RCFS Ch. 204

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Ye Yunxi didn’t want to talk nonsense with this person anymore, and said directly: “I want this sofa, and I’m going to look at the lazy cushions and bookshelves.”

The fat aunt’s eyelids were almost cramping.

Well, seeing the handsome guy pretending to be even stronger, why didn’t you book the show?

“Yunxi, do you want to buy furniture?”

Yu Zihang smiled, and turned to look at Manager Zhao: “Everything is free for her!”

“Huh?” Free?


“I’ll talk to Dad, for his future daughter-in-law, Dad will not be stingy!”

Yu Zihang smiled and turned around, and continued: “Otherwise I will give you the coffee table, TV cabinet and dining table.”

Yu Zihang was extremely enthusiastic.

Could he not be enthusiastic?

At the beginning, he was not optimistic about this marriage because Ye Yunxi was too useless. Although she was good-looking, she was weak and not worthy of his status as a young master. But now Ye Yunxi was different. She got into Junyao with excellent grades, and he heard that Junyao’s three clubs had been competing for her!

If Ye Yunxi joined any club at will, it would be the rhythm of being admitted to the Sword of Empire!

Thinking about his fiancée being a female soldier of Huangjue Military Academy, he couldn’t help but be full of pride!

So looking at Ye Yunxi now, he really liked how she looked, and he was very satisfied with her!

“Yunxi, how about having a meal together? What do you like to eat?”

Yu Zihang was about to pull Ye Yunxi’s hand when he said that, but he was slapped away, and the crisp sound shocked everyone present.

Damn, this girl dared to beat their boss’s son!

“Please figure it out, I have nothing to do with you!”

“Yunxi, are you still angry with me?”

Yu Zihang thought that Ye Yunxi ignored her as she was still angry with him, so he quickly said: “I was wrong before, I was blinded by Fang Xue and the others, Yunxi, you don’t worry, I will treat you well in the future, and I promise you will be the only one, and I will have no second thoughts!”

Ye Yunxi couldn’t bear it anymore, and squeezed out a word from between his teeth: “Get lost!”


“Can’t you hear me? Don’t you understand human language? I told you to get out, get out!”

The petite girl’s face was gloomy, and her words were extremely cold, Manager Zhao’s expression changed immediately, and his young master was actually told to get out by a girl!

Fuck! What a shame!

The young master would definitely be angry, after all, the boss and his wife were never willing to beat and scold him!

When he was struggling, Yu Zihang’s ugly face gradually returned to normal. He even took a step forward and said with a smile: “Don’t be angry, Yunxi, I swear, I will only love you…”

Before he finished speaking, a figure had already embraced Ye Yunxi forcefully, as if declaring his sovereignty.

The man was extremely handsome and tall, his eyebrows, eyes and facial features combined to form a face that was prettier than a woman’s. Under the bridge of his tall nose were two proud thin lips. The corners of his eyes were sharp and cold, and everyone’s hearts trembled.

“Trying to steal my woman?”

As he said, Di Junxie deliberately pulled her into his arms, and looked at Yu Zihang with cold eyes. Yu Zihang only felt as if he was being targeted by a dangerous beast. He was unable to move!


Wasn’t this the man who smashed his cruiser?

He was looking at Ye Yunxi: “You…”

“Do you think I won’t smashed your shop this time?”

The man’s tone became colder and colder, and everyone had the illusion of falling into an ice cave, but Yu Zihang fell even more deeply!

Last time, this man smashed his cruiser, which was worth two million with one shot!

So him saying this was definitely not a child’s play!!!

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