the game seriously, wearing earphones, staring at the screen intently, he was sitting at the table with his back to Fu Yuanzhou, so he didn’t notice him coming in.

Fu Yuanzhou quietly walked to the cabinet and opened the door. The shame was that the underwear was still in the bottom drawer, and he had to bend down or squat down to get it.

He was about to lower his body, but Yuan Ye’s voice suddenly came from behind him: “You’re finished washing.”

Yuan Ye had just finished a game, so he took off his earphones and looked back at Fu Yuanzhou, and saw Fu Yuanzhou’s bare white thighs at a glance. Standing by the cabinet, a look of embarrassment appeared on his face.


It was not that Yuan Ye had never seen Fu Yuanzhou’s legs, but of course he had never worn a boyfriend shirt like this before. Even if only two legs were exposed, it looked particularly impactful, and they had played together not long ago. After passing the “boyfriend shirt” once, Yuan Ye was shocked and froze on the spot.

“What are you looking at!” Fu Yuanzhou’s neck was red, and he ordered him fiercely, “Go back and play your game!”

“You…” Yuan Ye raised his hand to cover the lower half of his face, covering his unnatural expression, “Why are you dressed like this?”

“I forgot to bring my underwear in, that’s it.” Fu Yuanzhou stretched out his hand and yelled at him, “Look back, I’m looking for clothes, what’s there to see.”


Yuan Ye turned around but his voice sounded out of control.

In fact, when he was seen, Fu Yuanzhou felt quite embarrassed, but it was okay, after all, he was a man, but Yuan Ye’s reaction was too strange, as if he had been seduced out of his soul, which made him feel strangely shy, until all of his body was sweating.

He quickly squatted down and rummaged through his underwear in the drawer, took out a random pair and quickly pulled it over his legs. He was wearing it, while Yuan Ye who had his back turned to him, stared at the white wall, as if it was blooming, and whispered.

“There is something I didn’t tell you?”

“What?” Fu Yuanzhou was struggling with underwear, and finally put it on, and quickly pulled out a pair of pajama pants, and answered casually while wearing them.

“Actually…” Yuan Ye said, “I really like men.”

The author has something to say: Yuan Ye is a man who strictly abides by the rules of jj[1]. Above the neck, he punches hard and proficiently like an old driver. Below the neck, he is submissive, a pure and innocent girl.

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[1] I think it means jjwxc… The author means that he is a typical male lead of a jjwxc novel…

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