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After relocking the back door, Yan Han walked slowly back to the yard and put the shovel back.

At this time, a drop of blood ran down his wrist all the way down, hitting the dirt road in the backyard directly.

“Teacher Yan! You are hurt!” Ji Changdong called him Teacher Yan just like the little peas.

Because Yan Han didn’t say a word before, didn’t even frown his brows, and he was wearing a red shirt again, thus the wound was not obvious, so no one noticed the injury.

Yan Han himself shook his hand indifferently, “Small injury, nothing is wrong, just go back and bandage it.”

Ji Changdong stretched his face.

How could it be a minor injury after bleeding so much?!

Yan Han also knew that his wound was a bit deep, and in fact it was **** painful, so he had to deal with it quickly.

It seemed that he couldn’t continue to work today to earn contributions, and he could only come back next week.

He went back to the house to get his bag, Ji Changdong followed behind him like a kid who had done something wrong, and Yan Han took out a cigarette from the bag like a trick.

After lighting it up and taking a drag, he spit out the smoke ring contentedly and said: “Sometimes the way to deal with a rogue is to be a bigger rogue than him.”

“You have to make him afraid of you so that he would dare not provoke you. Because you are not easy to provoke. And if he feels that you can do everything if you are impatient.”

As he said this, Yan Han patted Ji Changdong’s shoulder: “But first, you have to consider how to protect yourself. It’s okay to frighten the opponent with the same end, but it’s not a good way to lose both sides. Sometimes it will let your opponent take advantage of…”

Before he could finish speaking, a big breasted cute girl appeared out of thin air in front of him, with a… sledgehammer in her hand?

Before he could react, the moment the cute little girl appeared, she wielded a sledgehammer and smashed him on the head!

Yan Han didn’t expect it, and his brain was full of Xiao Wu and what the moths she was doing, but he didn’t feel anything at all when he was hit with a hammer twice as big as a human brain.

Obviously, this hammer was just like Xiao Wu, it was all illusory.

Others couldn’t see it, but he could.

Seeing a dozen kilograms heavy iron hammer lifted and being smashed by Xiao Wu laboriously while he still pinched a cigarette in his hand, and he was still being able to be calm without trying to dodge, seeing this Yan Han felt that he was quite awesome.

But this did not delay him from roaring at Xiao Wu in his head:

“Xiao Wu! What are you doing? Do you want to rebel?”

“Smoking! Who let you smoke!” Xiao Wu’s voice rang from the cute beauty’s mouth, and then the sledgehammer fell again, as Xiao Wu said: “Smoking is harmful to health, and it hurts the skin even more! This will make the host’s skin become dim, accelerate aging, and also affect appearance!”

Yan Han: “…”

No, he couldn’t smoke this thing at school. The school was very strict in catching smokers, so when he finally got out, he wanted to smoke just one. What’s wrong?

“A single one won’t have much impact, right.” Yan Han still tried struggling till the end.

“Not even one!” The sledgehammer in the cute beauty’s hand started being lifted up again.

Yan Han: “Well, I can’t smoke anymore, so I won’t smoke anymore.”

Having said that, he was still like a rascal. He leaned against the wall and took two puffs fiercely. He couldn’t wait to inhale all of the cigarette. When there was a cigarette **** left, he would extinguish it on the spot.

Actually, Yan Han had no addiction to smoking. He had quit when he was still Yan Han, and he didn’t even think of smoking anymore.

It was just that every time he finished a fight and moved his muscles and bones, he especially wanted to experience the feeling of smoking. After so many years, he still retained the habit of carrying cigarettes in his pocket at any time.

Xiao Wu was made half-dead by his rascal, but Yan Han’s appearance was indeed not affected in any substantial way now, and no points were deducted. Although it hated iron for not becoming steel[1], it couldn’t do anything.

The cute beauty could only continue to hit him with the big hammer.

[And why are you injured! Do you know how much it will affect if you leave a scar? Points will be deducted! Points deducted!]

“What the hell?” Yan Han blinked stupidly: “…points are deducted for scars on arms?”

[To complete the achievement of ‘beauty’, your body must be perfect!] The cute beauty rolled her eyes at him: [Which beauty have you ever seen with big scars? Beauty needs to have thin skin! Ice muscle and bones! Be exquisite to the degree of perfection! Understand!]

Yan Han: “…”

He really didn’t understand this.

He really wanted to ask if an incomplete beauty was not beautiful, but if he asked about it, he might have to talk about it.

Besides, his straight male thinking made him want to break his head, but he still couldn’t think how a small scar could make something not exquisite.

Yan Han also knew that he could not be saved, as the eldest brother, he should confess his fate and admit that he was ignorant while he was more magnanimous than anyone else.

Probably annoyed by his stubborn look, the cute beauty stomped her feet and disappeared on the spot.

“What’s wrong with Brother Wu? Are you… why are you angry again?” It was useless to think whether he drove Xiao Wu away or she disappeared by herself. But Yan Han was still a little uncomfortable, suddenly a little messy.

[Humph.] Xiao Wu snorted and said that he didn’t want to talk to him.

Yan Han felt suffocated, and it was all right if he could hum it. He told Ji Changdong a few words and was about to leave.

“Teacher Yan, can you accept me as an apprentice?” Ji Changdong asked him.


Ji Changdong pursed his lips. According to his idea, as long as he could fight like Yan Han, no one could bully him in the future.

It was just that Yan Han was trained by years of actual combat experience. Moreover, he was born with this talent, and the environment he grew up in had forced him to study this.

If you really want him to teach others, he couldn’t.

And now the age was different, it was not the age when you could fight without being bullied.

In the end, Yan Han did not agree to accept him as an apprentice but left him his own phone number so that he could come to him immediately if he had any problems.

In fact, he still felt very worried about this kid.

He diverted Yang Zihui’s gaze and scared the other party out of his courage. He probably wouldn’t come to trouble Ji Changdong again for a while.

It was just that he could only do so much.

If he really had that ability, he wouldn’t have become a hairdressing teacher when he was still Yan Han.

In the end, it could only be said that everyone had their own life.

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[1] Not living up to expectations.

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