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After getting tired at the racecourse, her whole body was covered with sweat. And Nuan Nuan’s little face was flushed, while her black hair was wet with sweat and stuck to her face, which made her feel itchy.

Gu Nan came over and hugged the person.

“Want to swim?”

He gently scratched the little girl’s delicate nose with his cold fingers and asked in a low voice.

Nuan Nuan’s eyes were exceptionally bright, clear and agile. When she smiled, it was more like warm sunshine had been crushed into her eyes. They were as wet as a deer’s, and she looked extremely beautiful.

“But Nuan Nuan can’t.” Nuan Nuan’s little snow-white arms like lotus root knots hugged her elder brother’s slender neck, and her voice was soft and milky.

Gu An came over and took Nuan Nuan’s fleshy little hand and squeezed it. His sister had become more and more beautiful since she had gained weight. He couldn’t bear to look back at the past when he was blind and thought she was not good-looking. That was definitely the biggest tragedy in his life.

Fortunately, his sister didn’t care about this, otherwise what would happen if she stopped calling him brother? He would have no place to regret it.

“You don’t know how to swim yet, I can teach you!”

After saying that, he raised his chin and glanced at Nuan Nuan, just waiting for his sister to tell him to teach her.

Gu Mingli walked over coolly with his hands in his pockets, raised his brows and smiled mischievously, “Swimming, who else besides Nuan Nuan can’t swim?”

Bai Mohua… silently raised his hand.

Gu Mingli, “…do you know nothing else in your life besides painting?”

Bai Mohua couldn’t help but retort, “I’ve even been admitted to college.”

Gu Mingli: Although there is no evidence, I feel that you are commenting about me.

He pressed the tip of his tongue against his cheek, this guy was becoming increasingly courageous…

Gu Nan said in a low voice, “Nuan Nuan, swim…”

“I’ll teach you!”

Gu Mingli and Gu Mingyu said almost at the same time.

Bai Mohua only regretted that he couldn’t swim, otherwise he could teach her.

Gu An: “…”

Why do you all not love children so much!

“I can teach you too!”

He didn’t care about his little Tsundere image, but before he could say anything, he was snatched by the other two people.

Gu Nan was about to speak when Gu Mingyu looked at him with a smile, “Brother, you have taught Nuan Nuan how to ride a horse. You don’t need to worry about such small things. Don’t worry and leave Nuan Nuan to me. You know, if I didn’t like acting back then, I would have even been able to join the national swimming team.”

Gu Mingli looked at him with disdain, “Didn’t you say you were into figure skating before? Why is it changed to swimming now? You started this national team, what do you want to get into?”

Gu Mingyu wasn’t upset at being exposed by his own brother, but the smile on his face looked even prettier.

“You heard wrong. What I was talking about before was swimming. It’s time for me to get a new one, but there are some old photos in it that I really can’t bear to part with.”

He didn’t know what happened to him, but the topic started to change as he spoke. Gu Mingyu looked troubled, and Gu Mingli suddenly had a bad feeling.

“For example, a photo of someone who wet the bed when he was a child, and this one wearing… Uh…uh…uh…”

He couldn’t say the next words because his mouth was covered by Gu Mingli, who was gritting his teeth and eyes were burning.

“Shut up!”

Gu Mingyu smiled with his peach blossom eyes, looking affectionate and gentle. He spread his hands to show that he would not say anything.

Gu Mingli pulled away his hand angrily and stared at his brother.

“Didn’t you delete all the photos before?”

Why were they still there!

Gu Mingyu looked innocent, “But I didn’t delete the backup.”

Gu Mingli said, “…”

As expected, he was no match for his brother. He was so angry that his liver ached, but he was his brother, so he couldn’t fight!

In the end, Gu Mingyu won the battle. As for Gu An… Gu Mingyu also had a lot of his dark history.

The little boy had a strong self-esteem and really didn’t want his sister to see his bedwetting or his dark history of competing with his friends to see who could pee the furthest distance.



Gu Mingli and Gu An looked at him angrily.

The corners of Gu Mingyu’s mouth, as bright as rose petals, were raised, his peach blossom eyes were slightly curved, and his smile looked particularly beautiful and elegant at this moment.

“This is called a war that doesn’t shy from deceit.”

He decided to teach her how to swim in the lake in the center of the island. The water in the lake was sea water. It was crystal clear at first glance. You could even see all kinds of beautiful sea fish in it. They were all small and harmless fish. They followed the channel that ran through the ocean, so large fish couldn’t swim in.

There were various beautiful stones and even corals at the bottom of the lake. It looked like a small underwater world, gorgeous and colourful.

Wearing a light pink swimsuit, Nuan Nuan stood on the shore and looked at the clear lake with wide eyes, especially the beautiful fish inside. She couldn’t wait to get in, but she couldn’t swim, so she didn’t dare to get in.

The brothers also put on swimwear. Gu Nan and Gu Mingli were both wearing black. Gu Mingyu was wearing a pair of colourful swim shorts and sunglasses, making him look extremely coquettish.

If there were other people around at this time, they would definitely scream.

There was nothing to say about the figures of the three men. Gu Mingli was still a boy, but his muscles were very beautiful, not too exaggerated but very obvious, and his body lines were slender and well-proportioned.

His facial features were sharp and clear, with black and red skull-shaped earrings on his ears. His hair was a little short, and his whole person exuded a bold and unruly aura, like a young and strong wild leopard.

As soon as Gu Mingli came out, he raised his hands above his head and plunged into the lake. When he dived, his body drew a perfect and beautiful arc in the air.

After his body fell into the water, he swam across the bottom of the lake like an arrow for a certain distance before emerging from the water. Then he started swimming freely, and the clattering movements were so loud that they scared away the fish in the lake and sea.

Gu Nan was a little steadier. Although he was the boss of a company and worked in an office chair all day, he went to the gym every day to exercise. His muscles were also very beautiful, and he had eight-pack abs. His long and slender legs were also particularly eye-catching.

“Come here, Nuan Nuan.”

Gu Nan held a swimming ring in his hand and threw it into the lake. After calling the little girl over, he hugged the person and put her down in the swimming ring carefully.

“Feel the water first and then let your third brother teach you.”

Nuan Nuan nervously and obediently lay on her back in the swimming ring, with her short legs hanging on the swimming ring. After a while, she got used to her little arms like lotus joints. She tried splashing the water, but it didn’t move at all.

The sound of rushing water came, and it turned out that the elder brother had also come down. His body was immersed in the water easily, and he pushed the swimming ring with both hands and began to glide.

The little girl didn’t dare to move her hands, and held the swimming ring tightly with her two little hands.

After being pushed for a certain distance in the lake, Nuan Nuan gradually relaxed and tilted her little head to look around in surprise with her big wet eyes.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Gu Nan’s calm and doting voice came. The little girl nodded obediently and said with a sweet smile.

“Well…, I’m not afraid!”

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