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Since that day, Siyu had not seen Fifth Master Lu again.

All kinds of medicinal materials were delivered to Siyu on time, but the person was gone. If he had left before, Siyu would surely have beat gongs and drums with joy, because not seeing Fifth Master Lu was equivalent to eating, drinking, and getting better. But now somehow, she is slightly unaccustomed to it.

Fifth Master Lu was domineering and self-willed, and he hardly considered the feelings of others. When he wanted Siyu to get used to him, he invaded Siyu’s life in various ways, such that even if the person was not there, he let someone give Siyu something, in short, he won’t let Siyu lose sight of him.

Such a situation where he disappeared silently, since Siyu got to know him, it seemed that she had never encountered it.

Siyu had been drawing at home for a few days, but finally couldn’t hold back. She took out her cell phone and called Fifth Master Lu—this number had been stored on her cell phone for so long, but Siyu never took the initiative to call it even once. After the second call, she waited for a few seconds without hearing the sound, and suddenly realized that she had been blocked.

“…” You know La Hei, this naive ghost!

Siyu threw the phone aside with a black face, and a trace of embarrassment rose uncontrollably from the bottom of her heart. She began to reflect on whether she was taking what a kiss could represent for granted, how could she believe that Fifth Master Lu would like her?

It was okay now. People ran away and didn’t even answer the phone.

Siyu’s heart was full of frustration that came out of nowhere. She bit her lip and picked up the brush again, forcing her mind to focus on the drawing. Painting was her favourite thing to do. She usually had a lot of inspiration and seldom got stuck. The more she drew, the smoother she got, but today it was different. It was very difficult for her to draw even a stroke, like her mind had gone blank and something was blocking her thoughts.

She didn’t know if it was because of the fact that Fifth Master Lu blocked her, due to which she can’t do anything smoothly. Siyu’s stubborn temper seldom emerged, and she didn’t believe it anymore. What was the big deal, so she continued to bury her head in painting.

The manga “Fashion Strategy” was coming to an end. It had been serialized for more than half a year, and the pamphlet had been published. Even the adaptation of the TV series was in preparation. There was only one ending. Siyu promised the readers to finish it in the past few days, but because Fifth Master Lu disappeared without a trace, she was not in a good mood for a few days, and she couldn’t lift the paintbrush at all.

This time, she drew it smoothly, but after she finished the drawing, she looked left and right, and she couldn’t respond to her thoughts. What she drew was exactly what she thought. How could the male character in the manga have the same face as Fifth Master Lu?

Staring at the drawing blankly for a long time, Siyu threw down the paint brush, covered her face and gave a sigh, unable to believe that she had gotten distracted to such a point.

After a long silence, Siyu put on her coat and left home to take a taxi to the Huanyi headquarters. Although she didn’t know where to find Fifth Master Lu, there was someone who could definitely find him.

When Lu Xingzhou heard the secretary say that Siyu was waiting to see him, he thought he had heard wrong: “You mean Zhou Siyu?”

The secretary looked at him and quickly nodded: “Yes, Miss Zhou has been here for a while. You were in a meeting just now, so I didn’t dare to disturb…”

Everyone who worked closely with President Lu knew that although Zhou Siyu was not a big star yet, President Lu was still very polite to her. The contract was signed by President Lu himself, and her treatment was the best in the company. In fact, it could be said that if Siyu wanted something she would get it, even the A-list superstar from Huanyi did not receive such special treatment, so when the secretary saw Siyu approaching, he dared not neglect her.

Lu Xingzhou had a headache, why did this little aunt come to find him? But even if Lu Xingzhou was given hundred times courage, he wouldn’t dare to stop Siyu from entering through the door, so he immediately asked the secretary to invite her in. As soon as Siyu walked into his office, Lu Xingzhou saw the girl’s pale face at a glance, and his heart couldn’t help but feel relieved.

Siyu was notoriously in poor health. Lu Xingzhou was really afraid that she would rush out and damage her body. He quickly called the secretary to make ginseng tea, and then cautiously asked: “You two… won’t be quarrelling anymore. You came to me to persuade Fifth Master Lu, right?”

Lu Xingzhou secretly guessed this when a few days ago, he received news that Fifth Master Lu had returned to Rongcheng and was not leaving the house all day long. According to the bodyguards around him, Fifth Master Lu looked very ugly when he returned, and everyone avoided going near him. They were afraid that his evil aura would spread to them, but later discovered that Fifth Master Lu was just staying alone by himself and did nothing.

This was surprising. You must know that the Fifth Master of the Lu family was never a person who could bear any grievances. Lu Xingzhou thought about it and thought that who could make him so angry, but still keep him from taking any actual actions. Perhaps Siyu was the only such person in this world.

So, Lu Xingzhou thought boldly, had the two people quarrelled?

“Quarrel?” Siyu looked inexplicably at him, she shook her head subconsciously, “Nothing like that.”

Lu Xingzhou thought she was experiencing a guilty conscience and persuaded her by saying two words: “Fifth Master Lu has a temper like this, don’t worry, it may be all right in a few days. Besides, the two of you quarrelled, where would I dare to come forward?”

Bystander Lu Xingzhou had seen that since Fifth Master Lu met Siyu, how many past records had been broken by him for her? The two people involved didn’t see clearly. Lu Xingzhou was sometimes a little anxious for their Fifth Master Lu. Having low EQ was really terrible. He obviously liked the little girl so much that he wanted to tie her to himself every day? But how could someone understand this kind of thing if he wouldn’t make it clear?

It was a pity that Lu Xingzhou who had never been afraid of the heavens in this life, just in front of the great evil god Fifth Master Lu, was afraid to say anything, so he had to pretend that he couldn’t see anything, and the two people slowly reached this situation.

Thinking of this, Lu Xingzhou persuaded: “Siyu, don’t worry, Fifth Master Lu can’t bear to be angry with you.”

The existence of Siyu was not a secret. The Lu family basically knew all about it. During this time, someone had been asking Lu Xingzhou and inquiring vaguely if Fifth Master Lu was going to take a wife?

God knew how long the Lu family had been oppressed. Fifth Master Lu was a master who did not even recognized his relatives. The whole Lu family hoped that a woman can take care of him soon, so that he would not vent his extra energy on poor people like them, of course. Now, it would be even better if Fifth Master Lu’s future wife was a gentle woman.

Siyu denied: “I can’t quarrel with him because he has unilaterally started to ignore me. I just want to ask you what is going on with him?”

Lu Xingzhou was still wondering whether to change his address of Siyu to “Mrs.” He said, “Fifth Master Lu wouldn’t tell me anything about it. If you don’t even know about it, how would us outsiders know.”

Siyu: “…” What did an outsider mean, if she remembered correctly, Lu Xingzhou was related to Fifth Master Lu, right?

Siyu didn’t get the answer she wanted, and slowly bit her lower lip, a tangled look flashed in her eyes. She was embarrassed to continue questioning, it seemed that this matter was particularly urgent, and as Lu Xingzhou looked a little curious, she also fled from the office.

“What happened to these two…” Lu Xingzhou thought for a while with his chin supported, and decided to restrain his curiosity. After all, the young couple had quarrelled, not to mention that he couldn’t help them. If he was settled by Fifth Master Lu, the gain would not be worth the loss.

Siyu worked hard to adjust her mentality, barely letting herself think about Fifth Master Lu. Soon, the finale of “Fashion Strategy” took shape under her pen.

@Koi for a Thousand Years: Thank you for your company for half a year. “Fashion Strategy” is officially over. If you feel that you still have more ideas, you can pay attention to the upcoming TV series!

Throughout the serialization period, the popularity of this comic remained high. It was even on hot searches several times. The number of people chasing the update was very large. At the end, the readers of the manhua exploded, and Koi’s Weibo also exploded. Everyone was on holiday, but Siyu was once again on the hot search list without warning.

[I can’t believe it, it’s over… I am willing to sacrifice my blood and kneel for a lot of extra koi, and it’s best to serialize it for a year or a half, we don’t mind at all! 】

[Thinking of the days when I squatted in the bottom of the pit and waited for updates, and the countless nights that I stayed up all night for you, that was my lost youth…】

[Are you going to make a TV series?! Sudden surprise! This kind of bloody and sour plot with a trace of dog blood, if it is put on the screen, it will be particularly interesting, right? I’m going after this TV series! 】

[Is the above guy from The news about the adaptation of the TV series has long been released. I heard that the director is good this time, and the production team is quite reliable. Now, the actors have not been finalized yet. Seriously, I really hope that Zhou Siyu will come to perform, after all, she is a diehard fan of the manhua, and she is also diligent in selling Amway about it everywhere, I have been to the preview of “Qin Guo”, and her acting skills are super good!】

[I think starfish, rather than looking for an actor who has no knowledge of the original work, I would rather choose a fan like her who dares to openly express her likes, but I just worry about her body … On the last interview, she seemed to say that after she was done with “Qin Guo”, she would take a break for a while? I don’t know if she can spare the time. 】

[Sisters, we are going to show our strength at this time. Let’s go to her Weibo and scan! Her confession to the Weibo of Koi is still on the top. She likes Koi so much. If she had the opportunity to play TV series, she might be very happy. Anyway, try it without losing money, what if it is done?】

So, in this magical atmosphere, Siyu’s Weibo, which was completely unrelated to the manhua author Koi, was captured by crazy readers at the same time, and was even forced to go back to the hot search.

The matter was not over yet. On the next day, assistant Shen Yue happily came to the door with a dozen scripts, smiled and said to Siyu: “Sister Siyu, look at it, I told you I will get you the “Fashion Strategy”. It’s an audition opportunity! The crew said that your demand is very high, and the original readers are unexpectedly tolerant of you, so they called me, to request you to please give it a try, and if you’re suitable, they would just decide on you directly. That’s it!”

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