CFCS Ch. 217: Road to Immortality (6)

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Jing Yang pulled the quilt over his body, then he sat up hugging the quilt, looked at Bai Guang suspiciously and asked, “What do you mean by the other you?”

“Although most of the time, I am me, but occasionally another person appears to control this body and do something.” Bai Guang looked at the red marks on Jing Yang’s neck and said, “The one who did that kind of thing to you yesterday was not the current me, but the other me. Although I know the other me exists but when the other me appears, I disappear. So I don’t know what the other me will do when he appears, and I can’t control the other me now.”

Jing Yang had just woken up, and his mind was still unclear. He was completely dazed by all this talk of me and the other me and looked at him with a bewildered expression.

As soon as Bai Guang woke up, he saw a person lying next to him, and this person was covered in hickeys and his thighs were red and swollen. At a glance, he knew what had happened. And since he was lying on his own bed, they must have done it when the other him had appeared. He resisted the urge to throw the person out, then holding his forehead which was throbbing with a headache, he started thinking about what to do with this person.

But after Jing Yang woke up, he explained everything to him unconsciously and with unprecedented patience. Seeing Jing Yang looking at him with innocent and puzzled eyes, his usual hard heart melted immediately. Those eyes seemed to be more powerful than any divine power, and he couldn’t do anything to him after looking at him, he could only let go of his defenses and tell him all the truth without reservation.

“You’re not Shang Wang, you’re Bai Guang.” After Jing Yang muttered to himself, he looked at Bai Guang and asked, “Then do you know when Shang Wang will appear? I still have a lot to ask him, can you help me convey it to him?”

“I don’t know, I can’t.” Bai Guang didn’t know why but looking at Jing Yang’s face looking forward to Shang Wang’s appearance, he felt a little uncomfortable. Although he knew very well that the other was also a part of him, he just couldn’t appear at the same time as the current him. And he was actually eating his own vinegar in a way, it was incredible when he thought about it.

“Why?” Jing Yang looked at him puzzled.

“Because we can’t exist at the same time, I will disappear when he is there, and he will disappear when I am there. There is no way for us to communicate directly.” Bai Guang said.

“Then how did you know of each other’s existence?” Jing Yang was even more puzzled.

“I didn’t know his existence at first, but he seemed to know my existence all this while. He appeared very rarely. After each appearance, he would leave everything he wanted to tell me in this jade pendant.” Bai Guang took out Jing Yang’s white jade pendant.

“That’s my jade pendant.” Jing Yang got up on his knees and reached for the jade pendant.

Bai Guang’s hand dodged, and Jing Yang threw himself directly into his arms. He hugged Jing Yang and asked, “Do you know what this is?”

“A white jade, what else could it be?” He said while trying to sit up from his chest.

“It was made from the soul shared by him and me, and a part of it was refined, so although it looks like a jade pendant, it is not just a jade pendant.” Bai Guang said.

“So what?” Jing Yang looked at him and asked.

“So this thing can’t be kept by you anymore, because this thing is very important to me and him, and it is a part of our soul.” As soon as Bai Guang finished speaking, the piece of white jade disappeared into his palm.

“Oh.” Jing Yang felt a little disappointed in his heart. He liked that jade pendant very much, but since it was part of his soul, of course he should keep it for himself, because if the soul was left out of the body for too long, it would definitely have a bad influence.

Jing Yang’s brain was finally able to function normally, he thought, he knew about dual and multiple personalities, and also knew that some multiple personalities knew about each other’s existence, but some multiple personalities did not know each other’s existence. But for some reason, he always felt that the existence of Bai Guang and Shang Wang was not as simple as just a dual personality.

Jing Yang put on his clothes and walked to the window, the wind and snow had stopped blowing outside, now the sun was shining on the frozen ice crystals, and the crystal’s appearance was really beautiful. He stretched out his hand to feel the temperature of the sun, then turned around and said to Bai Guang, “The sun is out. Before I came to Zhu Yang Island, I never thought that there would be such a big snowstorm on the island.”

Bai Guang walked to Jing Yang’s side, looked outside and said, “Every time he appears, he makes my Zhu Yang Island look like a snow-capped mountain.”

Bai Guang waved his hand, and those ice crystals exploded in mid-air, like ice and snow fireworks. Then all the ice and snow melted quickly, and the trees, flowers and plants showed their original appearance, and they were all seemingly in full bloom.

Jing Yang opened the door and ran into the yard, took a deep breath, smelled the fragrance of the flowers and fruits, and watched the butterflies that flashed fluorescent lights and appeared amidst the flowers and plants like elves, and all kinds of beautiful birds flying between the tall trees. This was what Zhu Yang Island had looked like in his imagination.

Bai Guang stood at the door and looked at Jing Yang with his hands behind his back, with an indescribable peace and joy in his heart. He always thought that after living for tens of thousands of years, his heart had long since dried up and died, and he would no longer feel any special emotions in this world. But the person in front of him, like the spiritual spring water flowing into his heart, actually nourished his old and dry heart.

Jing Yang ran to Bai Guang again and said, “In such a big snowstorm, these flowers and plants are not affected at all, it’s amazing.”

“These flowers and plants have a higher immortal power than you, how can they be so easily affected.” Bai Guang looked at him and said.

Jing Yang turned his head to look at the flowers and trees that he had never seen before, and thought to himself, how could the flowers and trees that could grow in the yard of the main island of Zhu Yang Island be ordinary? There were also those beautiful and peculiar butterflies and birds, who must also have immortal power, otherwise how could they survive such a big blizzard.

“He left a message for me in the jade, asking me to accept you as a disciple.” Bai Guang said.

“Who, Shang Wang?” Jing Yang’s eyes lit up when he heard Shang Wang had left a message, and immediately asked, “Then what else did he say?”

“Nothing more, just let me accept you as a disciple.” Bai Guang looked at Jing Yang’s excited face, and felt that even though he liked it, he was also a little unhappy, because he was excited for his other self, not because of his current self.

“That’s it,” Jing Yang was a little lost for a moment, “but there have been rumors that you only accept ten apprentices, and you have already accepted ten.”

“I only have nine apprentices now, and the position of the eldest apprentice has always been vacant, now look, it turns out that the person he has been making me wait for is you.”

“That means, I will be your eldest apprentice instead of your youngest?” Jing Yang felt that his status had been promoted all of a sudden. It was so high that he felt a little excited and also found it a little magical.

Bai Guang took Jing Yang’s hand and walked in, “I will hold a grand apprenticeship ceremony for you, but before the ceremony, you must cultivate to become an immortal, otherwise how can you be called a senior?”

“Then when are you going to hold the apprenticeship ceremony for me?” Jing Yang wanted to know how much time he would have to cultivate to become an immortal and improve his immortal power.

“One year later.” Bai Guang said.

“One year?!” Jing Yang was shocked. Even in the human world, a year was not a long time. In the immortal world, it couldn’t be shorter. He actually wanted him to become an immortal within a year, even if he had his system as a cheat, wasn’t this too good?

“What are you afraid of? With me helping you, are you still worried that you won’t be able to cultivate into an immortal within a year?” Bai Guang said.

“Then, how are you going to help me cultivate into an immortal within a year?” Jing Yang thought, Bai Guang was also the first immortal in this world to cultivate into a god, so he must have a strong and fast cultivation method. Besides, there must be many treasures in Zhu Yang Island that could help him improve his cultivation. It seemed that he was indeed worried for nothing.

Jing Yang followed Bai Guang into a place similar to a secret room. There was nothing in it except a crystal as big as a bed. Jing Yang curiously walked over and touched the large transparent crystal, and found that it was not a crystal, it was a bit like a gem with huge energy, which was also called a diamond in modern times.

“Lie down.” Bai Guang looked at Jing Yang and said.

Jing Yang thought about it, it seemed that he was going to practice on this, so he lay down obediently. After he lay down, he immediately felt surrounded by huge energy. He asked curiously, “What is this? How can there be such a powerful energy?”

“This is the sea heart stone, which is the heart of the sea and the entire ocean, there is only this piece of sea heart stone, and it has the purest and most powerful energy of the sea.” Bai Guang sat on the edge, stroking Jing Yang’s face as he said this.

“There is only one piece of sea heart stone. You moved it here, won’t there be any problems?” Jing Yang asked worriedly.

“As long as we don’t leave this sea, there will be no problem.” Bai Guang’s hand slowly slid down, squeezed between Jing Yang’s legs, and then took off his pants.

Jing Yang was so frightened that he immediately grabbed his pants and sat up, looked at him defensively and said, “What are you doing?”

“Dual cultivation.” Bai Guang said directly and clearly, “I’ll give you my divine power to make you immortal. This is the fastest way.”

“Dual, dual cultivation.” Jing Yang swallowed and said, “Is there no other way?”

“Are you not willing?” Bai Guang approached him and asked, “Or you are willing only when he appears. If you are willing, then my words won’t work?”

Jing Yang pulled back a little bit, and said with a little guilt, “It’s not unwilling, it’s just…”

“What is it?” Bai Guang squeezed Jing Yang’s chin and forced him to look at him, “Because it’s me now, not the other me, so you don’t want to dual cultivate with me, right?”

Although Jing Yang knew in his heart that Shang Wang and Bai Guang were the same person, he did it with Shang Wang just yesterday. If he did it with Bai Guang again today, he would feel weird. If he didn’t know the existence of his other personality, Shang Wang, and knowing that Bai Guang was his lover, of course he won’t object to dual cultivate with him. But now, he couldn’t accept it calmly.

Jing Yang was really unwilling in his heart, but he was a little frightened by Bai Guang’s eyes. He didn’t dare to admit that he didn’t want to. He could only answer hesitantly, “It’s not that I don’t want to…”

“Then let’s start.” Bai Guang pressed on Jing Yang’s body and took off his pants again.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute, don’t take off…” Jing Yang couldn’t hold his pants, he could only struggle to push him away, but it was impossible to push him away, so the struggle was in vain.

Jing Yang was forcibly pressed by Bai Guang to perform dual cultivation, but he felt strange as never before. It was clear that Bai Guang and Shang Wang were the same person, but he had the feeling of cheating. So, the moment Bai Guang entered his body, he fell in the mood as if he was making a mistake.

Because of this strange mood, his body became even more sensitive. Although he felt a steady stream of energy entering his body, and because of Bai Guang’s caressing him and the rapid friction in his body, making him unable to concentrate on feeling and absorbing energy at the same time.

Jing Yang was picked up by Bai Guang, made to straddle his waist, and then he started moving his waist up and down. Jing Yang hugged his shoulders, not only his lower body was hot, but his face also felt as if it was burning hot. He had never felt so shy and helpless before.

When he reached his climax, he couldn’t tell whether it was Shang Wang or Bai Guang who was infringing on him, making him feel like he was being violated by two people at the same time. This kind of feeling made his body feel very enjoyable, but his mood was very shameful, and his entangled body and mind made him want to cry.

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