RCFS Ch. 125: Face Slap + Dog Abuse 6

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Ye Yunxi wanted to roll her eyes, profiteer!

The system was very depressed, the host is big, but this servant is sincere to you, the gift package is still useful, and the dog food can be used to earn more peach blossom value in the future, for example, now!

[Ding! Peach value +50!]

Ye Yunxi: Oh, well, from the previous ten, now it has soared to 50 in one breath!

But no matter how high the peach blossom value rose, it could only be used to exchange for peach blossom value gift bags, and these peach blossom value gift bags were still so stupid.

If it expected her to use it again, there is no way!

The system-kun was crying, without the peach blossom gift package, the love line is still a fart!

The system setting was shocked, oh, oh, the host is big, you can’t go to the sky alone, you have to take the male protagonist to go to the sky with you!

“Once you recognize your identity, let’s do it.”

Di Junxie still maintained the movement of pinching Ye Yunxi’s chin. He watched with satisfaction as her full lips turned a little red and swollen because of him, and his dark eyes floated towards the manager, which immediately made his scalp tingle.

Hehe, they must have got shit in their heads!

Miss Xie Lian’er said a few words, and they really regarded Ye Yunxi as a little lover. As a result, the emperor did not come to sprinkle dog food, but to declare his identity!

Young Master Emperor’s fiancee, even if it was a mud leg crawling out of the mud pit, that was a pearl in the palm of Young Master Emperor’s hand, how dared they laugh at Ye Yunxi’s identity?

Did they still want to live?

“This will be done, this will be done!”

The manager nodded his head like he was being slapped in the face, and hurriedly presented various documents. He thought it would be the emperor who paid the money, but she stretched out a hand and threw a black card directly to his face. The dumped manager was terrified.

Black card!

This was a black card!

A black card with unlimited overdraft, a black card that showed your identity!

This was much more advanced than Jiang Rou’s credit card!

But, how could this girl have such a top-level black card?

Could it be that this lady’s identity was also very unusual?

The manager’s heart, liver, spleen, stomach and kidneys were also in pain.

God, what kind of lady did he provoke today?

Don’t be ruthless, what you thew out casually was a black card!

He thought it was a little guy with mud legs, who wanted to be tall, but he couldn’t see who she was!

This face was really…

After recording the black card, he looked at the holder, it was Ye Yunxi!

Geez, bullshit!

Now, even the manager himself wanted to give himself two big mouths!

Deficiency of the eye was a disease, it must be cured!

Soon, on the auction house’s records, Ye Yunxi’s personal information turned into the black card details!

There were also grades, first-class gold card, second-class platinum, third-class diamond, and the top one was the black card. As for this class, generally only those who had a black card could apply for a black card, otherwise, even if their family was rich, they couldn’t get this either!

Now, the auctioneers who come in to trade were going crazy!

It was really meeting a great god in a small temple. In a small auction, they actually met a master with a black card. Moreover, this was not a mud leg crawling up with the emperor’s thigh, this was definitely a wealthy family hiding somewhere.

Wrong, all of them were wrong!

They misunderstood her?

No…no…no…, they were absolutely blind!!

They thought this was a sugar daddy’s little lover, but she was not only Young Master Emperor’s fiancee, but also a black card holder!

Just these two items were enough to make all their faces swell!


No, what a goddess!!


System Lord: Surrender, you mortals with loose lips!

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