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The crowd watching the farce in the lobby of the outpatient department soon dissipated, but Uncle Yao was still shaking his head and sighing.

Jiang Lan smiled and pointed to Xiao Hei who was coming back with the medicine: “Isn’t he still good?”

Uncle Yao was amused by him, patted his thigh and said, “Yes, the same rice raises hundreds of people.”

Seeing them smiling at him, Xiao Hei suddenly felt a little confused, touched his face subconsciously, stared and asked dumbly: “What’s the matter?”

Uncle Yao was not angry “It’s okay. I asked Xiao Jiang to take you to buy two set of clothes. Look at your clothes. You have to be careful or you will regret when you get old and sick.”

Xiao Hei hung the bag on the wheelchair and pushed him out: “I’m not cold.”

He said that he was not cold because he was really not cold. Although the Little Demon didn’t have any advanced cultivation skills, his physical fitness was still good and he was not that easy to get sick.

But Uncle Yao obviously didn’t believe it. Xiao Hei was happily listening to him caring for him all the way, with a bright smile on his face.

The three drove back to the community, and the two lived next door to each other, which was very convenient. It was just that when the elevator stopped and the three of them went out, Xiao Hei suddenly remembered something. He turned his head to look at Jiang Lan with a look of horror, and stammered, “Uh, uh… about Da Hei, you have to take care of it for two more days. I will pick it up when the house is cleaned up.”

His voice was small and weak, with a guilty conscience.

He had been busy in the hospital these days and forgot. Uncle Yao didn’t know that Da Hei was dead. Xiao Hei had been pretending to be Da Hei. Now that the other was here, there must be no Da Hei in the room.

He could only make up an excuse to delay time, then look for Jiang Lan for help and ask him to help think of a solution.

Fortunately, Uncle Yao didn’t notice anything wrong, he just looked at Jiang Lan cheerfully: “I’m troubling you again, when my legs are healed, I will cook a big meal for you personally, and Xiao Jiang must come.”

Jiang Lan secretly handed Xiao Hei a soothing smile and smiled.


It started to rain again on Monday morning.

Obviously before the rainy season, the rainy days appeared intermittently.

The weather was so bad that Jiang Lan even bought two tea eggs for breakfast and hurried to the unit.

Jiang Lan was late because of the rain, and everyone else in the office had already arrived.

He tossed the drops of water from the umbrella in the bucket at the door and placed the open umbrella to dry on the open space behind the office.

Uncle Zhou was still the same, holding a hot tea with a smile, Jiang Lan said good morning to him, as he brought Suan Ni to his desk. Xue Meng, who was on the opposite side, straightened up when he heard the movement and greeted him weakly.

Jiang Lan was surprised: “What’s wrong with your voice?”

Xue Meng had an outgoing personality, and his voice was always full of vigor. Hearing the voice, you would know that this was a sunny and vigorous big boy. But today he was just like talking while holding his throat, his voice was high and sharp and he couldn’t describe how weird it sounded.

“My voice is okay?” Xue Meng touched his throat questioningly, then he couldn’t help but cough twice, and complain: “I fell asleep at night and got a cold and it was useless to take medicine. I still kept coughing. My throat still went??”

“Why do you have such a voice?” Xiao Xiaoyu turned her head when she heard the words and said with a vicious tongue: “Like a **** who has been castrated.”

The sound was high and thin, and the person’s ear hurt on hearing it.

He had to say that although she had a poisonous tongue, she was very accurate in describing it.

Xue Meng refused: “You have been castrated, your whole family has been castrated!”

After finishing speaking, he asked Jiang Lan: “Jiang Lan, do you think my voice is like an eunuch?”

Jiang Lan:…emmmm

At first he only felt that Xue Meng was talking while holding his throat, but when Xiao Xiaoyu said that, he felt that it was really alike.

Seeing that he was silent, Xue Meng suddenly showed an expression of betrayal angrily: “You are all aiming at me, and you don’t know to care about the patient.”

Xiao Xiaoyu just brought out cold medicine out of the drawer and patted it on the table after hearing the words: “Your voice is like this, so you have to take the medicine honestly!”

Xue Meng snorted weirdly, got up to pick up a cup of hot water, and took two pills of cold medicine.

The rain finally stopped in the afternoon.

Director Cheng called Jiang Lan and Xue Meng to his office and handed them a bunch of flu prevention brochures.

“According to the hospital’s feedback, there is a suspected small-scale influenza outbreak in our district recently. It has been rainy for the past two days. You two find time to go to these high-influenza-prone communities together to do preventive publicity work.”

Jiang Lan looked at the documents and said, “Xue Meng has a cold, I will go alone. Is there any deadline?”

Director Cheng smiled and said, “Try to promote it this week.”

Xue Meng originally wanted to go with him, but as soon as he opened his mouth and said two words, Director Cheng was bluffed by his unpleasant voice.

“Xiao Xue, if you can’t keep it up, please take sick leave and go to the hospital.” After saying that, he looked at Jiang Lan kindly and clapped: “Then the publicity work will be hard for Xiao Jiang. If you are too busy alone, you can also find time to relax after it is done.”

Jiang Lan responded, and he and Xue Meng returned to the office with a large pile of promotional materials.

Xue Meng was still babbling: “I’m actually fine, but my throat is a little uncomfortable, and I always want to cough as it feels itchy.”

His voice was too sharp. Just like sticking to his eardrums, Jiang Lan couldn’t stand it. He poured him another cup of hot water in a caring manner and tried to block his mouth: “I can do it alone. Take a good rest, drink more hot water and talk less.”

Xue Meng was immediately moved and said sharply, “Jiang Lan, you are so kind.”

Jiang Lan politely returned him a smile.

Xue Meng: I’m so touched QAQ

The promotional material for the community should be prepared in advance. Jiang Lan had no experience for the first time, so Xue Meng found out the PPT of previous years for him as a reference. While reading the information, Jiang Lan asked questions about things that he didn’t understand from time to time.

Until he saw the list of key promotional districts, he pointed to one of the districts and said in amazement: “Why is it Hong Jingyuan again?”

In just a few days, the frequency of Hong Jingyuan’s appearance in front of him was too high. It seemed to be everywhere.

Xue Meng suddenly said: “People are dead and unlucky.”

He spoke very fast, so Jiang Lan didn’t hear clearly, and asked in confusion: “What did you just say?”

Xue Meng said in voice of the cock, staring at him blankly: “I didn’t speak.”

Jiang Lan frowned a little bit. He looked at Xue Meng with a serious expression and touched his forehead but found nothing unusual.

Unlike the appearance of hitting an evil spirit or being cursed, there was no demonic aura on his body.

Xue Meng looked at him awkwardly, his tone sounding aggrieved, but his voice was very sharp: “I don’t have a fever.”

Although he didn’t see the problem, Jiang Lan was still a little worried. He wasn’t good at this kind of exorcism. He could only ask: “Where did you go during the weekend?”

Xue Meng recalled and said, “I went to my grandpa’s house after getting off work on Friday. I only came back on Sunday night. I didn’t go anywhere in the middle.”

Jiang Lan asked again: “Have you ever encountered anything special?”

Xue Meng thought about it: “It’s okay? In the community, I listened to a group of aunts talking about gossip. Didn’t someone die in the community? The manhole cover was still put up with a warning tape. I listened to it at that time.”

He looked at Jiang Lan’s serious expression, his eyes gradually grew frightened, and he lowered his voice and asked, “I did not hit a ghost, did I?”

Jiang Lan slapped him and said with a smile: “I don’t see any problems with you, maybe I’m thinking too much. You don’t worry, I will help you ask my friends for confirmation later.”

Xue Meng nodded like pounding garlic: “Dad, you quickly help me ask, otherwise I won’t be able to sleep well tonight.”

Jiang Lan agreed.

For the next while, the two concentrated on preparing the promotional plan, and there were no problems.

When he was leaving work, Jiang Lan suddenly received a call from Ying Qiao.

The other party’s voice showed an obvious smile: “I happened to be passing by your unit after getting off work. Are you off work? Is it convenient for me to come in? I brought you something.”

Jiang Lan glanced at the time, everyone was ready to get off work, and said: “Convenient, where are you? I’ll pick you up.”

“No need, I’m in the lobby of your unit.”

Ying Qiao got out of the car, carried a few packaged bags in his hands, and raised his chin towards Chen Hua, indicating that he could leave.

Of course the process was compiled, he just wanted to find a reason to feed the little monster, and by the way, get to know the colleagues and friends of the little monster.

As a pioneer of scientific cub raising, Ying Qiao not only paid attention to the little monster itself, but also tried to understand the little monster’s circle of friends.

Helping the cubs to build a good relationship with colleagues and friends was also an important part of that.

He was carrying four or five bags, and as soon as he arrived in the hall, he ran into Jiang Lan who had come out to welcome him.

It was a bit cold today. So, Jiang Lan was wearing a white long-sleeved hooded sweater. But he came out in a hurry and so the two small laces on his hat were dangling in front of him, making him look very lively and lovely.

“I thought you had no time to come today.”

Ying Qiao walked in with him and said gently: “I promised you to come, and I won’t break my promise to you. It’s just a matter of delay.”

The president who had brushed his hands still had to go to work, otherwise, where would he have the money to raise the cub.

Jiang Lan didn’t think much, took him into the office and sat down in his seat.

Xiao Xiaoyu was the first to notice Ying Qiao, and she came up with a smile: “Jiang Lan, is this your friend?”

“This is Ying Qiao.” Jiang Lan nodded and introduced the two people.

“This is Xiao Xiaoyu.”

Gentleman Ying Qiao nodded and said hello: “Hello, I am older than Jiang Lan, and he is just like my younger brother.”

After finishing speaking, he put the packaged bag in his hand on the table, took out the snacks and fruits in it and distributed them to them: “It’s rare for me to come here. So, I bought some snacks. Thank you for your usual care of Jiang Lan.”

Xiao Xiaoyu showed no courtesy, she took an orange, and said enviously: “Jiang Lan, your brother is so kind to you.”

She also wanted to have such a handsome and warm brother!

Later, Xue Meng squeezed over and said, unwilling to be lonely: “Brother Ying is welcome to come often in the future!”

Jiang Lan was actually a little embarrassed. If you really want to talk about it, Ying Qiao, an ordinary snake clan member, must be younger than himself. But Ying Qiao didn’t know his identity, and because of his love and care, he didn’t refute, but acquiesced in the other party’s kindness.

It just so happened that Uncle Zhou came back from outside with a teacup at that time: “Oh! Why is it so lively?”

Xiao Xiaoyu greeted him to come to eat fruit: “Jiang Lan’s brother came to see him.”

Uncle Zhou stepped forward. But when he saw Ying Qiao, he was taken aback, and then he stammered for a long time: “Ying, Ying…”

Ying Qiao’s eyes flashed, and he immediately smiled and answered his words: “Hello Uncle Zhou, I’m Ying Qiao, Jiang Lan’s brother.”

Uncle Zhou shook his hand and was so scared that he almost threw the teacup in his hand.

The author has something to say:

Long Long: It’s not bad to be a father, or to be a brother.

Uncle Zhou:…?

Everyone: Shameless! roll!


Longlong really has two faces before and behind the cub.

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