TCYEC Ch. 84

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In the original plan, the suit picture was set as the cover, which was also a requirement of the sponsor. It was mainly intended to promote a series of products for men’s suits. However, one picture was to be clicked in casual wear.

In that photo, Yu Siyang was wearing a red pullover. This sweater was specially made by P&H for the Christmas special. The reindeers on the belly and arms, mixed with some genuine wool, looked fluffy. The young Yu Siyang looked even younger.

The puppet cat wearing the same sweater with him stood on his shoulder and looked at the camera. Yu Siyang tilted his head slightly to make room for the cat, but he did not expect the cat to tilt his head at the same angle as him. One person and one cat were wearing Christmas hats, and both were all fluffy, which really made people cry with cuteness.

But the cover that the sponsor wanted was not this one at all, and the sweater on Yu Siyang was a unique version, and P&H did not have it in stock at all.

After the sample publication came out, Xu Yan was furious and smashed the sample publication on Darcy’s face.

Only Darcy could have done this on the cover, and Darcy had been in the magazine for so many years, and he had never made such a mistake. Xu Yan didn’t need to think much to know that he was motivated by the general manager.

The style of their magazines was high-end, and how artists were asking for their covers. It was not uncommon to change the cover before publication, but it was when there was no sponsor to push the cover, and the artist had a problem. On the contrary, this situation would simply offend the sponsor.

The head of BSL, Philip Hill, had been Xu Yan’s good friend for many years. Xu Yan and a group of friends were able to turn “MODE Impression” from a little-known monthly magazine into one of the top five magazines in China. A large part of the credit went to Philip Hill for his support.

Xu Yan had always been grateful to this friend, but this Christmas special seemed to be a revenge instead of gratitude.

He knew that he had come in the way of the horns now, but the shit thing was that he couldn’t get out of the way.

Since the general manager had parachuted in, his work in the magazine has become more and more difficult to carry out. The general manager wanted to take the power, and Xiong Shubiao wanted to become editor-in-chief. The two hit it off, the general manager gave an idea, and Xiong Shubiao executed it, without thinking about the consequences. In the past, it was just small actions. Now, looking at the cover, the general manager was directly and blatantly using this action to provoke the partnership between him and BSL.

Xu Yan really wanted to open the heads of these two people to see if the brain circuits looked different from the others. Even if they wanted to squeeze him away, what good is it for them to offend the sponsor?

BSL was one of the three major luxury goods groups, with more than 50 brands including wine, fashion leather, perfume and cosmetics, watches, jewellery, etc., that is to say, one-third of the top luxury brands were theirs. How could they buy magazine advertisements if they offended such a benefactor? Where would the income come from? As one of the five major magazines, how would the high-end western style manifest itself?

Xu Yan felt that he could hear the ridicule of his colleagues.

But it was obviously not his own pot, but he had to carry it on his back, explain to the sponsor, and make up for it with the artist’s management team. Such a huge pot was smashed down, and Xu Yan was exhausted. He looked helplessly at the two cute gods on the cover of the sample magazine, thinking, slow down, and then apologize. He really had no energy to do it now.

The number of publications had been reduced by more than 30%, and the cover had been changed. Fortunately, the interview content inside had not been manipulated, otherwise he would really do something irreparable.

Just when the depression in his whole body was about to materialize, the e-commerce manager called and told him that the data on the online platform had exploded. Xu Yan suddenly felt refreshed, and then the e-commerce manager told him that there was a small part of customers who bought the magazine because of the cat on the cover. Xu Yan suddenly felt that cat slaves were really the cutest people in the world.

Keke…With this data, he felt a little bit more confident when he would explain to the manufacturer and artist management team.

There were still many people on the e-commerce platform asking whether the new edition of the magazine was still in stock and complaining about how fast it was sold out. The magazine agency did not know how to stock up. The three members of the e-commerce department had been typing non-stop, such that their hands had cramped. They were also looking at Xu Yan.

Xu Yan smiled and called the editorial department to send some interns to help.

The manager of the e-commerce department was still thinking about it, complaining that their department was seriously understaffed.

Xu Yan patted him on the shoulder and said, “I’ll talk to the human resources director about the personnel increase in your department later.” Seeing the e-commerce manager’s eyes suddenly brightened, he couldn’t help but pour cold water, “But you don’t hope too much, the general manager has to sign on it, you know.”

The manager of the e-commerce department suddenly leaned on the chair with his head hanging down like a frozen eggplant. As for whether he abused the family tree of the general manager in his heart, only he would know.

The creative director also got the news. He came over to the e-commerce department with a smile on his face, and patted on Xu Yan’s shoulder, saying: “Yanyan, their face must be really painful, I saw the old bear go into the office of that person, and his expression was quite ugly.”

“It’s not because of me,” Xu Yan raised his chin and motioned him to look at the computer screen, which was the cover of the Christmas special. Yu Siyang and the cat tilted their heads together. Looking at the picture, it almost makes people tremble. “It’s this one who is striving.”

The creative director also looked at the computer screen. “So, people often say that one should rather bully the white-headed man than the young newcomer[1]. Take a look, this is a living example.”

The manager of the e-commerce department also joined the topic and said, “That person also didn’t think about why this newcomer who has just made his debut and is only a second male lead could endorse the top brand of P&H and what value he has. Bullying when you see a newcomer, now it’s alright, you have kicked an iron plate[2], now let’s see how you end up.”

The creative director nodded in agreement, suddenly thought of a question, and looked at Xu Yan, “By the way, why are you still here? Go to the next-door Pharaoh to coordinate the printing?”

Pharaoh was the production director, who was responsible for the production process. The office was just next to the e-commerce department, so he became the “next door Pharaoh.”

“Yes, why am I still here?” Xu Yan showed a good-looking smile on his face. “What I have to deal with now is not printing, but to apologize to manufacturers and artists.”

E-commerce manager gave him a thumbs-up: “Right.”

Xu Yan smiled, and he almost fell in love with Yu Siyang.

The general manager had made such a major mistake. It was normal for the sponsor and artist management team to directly send complaints to the top of the group. In this way, even if the general manager could not be pulled down, he would have to be honest and not interfere with things outside his expertise.

Deng Jiaqiu was a college student who just graduated this year. She was allowed to intern in “MODE Impression” because of a family relationship. In fact, she didn’t want to come to “MODE Impression” at first, but another gourmet magazine “MOOD” under the same group. It’s just that the parents at home felt that “MODE” was better and more influential than “MOOD”. Since they were pushing her in, they must go for the best one.

But less than three months after being here, the boss in the magazine disliked her very much. She was obviously working for the boss, why did she feel like she was in the midst of a palace battle drama.

However, Deng Jiaqiu was only an intern. Whether she could stay in the magazine was still unknown. Of course, no one would ask her for her opinion.

But now she stood in the team by herself and decided to support the editor Xu Yan to kill the general manager-although her team was not actually involved.

Humph, he actually bullied her head of the family thinking of him as a newcomer, changed the cover and reduced the number of publications. If it weren’t for her sharp-eyes, and her finding out that the head’s interview was ambiguous in some places when reviewing the manuscript. What if someone had noticed it, wouldn’t the head be hacked on the internet again?!

This was absolutely unbearable!

Fortunately, the editor in charge of this manuscript bullied her as an intern and threw the job to her, otherwise such a big problem would not have come to her notice.

Deng Jiaqiu simply wanted to treat her to dinner and give gifts to the editor in charge for bullying her. The eyes of the editor in charge were fiery these days, and she saw the other party’s looks, so she avoided her in the office.

Now the head of the group had hit the general manager and Lao Xiong in the face with his high popularity and popular online sales platform. As a member of the food group, Deng Jiaqiu felt that her face was particularly shiny, and her waist was a little straighter.

Well, she shouted in the group and asked everyone to buy magazines online. She had a little bit of credit, but she didn’t know when the head would have a fan meeting. The team leader said, she would definitely arrange for her to attend.

Oh god, my head is so good-looking, he looks handsome in a suit and looks out of the earth in a suit, and he sells out of the world cuteness in a sweater.

Deng Jiaqiu flipped through the magazine with ten pieces of chocolate from the distribution department, and the fan girl within her could not help but drool at the magazine.

“Boom— ” Suddenly a loud noise made Deng Jiaqiu so scared that she almost threw the magazine away. She hurriedly put the magazine on the desk, and then looked up and asked in a daze, “What’s the matter?”

Her colleague was even more confused than her, “I don’t know.”

Several people in the same office looked at each other, and immediately bounced up in the next second—the radar of journalists told them there was gossip—and ran out to watch the fun.

Coming early was not as good as it was coincidence. They just saw Darcy coming out from the corner with an angry face. The stride and gait were like a wrestler, as if the sissy they had seen before was their illusion.

Brother Xiong scolded as he walked, “The idea is yours. You will do it because you are not ethical. If it works, you can benefit from it. If something goes wrong, you will let Lao Tzu take the blame. You better don’t force me, then see how I break the news for you…”

“Xiong Shubiao, shut up!” The general manager chased out from the office and saw so many people in the corridor watching the excitement. So, he couldn’t get angry. The most important thing was that Xu Yan also stood not far away watching the excitement.

“Shut your uncle’s mouth.” Brother Xiong was very angry, “You don’t think you’ll be slapped in your face. I’ve been here for so many years. I have never seen someone so stupid as to offend the sponsor. You can also be the general manager, whose back door did you come in.”

What was even more stupid was himself. In a few words, he was agitated by such a stupid person, so he participated in such a stupid plan. He was so stupid that he wanted to squeeze Xu Yan away. As expected, he could not do things with stupid people. This would not highlight his cleverness. This would only cause him to be assimilated within the stupid people.

But there was no medicine for regret in the world.

The general manager’s face was green with anger. This damn Xiong Shubiao, who had failed to succeed, now had the courage to quarrel with him.

“Xiong Shubiao, I don’t think you want to do it here.”

Darcy suddenly calmed down. What’s the use of being angry with such a stupid person, he was so stupid that he couldn’t see his situation clearly, “Li Yitian, you should take care of yourself first. Maybe you think you can still be in “Mode impression”? What brand is P & H? It is an independent brand under the hands of the BSL family. Listen, it is the brand of the BSL family.”

Although Brother Xiong said that he was stupid, but he wasn’t really stupid, or he would not be in the position of general manager. Hearing this sentence from Brother Xiong, he fell into a cold sweat.

He was too eager for quick success and instant benefits. He only saw a newcomer who came to shoot the cover. There was an endless stream of bullying newcomers in the circle. He didn’t have any pity. He only wanted to use this opportunity to defeat Xu Yan but ignored the most important link. This newcomer was the spokesperson of P&H, and the cover this time was the cover that P&H paid for.

There was nothing to offend a newcomer, and it couldn’t even be called an offense. If a newcomer couldn’t bear even this kind of grievance, he could fuck out of this circle. But to offend the sponsor, and that too not a small sponsor, but one of the three luxury goods groups…

It was really stupid.

Darcy looked at the general manager as if he wanted to understand his current situation, and snorted. He turned away and looked proud.

The lively melon eating crowd: “…”

Excuse me, in the society just now, was Brother Xiong an illusion, Brother Xiong has never appeared before, right?

Oops, the work pressure is too great, and there are hallucinations. Can the company arrange a trip to reduce stress?

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[1] Because a newcomer has more scope for growth.

[2] Done something unfixable.

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