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Du Mihuang, a super idol who was only 17 years old, his hair, skin, eyes, lips, and long legs were all popular on the hot search every day. Eight out of ten girls in middle and high school claimed to be his wives, and eight out of ten girls in high school and college claimed to be his mothers.

Lu Rong had never participated in a concert, nor had he pursued stars, but within half an hour of being on the scene, he was captured by Du Mihuang. Du Mihuang’s peerless face, tight leather pants and vigorous singing and dancing opened the door to a new world for him. He didn’t understand how there could be such perfect facial features like a God in the world, and he also didn’t understand why some people could be so radiant on stage, but he finally understood why some people chased stars and others fell in love with idols. Under the influence of the atmosphere, he also became a brainless fan.

Ji Wenfeng didn’t expect things to turn out like this at all and sat in the front row with folded arms indifferently, watching all this coldly. Du Mihuang on the stage cast his eyes on him frequently—even though there were 80,000 women who were passionately in love with him, Ji Wenfeng’s eyes could still stand out and caught his attention in terms of intensity and resentment.

Ji Wenfeng grabbed Lu Rong’s arm and pulled him up when he yelled “Ah, ah, I love you” for the second time, planning to leave. Lu Rong thought he had something to do, but when he got to the exit, he found out that they were leaving. So, he reminded Ji Wenfeng: “We spent 10,000 yuan to come in to see him.”

Ji Wenfeng said with a cold face, “Go back and tidy up the dressing room for me.”

Lu Rong turned his head and left: “I don’t want to.” Still following Du Mihuang singing “Classic class class class class” in his mouth, he ran away.

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

As soon as Lu Rong left, a man in a neat suit walked up to Ji Wenfeng under the protection of bodyguards, and said with a smile on his face, “Excuse me, is this Mr. Ji?”

Ji Wenfeng frowned his slender eyebrows: “Are you…?”

The man quickly shook hands with him: “I am Xiao Du’s manager, thank you Mr. Ji for your kindness in attending Xiao Du’s concert!”

Ji Wenfeng: “…?”

After some pleasantries were exchanged, Ji Wenfeng finally remembered at the reminder of this agent – Du Mihuang had just cooperated with Ji’s and endorsed an app for the company. At the press conference, Ji Wenfeng and Du Mihuang had met once, although he couldn’t remember it at all. The most coincidental thing was… “I heard that you are still from the same school!” Du Mihuang’s manager said pleasantly.

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Du Mihuang’s manager asked earnestly: “Young Master Ji, after the concert, can you join us in our celebration banquet? Xiao Du has always been very grateful to the Jis, and also cherishes this opportunity for cooperation.”

Ji Wenfeng glanced at the love-crazed Lu Rong in the row in front of him: “No time.”

Manager: “…”

Ji Wenfeng: “By the way, can he transfer schools? I don’t want to see him.”

Manager: “…?”

What did Xiao Huang of his family do to offend the prince of the Ji family?

During the intermission, the agent reported the news to Du Mihuang. Du Mihuang froze in place with stage makeup on: “Is it? I didn’t talk to him at all last time. And if he hates me so much, why did he come to my concert again?” He couldn’t figure it out.

“We can’t offend him.” The manager said seriously. “Now that the market is in a downturn, Ji’s advertising endorsement can’t be lost.”

Du Mihuang asked: “What should we do?”

The agent said: “I have already found out, Mr. Ji is sitting in the VIP position in the infield, why don’t you invite him to join you on stage later?”

Although Du Mihuang was only 17 years old, he had been in the entertainment industry for a long time and had a lot of experience, so he immediately rejected the manager’s proposal: “No, tomorrow’s trending search will likely be that I deliberately tried to curry favor with Young Master Ji for endorsement. Then the sunspots will post our kissing pictures and pass on that I am his boyfriend. By the end of the night, we will even have pornographic pictures in circulation.”

The manager said: “Then smile at him a few more times and shout ‘I love you guys’ in his direction.”

Du Mihuang: “…that’s also very gay.”

The manager shook his head: “Because it’s smiling at a group of people, it won’t be particularly obvious. The best way to hide a drop of water is to merge it into the ocean and in order to hide a person the best way is to integrate him into the crowd. No one will notice that you are showing affection to him alone. After the concert is over, you can secretly add his WeChat account.”

Due to the pressure of life, Du Mihuang accepted the agent’s suggestion. There was no other way, idol stars also had to eat, if he was relying on Party A’s father to eat, he had to be gentle and active to Party A like a post: “Where is he sitting?”

Agent: “The VIP area in the infield, left 46 in the first row on the side.”

When Ji Wenfeng came back, Lu Rong had taken his seat, because his seat was closer to the stage, so Ji Wenfeng had to sit down on seat 47.

After the start of the second half, Lu Rong couldn’t help wondering: “Is this celebrity interested in me?”

Ji Wenfeng cut it, showing a dismissive look.

Lu Rong stared at the handsome figure on the stage earnestly: “He kept smiling at me while singing, and said I love you three times in my direction, by looking into my eyes.”

Ji Wenfeng: “All the women present think so as well.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Du Mihuang’s hand dropped in front of Lu Rong, holding his mobile phone, and his WeChat QR code was displayed on the screen. In this way, he handed out the WeChat QR code with an exaggerated squat and greeted Lu Rong in front of him with the headset: “My friend here, how are you doing tonight!”

The manager told him to talk to young master Ji and build a good relationship, the concert was not a handshake meeting or a fan meeting, but he wanted to give this honor to young master Ji, let him shake hands with him before the security guard arrives, and hand over his WeChat QR code to him by the way.

Ji Wenfeng: “…”

Lu Rong said to Ji Wenfeng, “I told you, he is interested in me.” He rushed forward and took out his mobile phone to scan the QR code with Du Mihuang.

Ji Wenfeng couldn’t take it anymore, so he grabbed Lu Rong’s hand and forcibly took him away from the scene and took him to the exit involuntarily.

Lu Rong: “Aren’t you the one who wanted to come to the concert?”

Ji Wenfeng said forcefully: “Go back and organize my wardrobe.”

Lu Rong looked at the heat wave behind him and felt lost. It’s over, he didn’t even enjoy it.

“Can you get his WeChat?” Lu Rong asked unwillingly. He really wanted to make a celebrity friend to touch the waters of the entertainment industry and ask if he could make money opening a brokerage company. Ji Wenfeng was the eldest son of the Ji family and may have friendship with this big star.

Ji Wenfeng’s complexion was not good: “No.”

Du Mihuang’s manager came with his mobile phone right then: “Mr. Ji, just now Xiao Du said that you didn’t scan it…”

Ji Wenfeng quickly snatched it away and the phone was thrown on the ground with a “slap”, and he said indifferently to the manager, “Tell him, if he comes to school, he should avoid me every time he sees me.” After speaking, he picked up Lu Rong and left.

Lu Rong got into the car: “What Xiao Du? What school?” He still didn’t know which school the star he was chasing went to.

Ji Wenfeng stepped on the gas pedal and left in a hurry: “You don’t want to know.”

Backstage of the concert.

Du Mihuang looked at the broken phone: “Did he really say that?”

The agent also looked at the broken phone: “That’s right.”

Du Mihuang shook his head in disbelief: “When I was at the scene, he was clearly very enthusiastic and said he loves me.” Why did he turn his face in the blink of an eye?

The manager put his hands on his shoulders and said with a voice full of vicissitudes of life: “All domineering presidents are so ruthless.”

“I don’t believe it.” Du Mihuang recalled the figure of Lu Rong waving the fluorescent stick at himself in the front row, then he suddenly remembered a detail, “In front of the stage, he had already taken out his mobile phone, but he was suddenly pulled away by his friend.”

The agent thought of Lu Rong who had no sense of existence behind Ji Wenfeng: “Well…he did come here with his friend. Speaking of which, it’s not that he doesn’t want to make friends with you, it’s that someone is obstructing you.” Unexpectedly, the clean boy looked innocent and harmless, but he was actually a master of palace fighting.

“Why did he stop us both from becoming friends?” Du Mihuang said to himself.

The manager and Du Mihuang showed bright eyes at the same time, then they said in unison: “He is his boyfriend!”

Now things were clear, brother Ji’s son is gay, and he brought his male companion to the concert, and because his male companion was jealous, so Mr. Ji pretended to drop his mobile phone and said that he would not have any contact with him in the future.

Du Mihuang looked at his extraordinarily enchanting face with stage makeup in the mirror: “It’s okay, I can wait. These young masters change boyfriends very quickly.”

The manager pressed his hand on his shoulder in pain: Xiao Du, in order to eat, learned to climb the domineering president’s bed at the age of 17.

Du Mihuang could see what he was thinking from his painful expression, and solemnly declared: “This is not business, this is love.”

Young master Ji, he looks super cute, hehe.

Lu Rong didn’t watch the first concert in his life to the end, but when he sat in the passenger seat, he had already adjusted his mentality: Although he lost the concert but he won Ji Wenfeng. When Ji Wenfeng took him to Luyuan for dinner at will, the war between the two of them began: whether it was better to follow one’s inclinations or live a planned life.

Ji Wenfeng despised himself as a control freak and a planner who could not change his schedule at will, but Ji Wenfeng couldn’t finish listening to the concert he chose on his knees, which proved that his method was not working.

Lu Rong: “Today’s arrangement has taught me some lessons – there is nothing good about doing what you want and following you, today I neither tidied up your closet nor had a good time. Not everyone can walk into a concert casually and leave with good memories.” He took out his notebook and looked at Ji Wenfeng with the victor’s gaze, “Let’s arrange the weekend well in the future.”

Ji Wenfeng said: “Today is not over yet.” He passed through the channel and got on the expressway in a smooth manner.

Lu Rong was so startled that he almost jumped up: “What are you going to do?!”

Ji Wenfeng lowered the car window, let the night wind blow his hair, and turned to Lu Rong, “I want to make this night unforgettable for you forever.”

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