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This was not the first time Xie Lin had expressed his intentions to Fu Yuanzhou, but before, it was mostly obscure, or said indirectly, such a face-to-face direct confession had never happened before, and the impact was so great that Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for several seconds and had just now come back to his senses.

But Xie Lin didn’t say anything more, he just glanced at Fu Yuanzhou and told him to rest well and not think too much, then he turned and left.

Fu Yuanzhou stood for a while, then returned to his bedroom, lying on the bed tossing and turning like pancakes, this time the reason was no longer Shen Xigou, but Xie Lin.

He had to admit that the lethality of Xie Lin’s confession was really not small. This was because he had no idea how to deal with Xie Lin’s confession, and his heartbeat just accelerated thinking about it. If Xie Lin had confessed to someone else, he was afraid no one would be able to reject him.

Fu Yuanzhou touched his face and the corners of his lips, all of which Xie Lin had smelled just now, and he was a little upset.

It seemed that Xie Lin in this life had made up his mind to like him. Although he had never seen Xie Lin interact with other people, he should be very dedicated after making a decision. At least for a long time in the future, Xie Lin’s heart for him won’t change…

Thinking of this, Fu Yuanzhou’s mood was a bit complicated. He couldn’t accept Xie Lin, and he was sure that he would not be dating in the next few years. As long as Xie Lin liked him for a day, he couldn’t have a girlfriend for that day, otherwise he didn’t know how Xie Lin would react.

But since it was for Xie Lin, it didn’t seem like a big deal if he never fell in love. He didn’t have much desire for love. At first, he dated Xiao Fei, mostly because Xiao Fei took the initiative to pursue him rather actively.

Slowly digesting what happened tonight, Fu Yuanzhou closed his eyes and fell asleep. Before going to sleep, he thought vaguely that what Xie Lin said at the end was not accurate, it must be related to gender, otherwise Xie Lin should have still liked him in his previous life, not just after he became an Omega.

A thought suddenly popped into his mind, if Xie Lin would have liked him in his last life, what would have happened to the two of them?

He would probably have become estranged from him. In addition to the reason that he couldn’t accept the same sex, he was still dating Xiaofei at the time. Even if they broke up in the future, he couldn’t fall in love with Xie Lin, otherwise Xiaofei would definitely collapse.

He fell asleep with a heavy heart.

The next few days were calm, and everything was the same. Shen Xigou didn’t appear again these days. Fu Yuanzhou knew that he couldn’t have given up, but he didn’t know why Shen Xigou didn’t show up. He was both happy and uneasy.

It was the eve of National Day holiday in a blink of an eye.

Before the National Day holiday, the school would usher in a two-day autumn sports meeting. In addition to No. 1 Middle School, several sister schools such as Tiancheng Middle School, No. 7 Middle School and No. 2 Experimental Middle School would also be participating. This meet was held every year in a large stadium.

Fu Yuanzhou and Yu Fei were sent to the outside of the stadium by the driver, and they soon separated to find their respective classes. Xie Lin was not there. He was in the third year of high school and did not participate in the autumn sports games. He had to attend school for the next two days.

The gathering time was very early, but looking around, the huge stadium was already full of students, wearing different school uniforms, and some wearing fancy clothes, which should be prepared for the cheerleading team.

Fu Yuanzhou was wearing an autumn school uniform jacket on his upper body, and sports shorts and running shoes on his lower body. It was a little cold in the morning at the end of September. He trotted all the way to the meeting point of Class 7, but they were easy to find. There was somebody there who was prominent and was the most eye-catching presence wherever it was placed.

“It’s rare that you weren’t late.” Fu Yuanzhou greeted Yuan Ye, expressing his surprise that Yuan Ye had arrived on time.

“As long as I don’t have to go to school, I’m very punctual.”

Yuan Ye was serious and attracted the glare of the head teacher Da Yang. He shrugged, then he took out a bottle of flavored milk from his school uniform pocket and handed it to Fu Yuanzhou: “Drink?”

It was still warm, and also his favorite flavor: “Thanks, I’ll transfer you money.”

“No need.” Yuan Ye smiled, “It was cold in the morning, so when I passed by the convenience store to buy breakfast, I brought you a bottle.”

He had always been very good at taking care of people. Fu Yuanzhou himself was short-sighted. He thought that he should buy something for Yuan Ye. When the people were almost assembled, Da Yang took them to the stand to wait. After all the arrangement, when the leaders of several schools had arrived, the sports meeting finally officially started.

Because of the ample space, in addition to the students from the four schools, there were many outsiders sitting in the stands. Most of them were parents of students, watching their children’s games. The stands were surrounded by three sides, and the other side was a huge LED screen showing the video recording of the sports meeting which was being filmed by a teacher.

As usual, the opening was a speech by the school leaders and student representatives, followed by the squads of each class. Fu Yuanzhou’s Class 7 was the squad of doll costumes. They jumped up, waved to the audience, and shouted slogans with a voice changer. They used a childish voice with a milky sound, and even the school leaders sitting in the leadership chair couldn’t help laughing.

However, in the interactive session, in the voting activity held on the WeChat platform, everyone still voted for the most impressive class teams, and Classes 1 and 3 of high school still won the highest number of votes.

There was no other reason. The standard bearer of Class 3 was Yu Fei. When Class 3 passed under the stand, even the broadcast camera stayed on him for a long time. The camera showed a close-up of him, his flawless face was thus reflected on the LED screen, and Fu Yuanzhou was sure that he had heard someone gasping for breath.

Because of the large number of classes, it took a long time to walk in the square team. Taking advantage of Da Yang’s inattentiveness, Fu Yuanzhou sneaked to Class 1 to play. He was warmly received by his old classmates. The class teacher of Class 1 closed her eyes because she also liked Fu Yuanzhou as a student.

Fu Yuanzhou was treated like the stars and the moon in the class. He hooked his friend’s neck with his left hand, took the gummy candy handed over by a girl with his right hand, and casually said to Ran Shutang while chewing, “Are you going to run the three kilometers race this time?”

“Yes.” Ran Shutang nodded, he had sat farther away, and everyone around him ran to Fu Yuanzhou’s side, making him seem a little lonely.

“I’ll cheer you on then.” Fu Yuanzhou sat next to him, tore the package of the gummy candy open with a smile, and handed it to Ran Shutang, “Come on, contestant Ran, please eat a candy.”

“…” The whole Class 1 turned to look at the girl who gave the candy, “Did you poison the candy?”

The girl was terrified: “I didn’t!”

Everyone: “??”

Then why would Brother Yuan give Shutang candy? Was he trying to choke someone to death? He also said that he wanted to cheer Shutang on. Could this be a conspiracy of Class 7?

“What kind of eyes do you have, me and… Shutang have turned from enemies into friends, and we will be good buddies from now on.” Fu Yuanzhou raised his legs and squinted at them, and simply brought the candy to Ran Shutang’s lips, “Come on, Shutang, come on, eat.”

Ran Shutang’s ears turned red, and he looked down, Fu Yuanzhou was holding a red fondant, and his beautiful fingertips were stained with powdered sugar, which looked even sweeter than sugar.


He originally wanted to say that he could eat it himself, but Fu Yuanzhou directly stuffed it into his mouth. In addition to the original sweetness of the candy, his fingertips lightly rubbed his lips, and he also tasted the sweetness on it.

The others were stunned, Fu Yuanzhou clapped his hands, wiped off the excess powdered sugar with a tissue, and floated away in a good mood.

“Ah… Shutang.” The girl who gave the candy suddenly remembered something, “Don’t you not like this candy? I remember you said it was too sweet before.”

Oh, no wonder Brother Yuan wanted to give it to him. Finally, the case of Yuanzhou feeding Shutang candy was solved.

Others thought this was the truth and couldn’t help but sympathize with Ran Shutang. Someone handed Ran Shutang water and asked him to drink some water to dilute the sweetness but Ran Shutang didn’t drink it immediately after taking the water. Instead, he raised his hand and touched his own lips gently.

… Really sweet.

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