GLR Ch. 33

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The moment the mental coercion disappeared, General Heka rushed in first. As soon as General Alan raised his feet, he turned around and said, “Adjutant, take His Royal Highness Ryan to the main hall to entertain him. The marshal will come over soon.”

“Excuse me!”

Ryan: “Am I so unwelcome?”

“I’d better take a look at the Marshal first!” Ryan was about to take the initiative.

“His Royal Highness, please.”

The adjutant stopped in front of Ryan, not moving an inch.

Ryan gritted his teeth: This group of expeditionary forces, hum!

“Should I be happy, since the marshal returned from his disappearance, his ability to suppress the mental storm has improved?” General Heka was inexplicably envious, it turned out that the disappearance also had this benefit.

General Alan frowned and said, “When the inhibitor loses its effect, I don’t think it’s a good thing to forcibly suppress it.”

People’s mental endurance had a critical point, and forcibly suppressing it would only make the snowball grow bigger and bigger.

The two rushed in, and He Yunting was wiping his sweat with a towel. There were shocking blood stains on the white towel, and cracks could be seen faintly on his body, and blood was still oozing out.


The two of them were startled. Seeing this, the eyes of General Heka, a big and thick man also turned red.

“I’m not dead yet.”

He Yunting threw the towel on General Heka’s head and put on his military uniform. General Heka was holding the towel, as if he was holding a relic, and was about to cry. According to reports, Marshal He had almost exploded to death.

“Find someone for me.”


“A person who can travel through the seven-dimensional space.”

The air suddenly became quiet, and General Heka tapped his ears, suspecting that he had heard something wrong.

Now, the marshal had just experienced a mental riot, was he still awake?

General Heka: “Marshal, seven-dimensional space? Seventh-dimensional space? An existence that even the first civilization dare not touch?”

In the interstellar era, the power was divided by civilization, and the empire and the federation were divided into the third civilization. Due to being suppressed, when Marshal He was sent to the interstellar military court back then was a dirty thing done by the First Civilization and the royal family.

“It’s just a guess. This person must be found as soon as possible.”

Although Kong Yi failed to capture him when he appeared last time, as a species produced in the seventh-dimensional space, Kong Yi still sensed the breath.

“Where does he live?”

“I don’t know.”


“I don’t know.”

“What about his appearance?”

“I don’t know.”

General Heka became anxious and couldn’t help complaining: “Marshal, did you change your name so I won’t know?”

He Yunting swept a glance at General Heka, and General Heka froze immediately.

“His voice is nice and refreshing; when he speaks, he has a milky voice at the end, he is tall and thin, and has a little temper…”

General Heka and General Alan looked at each other, and his tone and expression, he was definitely not showing off his affection? Also, they had never seen him before, why was he still so clear?

“Tsk, I just can’t see the face clearly, the dream is too dark.”

General Heka: “Marshal, He?”

He Yunting: “Have any questions?”

General Heka shook his head: “No.”

People whose face couldn’t be seen clearly, even in this era of advanced technology, was too embarrassing.

“Isn’t the marshal trying to use the public resources for personal gain?”

General Heka couldn’t help chatting with General Alan when he went out.

“If such a person really exists, wouldn’t it be a terrible thing?”

General Heka became serious when he heard it, after all he could travel through the seven-dimensional space. Did such an existence really exist?

“By the way, those reporters have been arrested, what should we do?”

General Heka had a headache. Although had them arrested for espionage, he couldn’t really treat them as a spy; if those reporters were not released tonight, there must be news of  a conspiracy report tomorrow.

“Clean their memories and throw them back.”

“It’s so obvious.”

“Then add a fake memory to them, as long as the scene is connected.”

It was really simple and rude, but it was so cool, it really deserved to have come from General Alan.

When Su Yemu woke up, it was already dark, and a crowd gathered around the bed. Seeing that Su Yemu was awake, Xiaonan threw herself into his arms, tears streaming down her face.

“Hey, it’s okay.”

Su Yemu touched Xiaonan’s head: “Have you eaten yet? Brother will cook for you.”

Xiaonan shook his head: “I’m not hungry.”

Su Yemu chuckled lightly: “Brother is hungry.”

“I’ll make something.”

Hearing this, Erha rushed out immediately, Jiang Xiaoyu saw it, left a sentence of ‘I’ll help’ and ran away.

“Little Yemu, did you feel unwell last night because I dragged you to bed late?” Professor Li was very guilty. He came to Su Yemu’s place to record history. Did Su Yemu have ancient books here?

“It’s none of your business. Maybe I’ve been too busy recently.”

Su Yemu’s workload was indeed a bit heavy recently. In the morning, he either copied recipes or helped out at the farm. In the afternoon, he broadcasted live and cooked. Then he explained some small kitchen basic skills, or explained dishes and seasonings to them.

Father Jiang quickly expressed his opinion: “Recently rest well, don’t worry, the farm will be fine in my hands.”

“There will be no problem.” Da Zhuang’s face was stiff and his eyes were firm.

“Your Excellency, don’t worry, with Brother Da Zhuang and I, the farm will be completed on time.”

Da Yu was very sad, wondering if he had sucked Su Yemu’s blessing away and made him faint. After all, he just woke up, and His Excellency fainted.

033 No. 2: Chirp, chirp, chirp!

“Okay, okay, let’s all go back! Let Xiao Yemu rest.” Professor Li started to chase people away.

After everyone left one by one, Su Yemu got out of bed, loosened his muscles and bones, didn’t feel any discomfort, and suddenly fainted, maybe he was really busy.

After arriving in the outside room, Su Yemu started the live broadcast. He wanted to record a short video, but unexpectedly, a wave of people flooded in. The number jumped and jumped, but after a while, it reached more than 800,000 people.

It’s good to see that Bobo is fine, my eyes are swollen from crying, I’m afraid that something would have happened to Bobo.

I have been guarding the live broadcast room all the time, not daring to move around, so I feel at ease when I see that Bobo is fine.

It must be that Bobo has been too tired recently. It must be very tiring to cook so many meals a day.

“I don’t feel tired when I’m cooking, it’s an accident to faint,” Su Yemu said, “I’m fine now, don’t worry, everyone!”

Hmm, Bobo said it’s fine, but don’t cook tomorrow, I am also very happy to chat with Bobo.

Yes, seeing Bobo every day is the most anticipated thing.

I like broadcasting and telling stories the most, even without cooking.

Su Yemu chuckled, this group of lovely audience, if he didn’t swallow his saliva when he said it, he would believe it.

“That’s how it is! The farm is almost completed, and I’ll take everyone to see the farm tomorrow.”

Su Yemu’s proposal was approved by everyone, and then Su Yemu was kicked out. As the name suggested, it was time to go to rest.

He fainted once and became a national treasure.

After turning off the terminal, Erha’s dinner was ready, the shredded pork porridge and steamed buns were made by Jiang Xiaoyu. After Su Yemu’s two days of training, the two of them made rapid progress and barely passed the test.

After dinner, Su Yemu woke up after taking a shower. He didn’t have a dream. He was doing well, let’s keep it up.

After waking up, Su Yemu placed an order for soybeans on Xingwang, soaked the soybeans when they arrived, and made breakfast.

Professor Li woke up smelling the aroma, ate the shumai[1] made by Su Yemu, and kept nodding his head. After eating, he said, “Little Yemu, I’m going to the trading market today, and I might not be back at noon, so I’ll pack a copy, and eat it later!”

Then Su Yemu watched helplessly as he packed away a basket of shumai. No way, let’s make another basket! The little ones at home haven’t eaten yet!

What Su Yemu didn’t expect was that after Professor Li went out, besides the one he ate, he even packed and sent back three portions to Neptune.

He also left a special message: Message 1, do you want to continue eating? Continue to help me with my class and watch those bastards.

Message 2: Do you want to eat? Continue to grant me leave!

After Su Yemu finished the second basket of shumai, the children in the family were still not awake, but number two was bouncing around at his feet, with the shumai still in his mouth.

At this moment, the doorbell rang, and Su Yemu opened it. Standing outside was Uncle Mu, the old man who recommended his son to Su Yemu yesterday.

Next to him was a boy sitting in a wheelchair, with a handsome appearance but a pale complexion. He had a pair of beautiful eyes, but the eyes were a bit fierce.

Uncle Mu pushed his son: “Your Excellency, this is my son, Ace. Ace, greet him.”

Ace ignored his father, just stared at Su Yemu’s face closely, as if looking for something: “You are someone who can provide me with a job?”

Su Yemu nodded: “Yes.”

“I will repay you in the future.”

“Thank you!”

What Su Yemu said was very sincere, but he suddenly thought of a problem. According to the laws of the empire, all three of his apprentices seemed to be adults, so what should he do?

Su Yemu was very conflicted, but the two elder and second apprentices were happy. When they saw the boy, they said in unison, “Third Junior Brother.”

Su Yemu: Well, it’s only a white dragon horse.

He couldn’t help looking at No. 033 No. 2 who was hiding in the corner, it was all right.

After confirming the acceptance of apprentices, Uncle Mu left, taking away five wooden carvings from Su Yemu.

Su Yemu drove the three apprentices to the kitchen, secretly poked the information on the star network, and saw that it was written that you can start working at the age of 20. Fortunately, the eldest apprentice and the three apprentices had already met.

The three apprentices were complete, and Su Yemu went to the kitchen to teach. This teaching lasted until the afternoon. When he started the broadcast on time at 3:30, many people were already waiting here.

Seeing the video of Bobo reporting safety, I want to confirm again, as long as it’s okay.

Bobo is ready, I am happy, I can see the farm today, I am happy.

“Then let’s go to the farm!”

There were three buildings in the farm, all of which were two stories high. The one in the middle was called Yushan Building, named after Su Yemu, and they all thought it sounded nice.

In front of the Yushan Building was a large lake, covering an area of 10 mu. There was a two-story empty pavilion in the center of the lake. Lotus flowers had been planted around the lake. They had just been transplanted and had not yet bloomed. There was fish in the water, which were edible.

From the Yushan building along the lake was a corridor, and every other section there was a small path leading to a small courtyard. There was rockery and flowing water in the small courtyard, and there were four courtyards and four gentleman pavilions, which just surrounded the lake. It formed a circle with the Yushan building.

All the reserved places were filled with flowers and fruit trees. One could imagine how beautiful the flowers here would be and how attractive the fruits would be when it was the season.

Vegetables were growing outside the Yushan Building, and the poultry was raised outside. The planning was like a combination of farm and pasture. Except for the place where vegetables were grown, the ground was covered with green grass.

After walking around for an hour, everyone was so shocked that they couldn’t speak. There was only one word for these buildings, beautiful.

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