TBVSR Ch. 9: Rotating Black Swan

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The next morning, Jiang Yu was woken up by a “ding” message.

She took out her mobile phone from under the pillow, and there was a system reminder from [Knowledge]: “The reward for the [Rescue Missing Girl] task, 16,000 yuan has been received.”

At the same time, the system also sent Jiang Yu two paragraphs from Leaf——

“Thank you for stopping me and not letting me commit a mistake that would make me regret my whole life. You are right, it is not worth it to destroy my life for a scumbag.”

“From now on, I will use my most grateful new mentality to welcome a new life.”

Jiang Yu bent the corners of her lips unconsciously, feeling very satisfied.

It turned out that helping others, in addition to making money, could also let you feel such a great sense of accomplishment.

Jiang Yu put down the phone, hummed a song and went to the bathroom to wash up and dress, she put on light makeup, wore her dancing shoes and dance clothes, and went straight to the Lingque Training Center.

Today, Lingque would select excellent seedlings from each class to participate in the promotion competition at the end of the year.

Jiang Yu must win this spot in order to get the opportunity to enter the Esmera Art Center.

Jiang Yu fastened her dancing shoes, put on her close-fitting dance clothes, and came to the dance practice room.

When the classmates saw her, they looked at each other with a puzzled look.

“Why did she come?”

“Wasn’t it said that because she couldn’t pay the tuition, she was going to drop out?”

“If she has come, wouldn’t Silin be in danger for today’s selection?”

Jiang Yu walked into the dance studio. At that moment, the eyes of the classmates were focused on a girl who was pressing her legs by the mirror.

The girl’s name was Wu Silin, and she was Jiang Yu’s biggest competitor in the class.

Both of them were highly valued and liked by the teacher in charge of the class, and the two had the same level of strength.

On weekdays, it was fine, but in today’s evaluation, each class would only select one person to participate in the competition at the end of the year.

Therefore, between her and Jiang Yu, there was bound to be a life-and-death struggle.

Wu Silin had been worrying about this the whole summer vacation.

Before the start of school, she specially brought a gift and went to Mrs. Huang Xin to ask about it. The answer was: Jiang Yu had owed the dance class tuition for too long, and she would be expelled this semester.

Therefore, Wu Silin was full of confidence, thinking that she would definitely win the promotion spot today.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yu actually came!

The classmates exchanged glances with each other, thinking that there would be a good show to watch today.

After all, for the vast majority of students in Lingque Art Class, the promotion competition was just a soy sauce[1].

The competition between Wu Silin and Jiang Yu was like the fight between gods.

Soon, Mrs. Huang Xin and a group of judges from the Lingque Art Class walked into the dance classroom to prepare the students, and the assessment officially began.

Jiang Yu was a little nervous, pressing her legs on the horizontal bar by the mirror, preparing to warm up.

Wu Silin was not too nervous.

For one thing, she knew in her heart that Jiang Yu had always had a bad relationship with Mrs. Huang Xin, the main judge, and she had often given Mrs. Huang Xin small gifts.

Second… She didn’t think that she was worse than Jiang Yu in dancing. Since her strength was half a pound more, Jiang Yu would of course not be her opponent.

Wu Silin’s best friends gathered around her and said sarcastically, “Don’t worry, Silin, she’s not your opponent.”

“That’s right, look at her dancing shoes, they’re always the same, they seem slippery. The seam is cut, and there is no replacement.”

“Tsk, it’s too shabby.”

Wu Silin said to her best friends: “Don’t laugh at other people’s family background, her poverty is not her fault. In fact, Jiang Yu is still very strong.”

“Silin, you are so kind. But, I also have something to say, she was originally strong. But, she can’t compare to you.”

“Silin has received the most professional ballet training since she was a child, and she has hired famous artists to teach her. How can Jiang Yu’s half-savvy approach be compared with it?”

In fact, when the girls slandered Jiang Yu, there was still an element of jealousy, almost all the girls in the Lingque art class had started ballet training since childhood.

But Jiang Yu didn’t. She only got into ballet a few years ago, but she caught up better than anyone had expected. In just a few years, she surpassed all of them, and even reached the same level as a top-notch student like Wu Silin.

Who wouldn’t be jealous of such a talent.

Just as the girls were whispering and talking, the selection had already begun.

The teacher asked each classmate to perform their best movement on the stage, which lasted about three minutes.

There was no need to jump too much, three minutes was enough for the teacher to clearly see the basic level of a student.

The girls took to the stage one by one to demonstrate.

The selection teachers in the audience watched their performances and shook their heads in dissatisfaction.

Such a level, even if Esmera’s threshold was lowered, it was not enough.

Until Wu Silin came to the stage, she performed a big split that she was best at. Following the rhythm of the music, she first took a kneeling posture, stretched one leg forward, and did the split easily, while straightening her upper body to freeze the movement.

Very beautiful.

The selection teachers smiled and scored, and it seemed that they finally saw a good performance.

Wu Silin was full of confidence as she walked off the stage.

“Amazing, Silin!”

“This split was so beautiful, you made it look so simple!”

“Only you can do it!” The girls were blowing rainbow farts at her, and Wu Silin also enjoyed it very much, then she glanced back at Jiang Yu.

Next, the teacher called Jiang Yu’s name.

Jiang Yu moved her limbs and walked onto the stage.

When she was passing by Wu Silin, Wu Silin inadvertently stretched out her long legs, ready to trip her.

Jiang Yu had long known that she was two-faced. Today, in the last life, Jiang Yu was tripped by her, and she fell to the ground, almost breaking her bone.

Naturally, the performance on the stage was not satisfactory, so there was no question of her being selected, and thus she even missed the chance to enter the Esmera Art Center.

She had long expected that Wu Silin would have this move, so Jiang Yu simply stepped on the back of her instep the moment she stretched her legs and crushed it hard.

Wu Silin screamed in pain, then immediately covered her mouth, daring not to cry out, for fear that people around her would find her actions.

Jiang Yu sneered at the corner of her mouth and walked straight onto the stage.

Wu Silin looked at her angrily, thinking to herself, even if she were to display her full strength, she would not be able to compare to herself.

The music sounded, and it was the very familiar melody of “Swan Lake”. Jiang Yu followed the rhythm of this climax and started the very classic and very difficult black swan rotation[2].

She stood on tiptoe with one leg supported, the other leg raised, and her knee bent. Then she circled her hands, her eyes fixed on a point, and then she started spinning at the fastest speed.

With the passionate emotions, the charm, coquettishness and strength of the black swan were displayed to the greatest extent by her!

Wu Silin bit her lower lip unconsciously. She turned her head to look at the judges and teachers, who had forgotten to grade one by one, and were staring intently at the spinning black swan on the stage.

Finally the music stopped, then Jiang Yu stood up steadily, bowed down and thanked everyone gracefully.

“Crack”, “Crack”, a teacher from the judges began to applaud, it was like match to a fire, and in an instant, the whole classroom was echoing with thunder-like applause!

Wu Silin couldn’t believe it. After only one summer vacation, Jiang Yu’s dancing level had improved too much!

Last semester, she could barely tie with her, but when she saw her today, she was not on the same level as her.

Jiang Yu stepped off the stage, her heart was beating, and her chest was heaving.

She knew that her level was not the level of the seventeen-year-old her in her previous life.

Now, she had more than a few years of dance training experience, and her level could definitely be called professional. It was not the same as little brats like Wu Silin.

Wu Silin gritted her teeth and looked at Jiang Yu with unwillingness and jealousy in her eyes.

However, the sour words of the best friend around her came again: “What’s the use of dancing well, the judges and teachers can’t choose her.”

“That is, with her family background, she can’t even pay the tuition fees, so if she entered Esmera Art Center, wouldn’t that be a shame for our Lingque training class?”

“That’s right! Teachers can’t choose her.”

Wu Silin finally felt a little relieved.

They were right. The judges and teachers would not let Jiang Yu participate in the promotion competition. After all, she could even drag on the tuition fee for the Lingque training class for so long.

And Lingque’s tuition fee was not even a fraction of the tuition fee of Esmera Art Center. Jiang Yu’s desire to enter this ballet temple was really only a daydream.

Thinking of this, she began to feel complacent again and gave Jiang Yu a contemptuous look.

Jiang Yu ignored her, and watched the performance of every classmate who came on stage seriously.

Soon, the competition was over, and every student fully displayed their strength, but there was only one place in each class.

Among them, one of the best students must be selected to enter the promotion competition at the end of the year.

Huang Xin finally took the stage to announce the final list.

She glanced at Jiang Yu, then at Wu Silin, and then her eyes settled on the list in her hand.

Seeing Jiang Yu so uneasy, that even her hands were shaking slightly, Wu Silin thought it was a bit ridiculous.

Was it possible that she was still hoping for something, and still wanted to enter Esmera with a family like hers?

A fool’s dream.

Wu Silin waited confidently to hear her name from Teacher Huang Xin, however, what she heard was precisely the name she didn’t want to hear: “Jiang Yu”.

“After the judges and teachers discussed and agreed, we selected Jiang Yu as the student who will finally enter the competition.”

After saying this, Huang Xin took the lead in applauding.

The students clapped heartily.

After all, everyone could see that Jiang Yu’s performance just now was really the best among them.

Even Wu Silin, who was always on par with her, or even slightly better than her, if they compared their performances just now, it was like the difference between a fish eye and a pearl.

Therefore, Jiang Yu’s ability to opportunity to enter the promotion competition was well deserved.

Wu Silin hadn’t reacted yet. Amongst the applause of the crowd, she stared blankly at Jiang Yu.

Only then did Jiang Yu finally turn around and look directly at her.

In her eyes, Wu Silin saw a light that she had never seen before.

That kind of light definitely did not belong to the inferior and cowardly Jiang Yu of the past.

She was like a completely different person!

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[1] They were unimportant characters who would not be able to participate in it.

[2] You can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SKLSOGtayE

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