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The lights in the room were not turned on, only a bedside lamp was turned on, and the dim light covered the person on the bed.

The shadow of the curled eyelashes was elongated, making the trembling look more obvious.

Yan Yan thought he had heard it wrong, but Ji Juechuan was standing beside the bed, and his voice came into his ears very clearly, word for word.

He was stunned for a moment, not knowing why Ji Juechuan said this suddenly.

He obviously didn’t want to say a word to him in the car, and he was so fierce to him in the afternoon, and now he suddenly said such inexplicable words.

He remembered that when he was at the company in the afternoon, Ji Juechuan also got angry for no reason, and even gave a bad face to him.

What if he didn’t say goodnight? Would Ji Juechuan treat him as fiercely as he did in the afternoon?

Although he knew that he should act like a spoiled child to Ji Juechuan as before and make Ji Juechuan hate him, this was his plan from the beginning after all, but Yan Yan was now curled up in the quilt with his eyes closed, because he just didn’t want to talk to Ji Juechuan.

A few minutes later, the person beside the bed seemed to have finally left. Yan Yan quietly opened his eyes and took a look. There was no one beside the bed, and he didn’t know where Ji Juechuan went.

He breathed a sigh of relief, turned over in the quilt, and fell asleep after a while.

Yan Yan woke up very early the next day.

He was always thinking about the bartending tools and materials he bought yesterday and wanted to clean them quickly and try them out, so he got up from the bed early.

Ji Juechuan was sitting at the table drinking coffee when suddenly footsteps came from the stairs. He looked up and saw Yan Yan who was wearing light colored home clothes, with a bunch of his hair curled up in disobedience, and his face a little red because he had just woken up.

After going downstairs, Yan Yan went to the porch and brought over the things he bought yesterday and walked towards the kitchen.

Seeing the big bag of things, Ji Juechuan frowned, put down the coffee in his hand and wanted to help him carry it to the kitchen, but saw Yan Yan quicken his pace as he passed him, and quickly walk into the kitchen and close the door.

He paused, looked away, and looked at the half cup of coffee on the table.

After a while, he finished the coffee on the table and left the dining room.

After driving the car out of the garage, when passing the door, Ji Juechuan couldn’t help but take a look inside the door.

The last time Yan Yan leaned out half of his body behind that door to ask him to come home early.

After taking a look, Ji Juechuan turned his head back expressionlessly, looking at the road ahead.

What the hell was he thinking.

The car drove all the way to downstairs of the company.

When he entered the office, Lu Ji’s gaze sweeping across his face from time to time was too obvious, and Ji Juechuan put the things in his hands on the table in a non-heavy manner.

“Speak up if you have something to say.”

Lu Ji held back for a long time, and asked without thinking, “How are things between you and Master Yan?”

Ji Juechuan was startled. When he was talking to Yan Yan yesterday, he obviously asked Lu Ji to close the door. How did Lu Ji see that he had a problem with Yan Yan.

“What’s the matter?”

Lu Ji’s eyes widened a little: “Didn’t Young Master Yan run back to his house yesterday? I saw that his eyes were red from crying when he came out of the office yesterday.”

It was not like he hadn’t come into contact with Yan Yan before. Rich young masters like him would run home to sue if they were wronged, not to mention Yan Yan was bullied like that yesterday, it was impossible that he would still continue to live in Ji Juechuan’s house after yesterday, right?

Ji Juechuan frowned tightly, “Was he crying?”

“…” Lu Ji sighed in his heart. Fortunately, Yan Yan and Ji Juechuan hadn’t officially become engaged yet, so he wanted Yan Yan to run away quickly.

When he heard about the marriage contract before, he still felt that Yan Yan was not good enough for Ji Juechuan. Now it seemed that Yan Yan’s condition was much better than marrying Ji Juechuan.

His boss was still suitable to be single for a lifetime.

Ji Juechuan didn’t notice Lu Ji’s complicated eyes. He looked down at the table and remembered that Yan Yan had been following him yesterday and didn’t talk to him when he was in the car.

Did he cry?

Yan Yan pretended to be asleep on the bed when he entered the room last night, and Yan Yan didn’t even look at him this morning, so he didn’t know if his eyes were still red.

Seeing his silence, Lu Ji thought that Yan Yan had really run home, and he was a little gloating in his heart, but he didn’t show it clearly on his face: “Mr. It’s gone.”

Calm down, Ji Juechuan was probably the first one in history who could scare his wife away, and he deserved to have no wife.

“He’s still at my house.”

“It’s okay, he…” Lu Ji wanted to comfort him with duplicity, but when he heard this, he widened his eyes, “Still at your house?”

He looked so pitiful, but he was still willing to get along with Ji Juechuan under the same roof.

He thought of Yan Yan’s soft voice and cute smile, and he didn’t think it was too strange.

With such a soft temper, even if he got angry, he probably won’t do anything, which was really cheap for Ji Juechuan.

He shook his head regretfully in his heart.

After Lu Ji left, Ji Juechuan was rarely distracted while sitting at his desk. He took out his mobile phone and wanted to send a message to Yan Yan. When he opened the address book, he realized that he didn’t have Yan Yan’s phone number yet.

He knew that Yan Yan would not run home. Although he didn’t know much about the Yan family, he still knew that Yan Yan’s parents didn’t like Yan Yan, so they let Yan Yan live in his house early.

Yan Yan was pushed to his side by his parents, so it was impossible for him to go back. When he treated him like that yesterday, no wonder it scared him.

Ji Juechuan suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, his irritability was mixed with a trace of regret, and for the first time he hated his character of being unable to control his temper.

As the setting sun slanted, Yan Yan and Aunt Zhang were packing things on the table together in the spacious and bright semi-open kitchen.

After cleaning all the materials and tools this morning, he made a few drinks in the afternoon. Before he could have fun, Aunt Zhang came back from her hometown with vegetables.

He glanced at the time and it was not too early, so he poured out all the wine, and washed the tools with Aunt Zhang and put them away.

As soon as everything was packed, he heard the sound of a car engine coming from outside.

Seeing that Yan Yan stopped, Aunt Zhang glanced at the clock on the wall, and asked with a smile, “Is Xiao Ji back? He has been coming back early recently, so it’s really different if there are people waiting at home.”

After finishing speaking, she took the things in Yan Yan’s hand again: “Yan Yan go out and pick him up, I’ll take care of these things.”

The last time Ji Juechuan’s car just entered the iron gate, Yan Yan rushed out to pick him up, but this time he waited for the car to drive into the garage, and didn’t move a step.

In fact, he wasn’t too angry anymore, but thinking of Ji Juechuan’s face yesterday, he was still a little scared.

Today, he spent a day playing bartending at home, and his mood had improved a lot. Now that Ji Juechuan came back, his mood sank to the bottom again.

Don’t talk about acting like a baby, he didn’t even dare to go in front of Ji Juechuan.

Yan Yan didn’t go out to pick up Ji Juechuan. He walked out of the kitchen slowly and sat down on the sofa in the living room. Within two minutes, he saw Ji Juechuan walking in.

A gaze with a strong sense of presence fell on him, his back stiffened, but pretending not to notice, he just bit his lip and kept watching the TV.

Fortunately, that line of sight didn’t stay on him for long. He heard footsteps going up the stairs, so he sneaked a glance in the direction of the second floor, and his stiff body relaxed.

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